Monday, March 20, 2006

In Memory Of Terri Schiavo

On March 31st, it will have been one year since Terri Schiavo met her untimely death, by removal of all her ability to live; her feeding tube, which sustained her life, was removed from her. To me, this was very inhumane behavior! What person would remove the sustaining life from even a pet, let alone a human being, which they are supposed to love?

Terri would probably be with her family today, had it not been for the decisions of her legal guardian, (her estranged husband whom lived with another woman, having had children by her), his lawyers, and a judge. This should never have happened, and hopefully, it will never happen again, if this case is kept in the forefront of our minds. When something like this is let go, then others are subject to the same abuse.

Thanks to Dory from Wittenberg Gate, who is having a Blogburst in memory of Terri. Check out the site, and read all the posts that will be in honor of Terri the next few Fridays.

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What makes this case so sad is the fact she was called 'brain dead', yet, she responded to her family. There is a case I personally know about, which happened only weeks ago. The older brother of a friend of mine had a blood clot to go from his heart to his lung - he "died", according to the doctors - he was out for 19 minutes, and put on a breathing machine. They asked the ones who had power of attorney to give permission to unhook him. This sister and his Mother refused. Everyone began to pray and lay hands on him, each time they went into ICU to see him. Today, that man no longer has a breathing machine on him; it was removed and he breathed on his on. In other words, he is recovering. He is out in a room, making eye contact, responding to commands; yet, had they listened to the doctors that particular day and taken off his breathing machine, he would be dead today. Only GOD knows the hour in which we will truly leave this earth - not by human hands, but by His timing.

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