Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen things that bother me

  1. Having a new hairdo, and then it rains on you!
  2. Doing a load of wash, putting it in the dryer, only to find out someone has left an ink pen or chewing gum in a pocket.
  3. Picking up dry cleaning, only to find they didn't really clean an item of clothing. (once, there was white icing on a black suit, and they didn't even get it off the jacket - they had to redo it)
  4. Buying a tube of lipstick, leaving it in a hot car, and finding it has melted.When opened, it broke!
  5. Wanting to listen to talk radio, and someone else wants to listen to music - in my car!
  6. A talk radio show host who argues with the callers, and hangs up on them.
  7. Losing one of a matching pair of earrings that my husband gave me for my birthday. My fault; I did not get them closed good, and one came out while I was shopping.
  8. Having lost most all my jewelry, including our class rings, and all our cameras in a burglarly.
  9. Not being able to go on a vacation.
  10. Waking up during the night, and then being unable to go back to sleep, when my husband is snoring. :)
  11. Music that is too loud!
  12. The drag strip which is across the river from us and you can hear the racing noise throughout Friday and Saturday nights, even in our house!
  13. There is never enough time in a day for the things I want to do - like get this Friday Thirteen's entry out on time!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A new regional conflict brews in the Horn of Africa

Somalia, which is in the horn of Africa, is on the brink of war with their neighbor, Ethiopia. But, you don't hear much of that on the news because of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

Somalia became independent from British rule in 1960. But, since 1991, and the overthrow of President Barr, there has been lots of lawlessness, due to rival clans waging war against one another.

Why could war break out?
The current crisis in the country has been sparked by escalating tensions between Ethiopia and the Union of the Islamic Courts (UIC), the Islamic militants who control the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Ethiopian troops have moved into two towns in south-western Somalia after their government backed Somalia's interim government, headed by President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed. The UIC, which has spread its control to much of the southern part of Somalia, has vowed to wage a 'Holy War' and drive out the Ethiopian troops.

Many Western commentators fear the UIC could be offering safe havens for Islamic radicals and allowing al-Qaeda to run training camps in Somalia, although the militia denies it has links with the terrorist group. The UIC say their aim is to restore a system of Sharia law in the city and put an end to brutality and fighting on the streets. To further complicate the situation, a UN report earlier in the year linked the UIC with Ethiopia's rival and neighbour Eritrea.

There is no protection for the religious freedom in the government. The federal government is very weak, and Somalia is mostly controlled by Muslims. And, the people are pressured to respect Islamic traditions. Many Somalian Christians have fled to Kenya. But, those who are left are under great persecution. They are considered apostate, and face persecution and possible death. Dr Khataza Gondwe, Advocacy Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa for the Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) Group, says "The situation for Christians is awful, the one thing Somalians agree on is 'let's kill Christians'." The Christians who have fled to Kenya still face persecution from Somalian Muslims who have also fled.

The interium government and the Islamic courts are due for talks in August. But, with previous talks breaking down, there seems to be no peace in sight.

It's hard to believe things will improve unless the UN and western superpowers get behind peace talks for the region.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Joy of living in the country

This deer was outside this morning, under our tame crab apple tree. The tree is near the corner of our house at the back, outside our master bedroom window. I actually took the pictures out the window. Each time I clicked the camera, he moved. These are cut from the actual larger pictures.

Influence or Edification?

There’s a discussion in the blogosphere today about ‘influential bloggers’ on each of us blog readers. I just came from reading Tim Challis’ post on Influential Bloggers and then jumped over to Mike’s post at Eternal Perspectives, and read his post on ‘Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Blog?’.

How do you approach a specific blog? Do you go there to be influenced by the blogger’s beliefs? Or, do you go there, hoping to be edified by what he has to say?

I approach different blogs in different ways. Some blogs are ‘for fun’, and I get lots of laughs out of some very great blogs. They don’t specifically ‘influence’ me in my beliefs, although many do hold to the same beliefs I do. Other blogs, those concerning Christianity – I go to see what the writer has to say about specific things. I may agree or disagree, but hopefully, I have the discernment of the Holy Spirit to decide what I should take away as good and leave the other behind. There is too much discussion in the blogosphere about ‘who is right and who is wrong’ in their thinking/beliefs. I tend to go to God and the scriptures to find out what I need to believe. Man can lead you astray; God and His Word never will. After all, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6).

My priority here is not to ‘influence’ people to my way of thinking, but hopefully point them to the ways of the Lord. After all, I am only a 'little peon' out here on this vast information trail. When I write something of significance on my blog, I want it to be edifying to others, and pleasing to God. I am not an author of importance, but a willing laborer for the Lord. And, in my daily blogs, hopefully, I have come close to that accomplishment.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Conversations with a Special Services Soldier

This is an interview with a Special Services soldier by Amy Hess. It is divided into 3 parts.

  1. Part I Iraqi Popular Support

  2. Part II Winning the War in Iraq

  3. Part III Futility of Appeasement

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God's "Interruption" of the Gaithers

Bill and Gloria Gaither are some of the best, if not the best, Christian artists of our time. Scott Ross, of, did an interview with them. Seems they view all the things that has happened to them from the time of their meeting years ago as God’s interruptions in their lives. And the interruptions they view as God’s will for their lives.

