Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God, Move over! We know best

Mr. Minority has written a post on mainstream churches where God's Word no longer matters. The two churches mentioned are the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches.

I found this tidbit on the Internet from Birmingham, Alabama, where they just had The Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly. This denomination has passed a resolution to allow non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy.

The church decided with a vote 298 to 221 to let individual churches decide what would be accepted in their church. Although they decided that fidelity in marriage and chasity in being single is basis for ordination, they are letting each church decide if it is essential. Yet, they say they have kept in place a 1977 law that says clergy, lay people, and deacons must limit sexual activity to marriage.

Thirteen evangelical caucuses issued a joint statement that the assembly's actions "throw our denomination into crisis." They said this "marks a profound deviation from biblical requirements, and we cannot accept, support, or tolerate it. We will take the steps necessary to be faithful to God," the groups said.

Rev. Monie Blair, who chaired the committee on this issue, said, "This is not an 'anything goes' proposal. In fact, it will make the examination of officers more rigorous."

But, conservative delegates to the even disputed this.

Mr. Gagnon said the denomination had reached "a transition point" that broke from Jesus' teaching on man-woman monogamy.
Pro-homosexual youth delegate Jamie Moon of Oregon said she found the assembly debate disheartening. She said she became Presbyterian because "Jesus Christ was love. Jesus Christ was acceptance. He said come to me and be my disciple.

I suppose we can use the ‘wait and see’ attitude and find out how many other protestant churches are going to deviate from the written Word of God, and let man decide which pages to clip from the Bible.

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Carol said...

Jamie Moon is a good example of how we just don't take Jesus seriously. So many see Him as some fairy (no pun intended) in pink tights, flitting around heaven waiving a wand to grant our prayer requests and not good for much else.

They don't want those pages in the Bible that talks about how He's going to come back with a double-edged sword sticking out of His mouth, mowing down his enemies - who didn't like His word, right? - and how the blood is going to be as deep as His horse's bridle, do they? Well, they're darned sure not going to like the pages about Judgment Day, either. You know, the ones where He talks about sending them to Hell. Maybe they don't even believe in Hell. But, one way or another, they will. And the clergy are going to be dealt with the harshest.

Lord, please have mercy on all of us.

Barbara said...

Carol, I'm not familiar with Jamie Moon.

I respect my pastor in the fact that he teaches the Bible, back to front, leaves nothing out, and he warns the people there is going to be a judgement day! There is a hell, and if we don't line up with God's Word, we just might find ourselves some place we didn't want to be.

So many clergy and lay people today are changing God's Word to mean what they think it means - no discernment from the Holy Spirit whatsoever! And, he said "IF we add to or take away from" the Word, we are in big trouble! How can this woman from the Episcopalian Church teach that homosexuality is not a sin, when God's Word says it's an abomination? Perhaps she's not reading the same Bible I am and that page has been taken out of hers. There are so many versions of the Word today, many people don't even know which one to buy!