Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul Harvey dead at the age of 90

Well known radio commentator Paul Harvey died this week at the age of 90. I always loved to hear him speak. He had a voice that you could never mistake for another. I'll always remember his signing off each day with "Paul Harvey, Good Day". He is a personality that will certainly be missed in the news world and among his many followers.

Harvey's wife, Angel, who produced his radio programs, died in 2008. Angel Harvey is credited with creating his popular radio feature "The Rest of the Story."

Broadcasting Pioneer Paul Harvey Dies

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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Truth Be Told

In a world where we have so many hardships, the last thing we need is someone telling us just how bad we are. We need someone lifting us up, letting us know that things can be made better. Change can be a good thing, but only if the truth is told and we learn how to rectify the mistakes that have been made over the years. We can't blame everything that has happened on one person, nor can we depend on one person to get us out of the mess we are in. But one person in charge can surely do enough damage to a person's psyche to make one go into depression! Is this the agenda of the Obama administration?

Oliver North tells us that if 'the truth be told', Obama is the most charismatic and articulate speaker alive in America today. Articulate he is, but not with the truth. In his speech to the joint Congress other night, he was not truthful in most of his words. Oliver North has given us facts (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) on many things that President Obama misrepresented. People who aren't listening with their mind and only with their hearts would not have caught the wrongs he has given them in this carefully planned speech. North says the speech writer, "27-year-old Jon Favreau, his eloquent speechwriter, just doesn't know the facts or recognize "where have I heard those words before?" Apparently he's too young to know the difference in the truth or a stretch of the imagination. If it looks good on paper then perhaps it's the truth. Apparently even Obama didn't know the truth, either, or perhaps he's trying to trick the mind of the Americans.

"So I ask this Congress to join me in doing whatever proves necessary." Those unfamiliar with history may not recall that this was exactly what Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler asked their legislatures to do in creating National Socialism. In the midst of rising unemployment and economic crisis, both men asked for and got legislation to do what was "necessary" and promised new private-sector jobs would be generated by government-funded programs, new tax laws and novel "lending rules." It worked. Private companies did hire workers to build rail systems and highways. They also invigorated auto industries and, in Germany, the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world. The rest is history we all know.

Are we, as Americans to blind to see where this government is going to lead us? Do we actually believe a President who speaks eloquently with half-truths can lead this country to where it needs to go? Hasn't he proved in just one month how ill-equipped he is to be the leader of a "free" country? Just how long will we be free?

Truth be told, this isn't an "economic recovery budget." It is a Lyndon Johnson plan. In the midst of "crisis," a controversial war and an economic slowdown, we're being told that we need a massive expansion of the federal government, higher taxes, more debt for our children, and defense cuts that are tantamount to unilateral disarmament.

If you read the entire article written by Oliver North, I believe you will come away with the same thoughts I did. We are in a heap of trouble with a President who reads his speeches eloquently from a teleprompter while not being well versed on the truth of history. History is being re-written the way the liberals want the American people to see it.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Made in America

So many of our job opportunities have gone overseas due to what it costs a business to survive here in America. And this has definitely driven up the number of people now out of work and it’s growing every day. And many American businesses’ even out source their jobs to people overseas. This happened to my son’s previous job he had held for 18 years.

It is very encouraging when I come across a business that is based solely in the United States. American Button Machines is one of those companies that are based solely in America.
You can buy a button maker from this company.They sell American-made button making systems and supplies. This company has the American people in mind by staying in America and giving many of our citizens a chance to work. I would love to see more ‘Made in America’ products that we could be proud of. So many of the big distributors have taken the food out of the mouths of American citizens by sending their job overseas. It makes us have to hunt harder for those companies that are still loyal to the United States.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Defeatist Mentality

I’ve always had pride in our nation. To live in America is one of the greatest things on earth. We have freedoms that many nations do not have. The people, for the most part, are friendly and loving. They like their neighbors and don’t mind lending a helping hand.

Then, along came the election of 2009! We (and I say that lightly, because I had no part) elected a man that preached CHANGE all through his 2 year campaigning. But, the minute he gets in office, he begins to do what he wants, and there is absolutely no change. In fact, he has gone against every principle he stood on during his campaign. He promised to put only those qualified for the job in his cabinet, those people who were above board in their private and public lives. The first thing he does is put people in there that is very questionable. He chose several people who refused to pay their income taxes until faced with the expectant job. The first one, which was the most disturbing, made it through. He is to handle our money, yet he couldn’t even use Turbo Tax correctly! Then along came two or three more appointments with the same problems. Thank goodness, they haven’t made it through Congress. The president says that it was his mistake. I actually think the vetting process was flawed or perhaps he thought he could sneak them through without any problems. After all ‘HE WON’, and he should have no problem getting whom he wants in his Cabinet.

Well, he won, all right. But we are the people who have elected him to work for us. And I think his obligations should be to ‘we, the people’, and not done for a specific group to which he owes his election.

And, to think that now, with the stimulus package not being approved quickly enough, he is using scare tactics. He is telling the public and those in Congress that, if this bill isn’t passed, “the recession will linger for years”.