They began dating when they were both teachers. And, shortly after they married, they wrote their first music together. The song that really took off first was #53 or #54 – a song called “He Touched Me”, a song I love! That was written entirely by Bill one Sunday morning before church. Bill says on Thursday night,Dr. Oldman had told him that they needed to write a song about ‘He touched me’ ..... and so he did.Gloria said the only thing she had to do with the song was when she told Bill she didn’t like the phrase ‘and now I’m no longer the same’ ....... and it turned out to be the line in the song everyone loves the most!

Gloria: We had just had our first daughter, Suzanne, and he traveled to Florida. He called me, and we were talking about "He Touched Me" getting recorded. I have a letter upstairs which I saved to show him several times that says, "Honey, I’ve just found out that the Imperials recorded 'He Touched Me.' If this keeps up we shouldn't have to be doing this singing and traveling more than another year…"

Seems the time to stop has never come. They have been doing their writing, singing, and traveling for 40 years. They have stayed close to their town of Alexandria, IN. Bill said that the old lead singer for the Statesmen used to have a saying, “When the lights are burning brighter on the stage than they are at home, you’re in bad trouble." So, they have stayed true to their roots.

Gloria mentions that, if you read the New Testament, you will find almost everything pertaining to the life of Christ was an interruption. So, she feels interruptions are the best part of her life, letting God do what He will in their lives, and they are sure to touch someone for Christ. We don’t need to view ‘interruptions’ in our plans as something bad, but something brought about by God where we can touch the lives of others.

Bill spoke of a time when he and Bill Speer were eating at Waffle House late one night. A man came in hungry, but didn’t have the money for food. So, without letting him know, they told the waitress they’d pay for whatever he wanted.

As we left Ben and looked at him and the look on his face… It was one of those moments where God invades your life, where I heard the Scripture when "You've done it to the least of these my brother, you’ve done it unto Me." I said Ben, "We just fed Jesus."

You can find more information about Bill and Gloria Gaither at their own web site. You can also sign up for their free newsletter.

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A teen's Y chromosome problem

16 year old Starchild Abraham Cherrix is in joint custody between his parents and the Accomack County, Virginia's Department of Social Services. The ability to decide for himself what his body must go through during an illness has been denied both him and his parents by juvenile court Judge Jesse E. Demps.

Cherrix has undergone 3 months of chemotherapy. He says it made him nauseous and weak, and he didn't want to undergo it again. He prefers an alternative treatment. But, he's being denied the choice.

This is a boy who has the right to drive (where he might be killed), but denied the right to decide if he is wants to have chemotherapy which is doing nothing good for his body. This is happening in an age where a girl can be given birth control pills to stop pregnancy, can abort a child almost up to the day of delivery (after all, a woman's body is her own and she has the right to make those decisions); yet, this young, intelligent boy cannot make a simple decision that affects his own body.

That a court would deny Cherrix and his parents such a choice prompted the family attorney, John Stepanovich, to say: "I want to caution all parents of Virginia: Look out, because Social Services may be pounding on your door next when they disagree with the decision you've made about the health care of your child."

Cal Thomas, author of the article, says he heard this young boy interviewed, and thinks he is very intelligent and articulate. And, barring any negative information that may not have come to light about the case, he and his parents should have the right to make these sort of decisions.

The attitude of the state and culture toward the value of human life is in constant flux. Like the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, it is up one day and down the next. Some want to use embryonic stem cells for research into all sorts of afflictions and diseases, though no clinical tests have proved they are effective and stem cells from placentas and other sources, which cause no harm to human life, are available. Life in the womb - indeed life emerging from the womb - may be destroyed at any time and for any reason. There is pressure at the other end of life to euthanize the elderly and handicapped when they become "burdensome" to family members or "too costly" to the state.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Christians Don't Vote For Democrats

Book Review:
Why Christians Don’t Vote for Democrats
Author: Richard Miller
Xulon Press
ISDN 1-59781-747-3

”Secular Democrats who are prejudiced against Christians advocate, support, and vote into law various forms of religious discrimination harmful to Christian America. Not all Democrats, not all secular Democrats, are prejudiced against religion”. – page 18

Author Richard Miller has made a good case for why Christians should not vote for secular Democrats. As he said above, not all Democrats believe the same way, just as all Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc., do not think the same way. And, they do not all vote the same way. I would venture to say if you had ten of each in a room together, there would be divisions among them all, with some going across party lines.

Within 91 pages, the author has packed some great information regarding the reasons he believes Christians should not vote for Democrats. Each of us Christians should make it our priority to get the facts on all candidates who are running for office. I’ve often heard the expression ‘if they quack like a duck, they are a duck’ --- if they claim to be a Christian, they are a Christian (or whatever one claims to be). But, saying one is a Christian and adhering to Christian values are two entirely different things. Many candidates will offer themselves up as a ‘Christian candidate’, mostly to get votes from the naive Christians, when, in reality, they ‘go to church’, but do not live the Christian life or adhere to all the beliefs of scripture. I have to be fair; there are candidates on all sides who do this. So, it is very important that we all make use of all the information we can obtain to make the right choice when we go to vote.

”Political freedom of speech is the inalienable right of every citizen or group of citizens in a healthy democracy.” – page 37

The freedoms of Christians are quickly being denied. One of those that is being taken away is the right of a pastor/minister/layman to speak freely from the pulpit to the parishioners about the candidates. This is putting a muzzle on ‘freedom of speech’, which is our right, and the Democrats are behind the effort to stop all churches who are tax-exempt from expressing anything political from within the church.

