Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nomads In Their Own Country

Unless it’s happened to us, we have no idea how it feels to lose your home, everything you’ve taken for granted all your life. You exist; nothing else does. This means, no matter what the age, you start all over again. And, for the elderly, the sick, or those who have no relatives from which they can get help, this is a hard task.

Evacuees from New Orleans were shifted to any place that would take them. And, those that give of themselves freely to help started off looking forward to helping others that needed their help. The evacuees, some reluctantly, went wherever they were sent. After all, they had nothing to call their own, and they were at the mercy of others. Whatever they were told, they did.

As the days wore on, a month came, they became more and more ‘itching’ to get out, find a place of their own, a job – something to call their own – a place of ‘starting over’. Can you imagine what it’s like to be ‘locked up’ with people you don’t know, eating food that you aren’t accustomed to eating, missing the basics of life, and enjoying it? I can’t! I’m too molded into my life, too happy with my well-adjusted existence to even fathom something like thousands of evacuees have had to endure! Just the thoughts of anyone I know having to exist like that hurts me to the very core.

Hopefully, the families that were transported way across the country from New Orleans will some day, sooner than later, find a peaceful life once again. If they are unable to return to New Orleans, maybe they will find some place where they can live and make new friends, find a job, and enjoy life once again. Only God knows what they’ve been through during this tragic ordeal.

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