"This recession might linger for years, Dr. Doom, aka President Obama, told us Thursday. 'Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse.' Woe is definitely us. ... In a piece of op-ed commentary in The Washington Post, he puts a little realistic distance between himself and credulous Republicans and other conservatives. 'I reject these theories [such as tax cuts], and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change,' he writes. This will come as big news to a lot people who took a flyer on Mr. Obama, persuaded by his friendly embrace of the idea that cutting taxes is good, and his promise not to bother anyone earning less than 200 grand. That was then. Now he only reminds us that he's the president, and we're not." --columnist Wesley Pruden

Fear is a killer! Fear drags people down, makes them doubt their own worth or their ability to rise out from under their problems. The President has awakened fear in the nation by feeding into the people the notion that, if the stimulus package isn’t passed, we might never recover. The truth is, if it is passed in it’s present form, we might never recover! The debt on our children and grandchildren will be enormous. And the jobs that have been promised aren’t there. But the amenities for others is there. But the President said there has never been a bill passed without these additions. Well, now is the time for a real change in how government does business! Stop adding pork to bills that have absolutely nothing to do with what they are trying to fix! Rise up and be the politicians we elected to office and do what is needed rather than playing to those special interest groups!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dementia in Washington DC

Has most of the government in Washington lost their minds? They are trying to pass a stimulus bill that isn't a stimulus at all. It will be a bill of around a trillion dollars hung like an albatross around the necks of our children and grandchildren and their children! And, to top that, there is more pork in there than there is stimulus!

Senator Lindsey Graham just said, in an interview on Fox News with Greta, he would apologize to the entire United States for having an irresponsible Congress, if they passed this bill. He said it is irresponsible, that there is no discussion going on between both sides. He said the President is 'on leave' - he should getting the Republicans and Senators together to discuss the bill. He said the goal is to create jobs, not to grow the government in the fourth or fifth year of spending. He also said that goal is not to reward ACORN; the goal is to jumpstart the economy. But, that isn't happening with this bill. And, on top of that, Senator Harry Reid said they would 'burn the midnight oil' in order to discuss this bill. Yet, he closed up shop before 9PM!

I recall a movie called Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, starring James Stewart. He was a naive man that was appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Senate. His plans collided with political correction. This should be a required film for every politician on Capitol Hill to see! Perhaps it could clear a few minds and make some honest politicians!

If this bill passes, I think we all need to rid Washington of it's dementia during the next election!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Easter Celebrations

Each of us can reach back into our childhood memories and find an outstanding Easter. Most of us woke up to a beautifully filled Easter basket, full of colorful eggs, lots of delicious candy, and a toy or two.

We have always tried to make Easter memorable for our children and grandchildren. We took on the tradition of putting money in a few plastic eggs and hiding them in inconspicuous places along with all the other real eggs that had been dyed. Hopefully, each child would find one of the plastic eggs. When they found one, they would scream at the top of their voice.

At, you will find many suggestions for a great Easter Party. Start by letting the children decorate their eggs and helping you put the goodies in the basket. Have a table set with food that children can enjoy after they play a few games. Our grandchildren grew up helping to decorate their eggs and having their personality showing in those egg creations. Since this is a time for the children in the house, it’s a good time to have all the family participate.

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Are you a candy lover?

Candy seems to be the one thing that most people identify with. They love their candy, and not just any old candy. Most people love chocolate so much they call themselves chocoholics!

At our house, we always keep Candy Bars
handy for the grandkids and my husband, alike. The Milky Way Candy Bar will satisfy that taste for chocolate. But, we also fill our cabinets with many more different chocolate bars and other candies.

If you are, as a friend recently told me, a lover of Hershey’s Kisses, and caramel, then I’ve found just the candy for you. It is the Hershey’s Kisses with caramel. They will melt in your mouth! I love Hershey’s Kisses and the caramel Kisses are the best!

You can find all kinds of candy for sale online for anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion you can think of. Candy comes in all sorts of sizes, color and combinations. Most people would welcome a great box or tin of chocolate or any of the other hundreds of varieties of candy you have from which to choose. Also, companies will ship direct to your door. And, if you need a gift card to give someone so they may be able to order just the right candy for themselves, then they have those, also.

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One Day Closer

We all understand that life here on earth isn't forever. But do we all understand that each day we live draws us one day closer to our eternal destination?

As a sinner, we did not know God or understand His Word that commands us to obey his commandments. Many know the commandments written in the Bible and perhaps live by some of them. But our secular nature does not tell us we need to know God as our personal Savior. We think we can do whatever we want and 'be good', and things are okay. But that isn't how it works in the spiritual world.

When we are truly saved by grace through faith in His Word (his free gift to all who will listen), the Holy Spirit will enlighten us in the Word. If we pay attention, then we will learn that we need to obey God's Word in all facets of our lives. He says, after salvation, we become a 'new creature' in Christ; old things are passed away and all things become new.(II Corinthians 5:17).

We need to keep our minds stayed on God each day, knowing today is one day closer to our destiny. Hopefully, reading this, if you have not made your commitment to Christ, you will begin to think about the end of your life. Will you come to that day without the assurance that you will be spending eternity with Him? Have you truly been washed in the blood of Christ, the one who gave His life for you?

A Valentine Gift for Your Spouse

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My husband needs a new dress watch. I believe he would enjoy receiving the Goldtone Bulova watch that has twelve genuine diamond hour markers. It has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal and is water-resistant. He would love the bracelet-type band with the jewelry clasp.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Affordable Office Chairs

When sitting at a desk for a long time, you need a very comfortable chair. is a newly launched retailer online that sells a great selection of ergonomic and leather chairs. has a large selection of leather office chairs that are ergonomically designed and easy to sit in.

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