Richard Miller has tried, throughout his book, to encourage and show us how to be good stewards of our citizenship. If we study each candidate, learn his or her beliefs and behaviors (not just what they say in front of a crowd), then we can make an intelligent decision of which the best candidate will be for the job for which he or she is running. If we fail to make ourselves completely aware of what each candidate is about, and still vote, then we are doing ourselves, and our fellow Christians a disservice. And, when and if the wrong candidate gets in office, and Christianity is pushed farther to the back burner, and we finally lose our ‘voice’, we only have our unpreparedness to blame.

I recommend this book for reading, although it may take several reads to get the full impact of what the author is saying. Thirteen chapters are packed full of information, some of which I wish could have been expounded upon. But, he gives you enough ‘ammunition’ to get you started on the right track of picking the most deserving candidate in the next election. I give the book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Richard Miller is a married man, and empty nester. He is the father of three daughters, two of whom are Democrats and the other a Republican. He attended Bethany Bible College and the University of the Rockies, where he received a BA degree in ministry.

My name is Barbara Sanders, homemaker, mother of two, and grandmother of five, from Alabama, book reviewer for Active Christian Media.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Great Memories

1. My first date with my future husband. We went to a drag race. And, the funny thing is we were both dressed in the same colors – black slacks, and white shirts.
2. The day we got married at the Courthouse. The judge who married us talked to us just like a marriage counselor or preacher would have before he would marry us.
3. The birth of my son and daughter.
4. The day the basement for our home was dug.
5. The Christmas I was surprised with a diamond ring. My husband and daughter put the ring box in a bigger box, and surrounded it with bricks, making it very heavy. I obviously had no idea what was in it, and was very surprised!
6. The Christmas we gave our son and daughter their Honda 4 Wheeler, when they were young teens. We took a picture of the Honda, put it under the Christmas tree in a box with both their names, and a note laying on top of the picture that read “you will find it in the back of the truck in the basement”. They completely forgot the rest of Christmas, and took off to the basement!
7. When my husband gave me my first microwave. He had taken it to my Mother’s where we always had Christmas together on Christmas Eve and did not put my name on the big package. Big surprise!
8. I gave my husband a wheelbarrow for Christmas at my Mother’s one year. But, the fun was how it got there. I had my brother pick it up. During the night, he went outside, took the wheelbarrow to the front door and knocked on the door. My husband answered it and realized it was for him.
9. My Mother and Daddy’s 50th wedding anniversary in 1986. My Dad died in 1991.
10. Watching my oldest grandson play football, and kicking that winning kick!
11. Watching my granddaughter on her Premier Soccer team kick a field goal.
12. Seeing my 12 yr old grandson out play older boys on his soccer team.
13. Getting my laptop, finally!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanking Jesus in court lands man in jail

Remember the quote, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" ? I am sure Junior Stowers has had time to reflect on this and feels otherwise. Can you imagine saying, "Thank you, Jesus", and landing yourself in jail?

Stowers has been charged with hitting his son, but he had been acquitted in court. His son recanted his story and said his brother had done it, and his brother testified it was the truth. The judge had requested no emotions to be shown in court, but apparently the court appointed lawyer for Stowers did not inform the man, and his outburst was considered contempt of court.

HT: Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 85th Birthday, John Glenn

Astronaut and former US Senator John Glenn, Jr., is 85 today.

Joe Hallett, of the Columbus Dispatch has a great write up on Glenn. Also, NASA has a great biographical page on him.

The Cincinnati Post article says that both Glenn and his wife, Annie, appear to have "found the formula to make time stand still". The occasion was at the Ohio University where he appeared for an interview.

The occasion was an interview of Senator Glenn for a program in the series "Moments That Changed Us," which I produce for American Life TV cable channel. It was my intention to focus on February 20th, 1962, when John Glenn blasted off - that's what we called it then - and rode Friendship 7 into Earth orbit, the first American to do so.
Update: Cindy Swanson met John Glenn when she was in elementary school. Go read her 'The Debt I owe John Glenn' post.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

How much of America will remain American?

I just came across this bit of news over at The Jaded News site today.

*Roads and bridges built with tax-payer dollars are beginning to be sold off to foreign countries – as if selling our major ports to Dubai wasn’t enough. An Austral-Spanish Company has begun buying toll roads in Indiana, bridges in Alabama, and several other states, even though many of these roads are already paid for. But Robert Poole of the conservative think-tank the Reason Foundation (as in complete lack-of) says this isn’t such a bad idea, because private investors can better raise money for roads than can politicians. And in the mean time, should we ever be on opposite sides of a conflict from Australia, these roads and bridges will be unusable.

I had not heard one thing about this tidbit of information. But, upon investigating today, I ran across a piece at CBS News - Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges. Seems some states are selling off these to make cash. But, where does that leave the American people? When the toll roads are bought, and foreign companies raise the tolls, where does the money go? Surely not into a fund to rebuild the roads for America - but right into the hands of foreigners.

Roads and bridges built by U.S. taxpayers are starting to be sold off, and so far foreign-owned companies are doing the buying.

On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years.
Orange County, Calif., got burned by a toll-road lease for a different reason.

The road, part of state Route 91, was built and run for $130 million by California Private Transportation Company, partly owned by France-based Compagnie Financiere et Industrielle des Autoroutes. The toll road opened in 1995.

Seven years later, Orange County was looking at gridlock. But it could not build more roads because of a provision in the lease. So it bought back the lease _ for $207.5 million.

