Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Peace of God

Too many times, we try to find peace in the wrong places. But, there is only one place we can find true, lasting peace, and that is in the Lord Jesus.

I am not a counselor, only a spokesman for God, through what He has done in my life. But, I know that true peace comes through having the Holy Spirit indwelling in you. If you let Him, the Holy Spirit can keep you from the many trials that the enemy will try to put you through. He can calm your fears, keep you from those awful worries over things of which you have no control. He will keep you from sinning and sinking into the miry clay. His peace will guide you through out your life, keeping you calm and fully satisfied in Him.

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The way we keep the peace of God is to walk with Him daily. We can’t be at peace, if we are constantly running to and fro, rejecting Him one day for what the world offers, and trying to get back in His good graces, only when we need help. We should walk in the ways of God, and whether men praise us or not, God will always be there for us. We should want to be blessed of God enough, want to have His peace constantly, that we would always abide within His statutes.

Oh, the enemy will throw things your way, make you feel uncomfortable at times, but you have to hold on to God regardless of the promises the enemy makes you. Young people, the enemy is after you. And, he will try to get you through any means possible. But, his peace is only for a little while in your fleshly desires, or the material things, but God’s peace is everlasting! Our mind can never fully comprehend what God has in store for His children! But, we can experience it, if we stay true to Him and His Word.

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Carol said...

Amen! Psalm 85:8 reminds us that God promises peace to His own, but also cautions us to not return to our follies. Isaiah tells us the fruit of righteousnes is peace. In 2 Peter 1, we're told grace and peace come to us in abundance through the knowledge of God and Christ our Lord.

Knowing that God is in control and Christ reigns with final authority over all should give us peace. Otherwise, the reality would be that everything is out of control with no hope of anything or anyone being able to rein in the chaos that is this world.

How awful to live life thinking humans have the final say!

Great reminder for me today, Barb. Especially given the current state of things, don't you agree?

Barbara said...

I definitely agree, Carol. If we looked at the world through secular eyes, we'd be in bad shape. We have to look at it through the eyes of the Lord - HE is our refuge in time of need - ALL time, especially now that the world is in such a turmoil.