Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been missing

Well, actually, I have not been missing, just out of pocket and too tired to write. And most of the time, I don't have anything to write about. Hard to get motivated lately.

My 92 year old Mother has been having a problem with her pulse, and I've been going over there every day and cooking and helping her. I've been so give out that it's hard to come home and cook. And we've had one of our grandsons with us almost all summer and haven't been able to do much with him. But his stay is winding down. He has to be home by next Wednesday to go some place that Mom had planned for them. Then, he starts soccer camp the following Monday. His younger brother only spent one week here this summer. He is playing football and soccer and he's been practicing football most all summer.

I haven't stopped posting here, just slowed down a little. Hopefully, I'll become a little more motivated and have something to write about before long. Just keep checking in; you might be surprised one day!