Former Secretary of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta believes it is time for US investors to get involved in transportations investments. He believes our financial, construction and engineering institutions should get involved.

Not everyone in Texas is buying Governor Rick Perry's vision of attracting private funds for building more roads by 2030. He wants to lease out 3 toll roads to be built by private contractors. But, Harris County voted against selling the 3 toll roads.

Carol Keeton Strayhorn is the independent governatorial candidate in Texas. She opposes Perry's plan. She says "Texas freeways belong to Texans, not foreign companies".

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ward Churchill becomes a canker for U of Colorado

Canker sores can be very painful. There are numerous treatments for these sores of the mouth, which are sometimes called ulcers. You can apply pain-relieving compounds, mouth washes, and salt water rinses. But, sometimes it takes cauterizing the canker sore in order to speed healing. But, you have to be careful to apply only to the canker sore itself, and not damage the surrounding healthy tissue as well as the lips and gums.

To me, Ward Churchill is like that canker sore in the mouth, only he is a canker of the University of Colorado. He does every professor there an injustice!

CU's Interim Chancellor announced plans to fire (i.e., cauterize) Churchill on multiple grounds of serious research misconduct only a few days before Churchill gave a speech at Baltimore's Mid-Atlantic Radical Book Fair.

For the first half hour, Churchill attacked CU's Investigative report on his academic misconduct, downplaying the findings as merely "a matter of a few footnotes." Next, Churchill switched subject matter and commentary, which included:

Churchill threw lots of punches, including frequent Nazi references, and comparing others to the Nazis. He also "compared CU Boulder to German university models from the WWII Nazi era." But, the worse was when he made a joke concerning the 9/11 passengers on the hijacked planes.

"You do remember, the incident which the terrorists overpowered the stewardess on the aircraft and tweezed her eyebrows with his tweezers, until she screamingly submitted to fly the plane into a building remember that one?" Joked Churchill. "Tweezers… tweezed into submission."

Hopefully, this joker of a professor will be terminated and CU's canker sore will be healed! To me, he showed his true colors, when he started joking about the death of these people.

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Blog posts worth your time today

I often surf blogs when I'm sitting in front of my computer, which is quite often! Today was no exception. And, I've found some interesting things to read. One of those comes from surfing over at Crazy Politico's Rantings. So, if you want to read something that will make you think, and make you look differently at our military, and perhaps bring a tear to your eye, as you read through the long article, stop and read the following:

  • American Thinker posts an article from Major Gen. Mike Lenhert, commander of Marines Corps Base (West)
Other posts of interest today are:
  • The Caretaker's take on WorldNetDaily's article "Another Court squashes parental rights"

  • Insight On Freedom's post - Send US Forces to join Israel

  • Join Tim over at Challies dot com for his article on "What's Dead Looks Dead". I've read the article and all the comments, and decided against making a comment myself. You might be a little more brave!

  • Jay Adkin's post of "Life is Precious" - a very touching post! You might want to leave him a note of encouragement.

  • Neil's Notes- "Anointer or Embalmer?" This one will get you to thinking!

  • Treasure in Clay Jars- "Pride ... Our Prison Guard" - be sure to read the comments!
There are so many more great posts out there today, but I figured these would keep you going for awhile. If you are like me, one of these posts will have you strike out to other posts, and so on and on. Have fun!

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Living in a materialistic world

If you look around you today, it would seem everyone is out to out do the other, in cars, homes, possessions, etc. It doesn't matter anymore if your pay day will not support your wants, only that you have your wants, when you want them! The credit card companies see to that by making credit available to you whether you can afford it on your salary or not. They never take into account that you may be so loaded down with debt that you may be headed for bankruptcy tomorrow! They just want to satisfy your wants today!

The old car is no longer 'in style'. The world says why not buy a new one? After all, the one you have now might break down tomorrow, so don't wait until it does.Go head over heels in debt in order to keep up with the neighbor (who may just be able to afford that new luxury car!).

Don't get me wrong. I can understand wanting a new car or a new home, or many other wants. It is just that I do not see getting yourself so caught up in debt that you are depressed, or ready to jump off the next cliff because you do not know where your next meal is coming from. You are constantly having to 'rob Peter to pay Paul'. Here's where the scripture from Romans 13:8 comes in.

  • Romans 13:8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.
There is nothing wrong with buying a new car, and nothing wrong with buying a new, and updated home. I wish we had a new car, since ours is a 1992 model. But, the car looks like a new one - just gives us problems from time to time. But, to go in debt way beyond our means is senseless. I believe the Lord wants us to be comfortable in our living, not living from paycheck to paycheck, or doing without necessities in order to get all those materialistic things that the world makes you feel you have to have. All the commericals on television drive a person to debt quicker than anything.

So many Christians today will tell you they just cannot afford to pay tithes. Yet, they go out and make debts that are hard to pay back, and they are forever falling behind on payments. I believe the verse above tells us that the Lord would have us to be out of debt where possible, and never get in debt over our heads. But, the world today makes it harder and harder to keep to those principles. 'Other people have a new car; why can't I have one, too?' It always seems a good idea to go ahead and fulfill our wants, and we seldom look down to the future to see if we will really be able to afford those wants or not.

