Monday, February 16, 2009

Made in America

So many of our job opportunities have gone overseas due to what it costs a business to survive here in America. And this has definitely driven up the number of people now out of work and it’s growing every day. And many American businesses’ even out source their jobs to people overseas. This happened to my son’s previous job he had held for 18 years.

It is very encouraging when I come across a business that is based solely in the United States. American Button Machines is one of those companies that are based solely in America.
You can buy a button maker from this company.They sell American-made button making systems and supplies. This company has the American people in mind by staying in America and giving many of our citizens a chance to work. I would love to see more ‘Made in America’ products that we could be proud of. So many of the big distributors have taken the food out of the mouths of American citizens by sending their job overseas. It makes us have to hunt harder for those companies that are still loyal to the United States.

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1 Comment:

Cathy said...

We need to take America back and start making things here again! It is ridiculous. But I heard they have threatened us if we do.