My parents have never been in debt except for utilites or insurance, something everyone has to pay month to month, quarterly, or yearly. But, to go out and buy something and go in debt - they never have! My Dad is gone now, and my Mother is 89. The only credit card she has ever owned was for a department store where she could get 5% off, if she charged her purchase. She would charge her purchase, and then go to the Credit Department and pay the bill! They always saved up for a new car and paid cash. We didn't have all that much when I was growing up, and I was probably 12 or 13 before we got our first car. Before that, we walked to church or to the store in our little town. And, if a trip had to be made elsewhere, we'd go on the bus, or with a neighbor or relative. And, they built their house board by board, literally, back in the 1930's, while they lived with his parents out the road. As quick as they got it under a roof, no windows, etc, they moved in! My Mother still lives in that home which they updated later in years with 2 more rooms and they bricked it. It is one of the nicest homes in the area, but all built debt-free!

I believe there would be more happy people in the world and less problems, if we learned to live within our means. If we would remember it is better to be free of cumbersome debt than to have it hanging around our neck like a millstone, life would be 100% better.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Gov Jeb Bush Sides with Nurse in State Complaint

The Florida Department of Health wants to revoke the nursing license of Carla Sauer-Iyer. She is the nurse who took care of Terri Schiavo from April 1995 through August 1996 at Palm Garden. She filed an affidavit for Gov Jeb Bush to help him in his attempt to keep Terri Schiavo alive. She gave am interview to CNN about how Michael Schiavo failed to care for and mistreated his wife. Although the information she discussed was already public, the nursing board started efforts to revoke her license after a woman in Massachusetts saw the interview and filed a complaint. She said that Carla was making 'inflammatory remarks' about Michael.

Carla said she had seen Terri enough to know that she wasn't in a persistent vegetative state. She said one of the problems in the long legal battle between the Schindlers and Schiavo had been the lack of investigating every complaint and concern.

"That's been the problem the whole time -- [presiding] Judge Greer not looking into all the evidence," Iyer said last year.

Iyer said she has never been interviewed by any of the judges considering Terri's case.

"None of us were able to testify," she said, referring to fellow nurses Heidi Law and Carolyn Johnson, who both filed affidavits to confirm Iyer's contention that Michael withheld medical care and rehabilitative treatment and may have tried to take his wife's life.

Michael is claiming that Carla is lying about the things she is saying. He's also saying that Bush has the right to do what he wants, since this is America. But, he thinks he is wrong in helping Carla, since he thinks she is lying. Well, Michael, this is definitely America. And, most of America will be pulling for Carla in this one!

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Chinese Protestant Minister Sentenced to 7.5 years

Zhang Rongliang has been held since December 2004 on charges he obtained a passport under false pretenses and crossed the border illegally. He was sentenced to 7.5 years on July 4th. This is China's continued crackdown on religious activity that they have not sanctioned.

According to the charges against him, Zhang traveled to the United States, Australia, Egypt and Singapore for world mission conferences on a passport obtained through fraudulent means, the group said.

Zhang has set up a large network of protestant churches over the years. He preached in the villages, in the corn and bean fields of central China in the 1970's. Unregistered 'churches' such as Zhang's could number as many as 100 million over the nation.

Zhang has spent over 12 years in prison and labor camps. He also has diabetes and high blood pressure, of which he's been hospitalized for before.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you misquote the Bible?

Lyn Perry, over at Bloggin' Outloud, has a Thursday Thirteen Bible quote quiz up at his site. Go see how many quotes you can identify as being biblical or seemingly biblical. Remember all the times you were told 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?' Well, that was even my high school senior motto!

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Thursday Thirteen

13 PET PEEVES of Mine

1. A car that goes around me, just to slow down and turn right!
2. Someone breaking a promise
3. Being late for anything!
4. Finding I’ve been charged too much on a purchase, after I’ve left the store
5. Seeing an elderly person being mis-treated, or talked down to
6. Someone mis-treating or talking bad about my children or grandchildren
7. Finding an empty tea jug in the refrigerator
8. A store having an item on sale, only to find, when I get there, they do not have that item
9. Having the electricity to blink while I’m writing a post, and I lose everything I’ve written
10. Getting telephone calls and nobody says anything when you answer
11. Getting a phone call just as you sit down to eat a meal
12. Being around someone who thinks they know it all, and treat you like you are dumb!
13. Thinking of something I should have said, ‘after the fact’!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Art Linkletter

Linkletter turns 94 on Monday and is still going strong. People want to know how he does it. He explains that lifestyle accounts for 70% and genes for the other 30%. He's never smoked, doesn't drink (never has), gets plenty of exercise and rest. He doesn't eat red meat, and favors chicken and fish. And, he looks 20 years younger than his age.

Linkletter also credits his wife, Lois, for most of his vigor and longevity. He says they have a good marriage, which takes away lots of the stress. They've been married 70 years.

He takes about 4 cruises a year. And, he will publish his 28th book on his birthday, entitled "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life."

The future television star was born in the Saskatchewan hamlet of Moose Jaw in 1912 to a couple who gave him the name Gordon Arthur Kelly and promptly gave him away. He got a new name from his adoptive parents, a middle-aged couple named John and Mary Linkletter. They were a peripatetic pair who had come from Prince Edward Island and continued on the move to Lowell, Mass., then Point Fermin, Calif., finally landing in San Diego.
We used to watch Art Linkletter every time he was on television. He was asked what he thought of television today, and he stated he didn't think too much of it. He says the commercials are too long, and he has one pet peeve of mine - he hates for a newscaster to come on with a 'scoop', and it never appears until the end of the newscast! Glad to see someone famous agrees with me!

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"Do Unto Others....

As you would have them do unto you." This has played in my mind over and over this afternoon, after listening to how a friend is being treated by an insurance company, after her house was flooded and almost totally ruined, due to faulty plumbing done by a worker!

Scripture says for us to 'love one another as he has loved us', and in John 1:5, He says it's not a new commandment, but has been from the beginning. I cannot understand how someone, who claims to be a Christian, can treat his fellow Christians, or anyone else, for that matter, the way this friend is being treated.

My friend has been told she's going to have to live with wet walls and ruined cabinets: "let them dry out and they'll be harder than ever". Well, what do you do with walls, sheetrock, paneling, cabinets, floors, carpet, etc, that has been sitting in water for days, when the mold starts? And, according to the contractor, the work won't be able to be done until possibly November, unless God moves mountains of work he has to do first. The contractor is on her side, but not the insurance agent or adjuster.

Seems some companies are out for 'self'. As I told my friend, the money is better in their pocket than the handful of customers that will possibly stop using them in the long run. Companies have become so greedy (or should I say the corporate heads?) - just look at the Enron scandal. So many people were hurt, and most will never recover, because they are too old to build back what they have lost - a retirement or pension fund, or life savings.

I do believe people who mistreat others in deeds will be punished down the line. But, what happens to the average 'Joe/Jane' who gets the worst of the deal, in the long run?

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Christian Carnival CXXX (130) is up

The Christian Carnival 130 is up this week at Brain Cramps For God. I have read almost everyone of them this morning, and there are some great posts this week. Do go over and check them out.

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Handwriting Gone Astray

I was just reading Dan Neil's piece on "Scribbling Rivalry". I can certainly identify with him in saying my handwriting has really changed over the years. Does it really have to do with our use of the computer, rather than our continued use of handwriting as a means of communication?

I can remember when I had a beautiful handwriting. Even now, my 89 year old Mother's handwriting is still beautiful. Hers puts mine to shame! But, then, she's never used a typewriter or a computer. She has always written out everything, whereas we computer users tend to email, pay bills on line, etc, rather than using our hands to write letters.

I have written notes in church and wondered if I would ever be able to decipher my own handwriting when it got cold! When I go to sign my name when using a credit card, it never comes out the same. I wonder when the time will come that the credit card company in question will spit out a 'not accepted' reply. And, I certainly know that, when I sign a check, it is not the same signature that the bank has on my files. But, I once processed checks for payment in a bank. And, we were taught, as long as the person was paying their utility bills, we could rest assured it wasn't a bad check. I can just see all the signatures we turned down, and had to check out, that never looked one bit like their signature on file. But, when investigated, nearly all checks passed!

I have the tendency to get nervous. And, it sometimes shows up when I'm trying to write. At other times, you would think I'm the mastery of handwriting, but those are few and far between. I suppose Dan has hit on a very good truth - computers and Word Processing have almost ruined us computer folks! But, although I would love to write legibly all the time, I wouldn't exchange my laptop and PC for it. I will continue to do the best I can, when I have the occasion to write. But, I do not think I will be writing a letter in longhand any time soon!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Laugh Out Loud!

I've been 'visiting' over at Polly Boyette's blog, Life Is a Buffet. If you want a good laugh, just trot on over there! She will certainly never disappoint you. Oh, to be a writer like her would be my desire.

The 'Laugh Out Loud' title came from her site. I read her entry 'Clean Up Your Act', and started laughing out loud. I could not help myself. It made me think of a sermon this evangelist once preached in our church, called 'Valley of Decisions'. Now, he wasn't speaking of the decisions we make in cleaning out our garage or closets. But, Polly's rendition of her sister's performance when cleaning out the garage gave this evangelist a run for his money!

If you have not read her book, "Life is a Buffet So Save Room for Dessert", then you have missed a good book! I did a review on it months ago, and could not put the book down until I had it read. It will keep you laughing all through it. I could picture, almost in detail, the funny things she wrote about - very hilarious, and very entertaining!

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First Try With Blog Writer

I've been having some problems with trackbacking some sites lately, using another software. In talking with David over at Third World County, I learned about Zoundry Blog Writer. So, I thought I would venture out and try it.

I downloaded the software from Zoundry, set it up, and now you are seeing my first try with this software. I do like to be on my Blogger account when I post to see what I am actually doing there. So, I do not know how long this will last. It may go the way of the plugin for Firefox for making Technorati Tags.

NOTE: I've already did a little 'cleaning up' on this post from within Blogger. Seems there are too many spaces between paragraphs and at the bottom of the post, using Blog Writer. But, it is nice to be able to just open a program and write.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Houston police and the federal Transportation Security Administration at odds

....over who is to blame for letting a man with a middle eastern name, hollowed out shoes, and what appeared to be bomb components, board a plane last week at Hobby Airport.

The officer, who let him through, after checking him, says it is not the police's responsiblity for stopping suspicious people, but that of the TSA. Yet, they put this police officer on desk duty.

The report states that a man with a Middle Eastern name and a ticket for a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta shook his head when screeners asked if he had a laptop computer in his baggage, but an X-ray machine operator detected a laptop.

A search of the man's baggage revealed a clock with a 9-volt battery taped to it and a copy of the Quran, the report said. A screener examined the man's shoes and determined that the "entire soles of both shoes were gutted out."

No explosive material was detected, the report states. A police officer was summoned and questioned the man, examined his identification, shoes and the clock, then cleared him for travel, according to the report.

A TSA screener disagreed with the officer, saying "the shoes had been tampered with and there were all the components of (a bomb) except the explosive itself," the report says.

The officer retorted, "I thought y'all were trained in this stuff," TSA officials reported.

Just how safe are our airports? How much has security improved since the September 11, 2001 incident? Have they gotten lax in their duties?

HT: Michelle Malkin

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Teachers Can Change Lives

All through school, I loved it. It never mattered whether I had a teacher I thought was great, mediocre, or just a bad teacher. Learning was in the blood! But, it is not always that way with some students. Some have learning disabilities, or just don't give a care about anything, even getting an education to make life easier.

I remember this one young boy with whom I graduated. He was in his third year of being a senior. I suppose he never thought he would make it through senior English in order to graduate. But, we had this teacher who came to his rescue in our senior year.She was new, and she loved teaching students, not just the subject. She said she would not have a failing student, and she didn't. Thanks to her, this young man excelled in English, and even literature! And, he graduated! But, what if he had not had that particular teacher to come to his rescue? Where would he be today?

Bill Wineke from Wisconsin writes about teachers who made a difference in his life, and his nephew's life. I think we often forget to give teachers credit for what they do in our lives. I remember this one teacher I loved, but some of the boys did not like her. They made life unbearable for her, when they were in her class. And, they quickly got sent to the principal's office. After all, they were just trying to get out of class. Sometimes it is these kind of students that make teachers wish they had never become a teacher in the first place.

I think the one teacher who made a difference in my life was my very first grade teacher. She made learning exciting. I loved to read, and she gave all those who loved to read and wanted to read the ability to read more. Back then, we had the Dick and Jane books. And, to a first grader, it was exciting to read about little children. I have no idea what first graders read today, but it's not the Dick and Jane series, I'm sure.

I do have one grandson who will be a fourth grader this next year, and somewhere along the way, someone has instilled in him the want to read. He is a straight A student. And, his brother, who will be a sixth grader also loves to read, and can tell you almost to the detail everything he reads. It is so encouraging to see these kids who love to read.

I also remember the principal that was over the school where I went my first 9 years. He was very strict, and also a little bit scarey. Of course, that was a young person's take of him; and, looking back, he wasn't scarey at all. He just had a big hand in the discipline of unruly kids! I wasn't unruly, but loved to talk. I remember our 5th grade teacher sending me and my best friend to him for talking. We thought, "we are going to get the dreaded paddle". But, it was the scare attached, since he only took us to his office, talked to us, and made us clean up his office. But, nevertheless, it stopped our unnecessary talking! Later, he became our teacher, and the fear left us.

Too often, teachers aren't told how much they are appreciated. And, after their death, we remember how much they meant to us. And, we have teachers that never fail to tell us how much they loved having us in class. One teacher in point was my business class teacher, Mrs. Glaze. When I see her even now, after all these years, she tells me that I was her best typing student 'that couldn't pass her last speed drill'. And, she is right. I was so nervous, and she gave me every period that day to pass that speed drill. The pressure was on, but I still came out with an A- in that class!! She was really a sweet teacher, as well.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thankful Thursday - Because of Him

  • I'm thankful for having a wonderful husband who has stayed by me for 42 years.
  • I'm thankful for every time I am able to go to church, something not all people in the world have the ability to do.
  • I'm thankful for my health, and for that of my children, grandchildren, and 89 year old Mother.
  • I'm thankful to have some wonderful prayer warriors on the Internet, people who will listen and pray for the needs of others.
  • I'm thankful for every breath God allows me to take - one more day in which to serve and worship Him.
  • And, I'm thankful for a son who got me to blogging. Otherwise, I would have missed a host of friends I have made here.
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Tidbits of my life today

  1. Today is our ANNIVERSARY! Bill and I have been married 42 years. He wished me Happy Anniversary at 4:20AM this morning, as he started out the door to work.
  2. I got a phone call from my daughter at 8:05, wishing me a Happy Anniversary. She never fails to wake me up in the morning, if I've had a bad time sleeping. My son emailed me a Happy Anniversary about the same time.
  3. It is now 9:30 and I have not had breakfast. Computing is addicting, folks! I often check my emails early in the morning, only to get caught up in computing and forget about eating.
  4. There is lots of things I need to do in my house, but this will be a day of laziness! After all, I'm celebrating my anniversary!
  5. We woke up to rain this morning, the first rain we have had in ages! Still not enough, but we thank God for every drop!
  6. I need to rescue a birdfeeder. We have too many squirrels, and they get into our birdfeeders. One of them finally knocked the bottom out of one of Bill's wooden house feeders. I also need to put out bird feed in 2 others. For now, the Hummingbird and Goldfinch feeders are in good shape. And, I've seen several Goldfinch already.
  7. I need to read the rest of the book I am reviewing for Active Christian Media, called "Why Christians Don't Vote For Democrats".
  8. The laptop will probably come out today. I haven't had it out of the case in weeks, due to keeping grandsons (they aren't with us this week). I can take it and sit in the recliner and 'bird watch', something I miss, since moving my computer out of the Den into our computer room.
  9. I read this morning's newsletter from Joel and Victoria Osteen. Today's scripture was about the tongue (Prov 18:21). Their headline was 'Say it out loud! God favors me!'
  10. I took out time in between writing to cook my breakfast (egg, toast, coffee, & applesauce), and now I am eating at my computer. I told you this is addicting!
  11. The first thing I do each morning, after checking emails, is to surf the blogs I read. Somehow, I stumbled on a first-time Thirteen-er, and then I jumped over to Carol's and read hers. I was inspired by both, so I am writing my first 13 post.
  12. I have realized I need to lose some weight! Why? Because my favorite dresses are too tight, I feel like a 'blimp', although everyone says that is not true. But, you know women! When we get this notion that we are 'fat' - then 'Katie, bar the door!' There is no telling us otherwise. Any suggestions on losing a few extra pounds? I would give them away!
  13. Last, but not least, I love blogging, and the many friends I have made through this medium. I have a website, but it's become second behind the blog! I believe it was God-ordained, and I do need to keep it up, but you bloggers have me, as Carol says it best, 'a little wild'. Thanks for the wonderful company!
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

T.F. Boggs interviews an Iraqi General

We hear so much bad coming from Iraq and nobody wants to believe any good things ever happen. Tonight, I ran across this interview linked at another site, so I went to Bogg's site to read the interview. He is hoping everyone will read this around the world, and know there are good men in Iraq, ready to take control of their country.

The interview is in two parts, so be sure to read them both.

H.T. Dr. Sanity

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We cannot imagine how Jesus felt, as he hung on that tree, being crucified for us. He under went so much pain inflicted on his body; yet, he never said a word to those that were doing the damage to his body. They mocked him and gave him vinegar to drink. But, His words were "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". (Luke 23:34)

No matter how horrible life gets, or how people treat us, we are supposed to love those who hate us. They may curse us, call us all kinds of unjust names, but God said to 'love them'. We may not understand their reasoning (they think they are just in all this), or forget what they say or do to us, but we must forgive.

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matthew 5:45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Through all our persecutions (and yes, He said we would have them - Mark 10:30), He will be with us. And, in the end, He will give us eternal life. What a glorious thought to know we will one day live and reign with Him. But, we must continue to serve Him here on earth, and forgive those who do not share our passion for Him and who hate us in return. But, remember, scripture says we aren't fighting man, but:
Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July Fireworks On Red Mountain

Tonight, we watched the annual 4th of July Fireworks atop Red Mountain, but, we sat in the comfort of our home doing so. It was beautiful!

The songs were led out by Randy Owen, of the group "Alabama", singing American Pride. Then, came America the Beautiful; Freedom, and then, "I'm Proud To Be An American" by Lee Greenwood. Along came God Bless America, and Dueling Banjos. By then, I sort of lost out. American Pride brought tears to my eyes, and Lee Greenwood did me in. I am truly glad to be an American, in the 'land of the free, and home of the brave.'

It was such a beautiful show this year, as always. Thanks to Fox 6 News in Birmingham, and Crazy Bill's Fireworks for the spectacular show. Looking forward to it again next year.

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President Bush speaks at Fort Bragg, NC on Independence Day

President Bush thanked the servicemen and women and their families for their sacrifices during the war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. He urged Americans to support the troops who are fighting for our freedom on Independence Day. As a result of the fighting in Iraq, the death toll reached 2,000 last week, and the insurgency to drive out American troops continues. Military deaths since the onset of the war in March of 2003 has reached 2,530, as of June 30.

``I've come to thank you for your valor and to thank you for your patriotism,'' Bush told more than 3,000 troops and their families at an outdoor speech. He said their dedication is helping win the war on terror. ``Because of your courage, every day is Independence Day.''

The President said he would not set a timetable to bring the troops home. He says setting a timetable would just tell the terrorists to 'wait a little longer', and America would give up.
Fort Bragg has 5,688 soldiers deployed worldwide to fight the global war on terror, most in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Deputy Public Affairs Officer Tom McCollum.

Earlier, Bush visited units from Army Special Operations forces, including Green Berets and a psychological operations team.

Bush met the helicopter pilot who flew Saddam Hussein from the spider hole he was hiding in to the U.S. air base in Baghdad. Bush thanked the forces and viewed their weapons and equipment.
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Persecution Blog Carnival #7

Check out the entries in the newest Persecution Blog Carnival.

Also, if anyone is interested in blogging for the Persecuted Church, you can find instructions on how to join the VOM Persecution Blogosphere Program on the Christian Persecution blog.

You are only required to post two article about the persecuted church a month, and that is very easily done. In fact, you might find yourself blogging even more!

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Will cross be saved?

Today, Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a stay while supporters of the cross continued their legal fight to keep the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial intact. The Supreme Court refused to get involved in this fight three years ago between the city of San Diego and Philip Paulson, a self-proclaimed atheist and Vietnam veteran.

Justice Kennedy ordered the stay with no comment, acting for the high court, pending a further order from him or the entire Supreme Court.

Mayor Jerry Sanders says the cross is part of a memorial and should be given the same exemptions to government-maintained religious symbols as those granted to other war monuments. But, in May, U.S. District Court Judge Gordon Thompson, Jr. disagreed, and ordered the flag be removed by August 2. If it was not removed, they would face a $5,000 fine for each day the order was not obeyed.

Last year, San Diego voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot proposition to transfer the land beneath the cross to the federal government. The measure was designed to absolve the city of responsibility for the cross under the existing lawsuit. But a California Superior Court judge found the proposition to be unconstitutional.
Looks like the people have another chance at keeping the cross where it is right now.

Previous Post - Denying The Cross

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