Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

13 Things For Which I Am Thankful

  1. Knowing Christ as my Saviour - many people claim to be a Christian but do not really know Christ as Saviour
  2. Bible - the Word of God to study and learn about His commandments and will for our lives here on earth. It's the greatest instruction book ever printed!
  3. Husband - We have been together for over 43 years, married 42. I could never have found a better person to spend my life with. Things are not always 'wine and roses', because we all are individuals. But, we understand how to live together, letting each other have our space, never being jealous, loving every minute with one another. I thank God for him, and our life together every day!
  4. My Children - I thank the Lord that I raised two great children. They learned honesty, compassion, and giving. And, they are passing that on to their children.
  5. My grandchildren - I have 5 great grandchildren. Two of them are older teenagers. Those 2 and their younger brothers have learned to overcome obstacles in their lives that lots of children never go through. But, Mom has been a great blessing in their lives, teaching them to be the best they can, regardless of circumstances. They will be overcomers, and stronger as a result.
  6. Health - All of my family is healthy. Oh, we have the usual small things, and I've had a break or two or three (one major), but nothing that has curtailed my activities for very long. But, none of us have had major things other than my husband's bout with gall bladder surgery last year, his first time in the hospital. But, he is well now. Also, my Mother is 89 and doing great!
  7. My Home - I am thankful to have a place to live, one which is comfortable, and paid for. But, mostly, it is a place I feel safe and loved. Not all houses are 'homes'.
  8. Friends - I have lots of acquaintances, but only a handful of close friends. And, those friends mean the world to us. All of us might not be able to see one another often, but we know each care for the other, and pray for one another. I am lucky, though, to have one whom I meet each week at the college genealogy library, and we share breakfast and lunch that day.
  9. Church - I thank the Lord that I have the freedom of being able to go to church, to meet with other like-minded people several times a week, and learn the Word and worship together. And, I'm thankful we have a great pastor and his wife.
  10. Freedom - we do not realize how much freedom we have here in America, until we read about the persecution of others in other lands.
  11. Choices - the ability to make choices in life. Sometimes we do not make the right ones, but we have the option of making the choice. This can be choices in our every day lives, our job, our family, or personal lives.
  12. Life - There is nothing greater than being alive at such a time as this.
  13. But, most of all, I'm thankful that God is my provider, the One in whom I can trust and who cares about me above all others.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Different Book Meme

I just ran across a Book Meme over at A Chelsea Morning by Barb. It seemed very interesting, so I am trying it.

Here is how it goes:

  1. Grab the book closest to you.
  2. Open to page 123
  3. Scroll down to the 5th sentence.
  4. Post text of next 3 sentences on your blog - name of the book and the author.
  5. Then tag 3 people.

Book: Extreme Devotion
Voice of the Martyrs

With loving compassion Pastor Wurmbrand knelt down beside the beaten pastor and asked, "My brother...can you say the prayer, 'Father, forgive them'?"

The man winched with pain, touching his swollen, bruised face. It was difficult to speak.

I tag Lyn, Carol, and Cindy. Come on; this one is easy and fun!

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Our Testimony in the Christian Blogosphere

I ran across a repost at Cerulean Sanctum this morning entitled 'Has The Christian Blogosphere Lost It's Collective Mind'? Dan wrote this post a year ago this month, but I feel, like he must, that it is still relevant today.

In our quest to be 'seen' as a strong Christian, sometimes we are over-bearing. Maybe one means well, but the unconscionableness with which some post comments
, it makes me wonder what the secular world is thinking. Are we becoming like the world, instead of being Christ-like in our posts?

Another thing that bothers me is the willingness of some to want 'unity' at any cost. I believe the unity spoken about in the Bible is not the unity that some are preaching today.

A Slice of Laodicea has a post today called 'Worship Blender Church Mixes Christianity With World Religions.' True Christianity cannot be mixed with religions of the world. You cannot blend different beliefs under one 'umbrella' and think you are in unity; it can't happen!

We must not lose heart because of the trend of the 'church' today, but continue to do what we can to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ, the only true Savior. Our testimony may be the only thing some see in this world. Many never pick up a Bible or dart in the door of a church, but we are before them every day. But, if we mar our testimony with the ways of the world, they will see no

"But, if we mar our testimony with the ways of the world, they will see no difference in us and the world"

difference in us and the world. And, with so many 'preaching' that all religions can 'blend' into unity, it is most important for us to stay strong in the Word of God, separated from the ways of the world, so that we may reach others for Christ and show them the one true way to salvation.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Thoughts on Thomas Sowell's Random Thoughts

I love Thomas Sowell's articles.Today, he talks has some great random thoughts on which I want to give my own.

When I see people dealing lovingly with small children, it makes me feel that there may be hope for us, after all.

There are times I'd love to take a parent by the neck and do to or say to them what they are doing or saying to the child in their care! I know children can get very unruly in a store, especially when it takes you a long time to get through. But, please don't curse the child for something that is in 'your' control - don't shop with a child for a long time, or leave the child at home.

Climate statistics show that, with all the "global warming" hysteria today, our temperatures are still not as high as they were back in medieval times. Those medieval folks must have been driving a lot of cars and SUVs.

A scripture comes to mind every time I hear about global warming or how HOT it is now.
  • Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
There is absolutely nothing new under the sun - things that are happening today have happened before, regardless of what they would have us believe. As far as 'how HOT' it is, I know a place that will be hotter than this earth, if one is not prepared to spend eternity with the Lord!

I have never seen a skinny cook.

I can almost completely agree with him here, especially in fast food restaurants! I wonder how many times their hand goes to their mouth while they are preparing the food? Or, do they just love eating all that fat-producing food, and don't realize it goes to the hips, etc?

Republicans have good reasons to be disappointed in their Congressmen, especially with their runaway spending and amnesty bill for illegal aliens. However, before Republican voters decide to stay home at the next election, or perhaps to vote for the Democrats, they might repeat one phrase to themselves: "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi."

READ that one again! Do not stay home and not vote this next election. We get what we vote for, or, in some instances, what we don't vote for!

Dorothy Parker's sharp-witted writings used to cut through a lot of nonsense. Ann Coulter is the Dorothy Parker of our time — an industrial strength Dorothy Parker.

I love the 'industrial strength' part about Ann Coulter. She certainly is a strong person, and doesn't seem to get bogged down when she gets thrown some terrible curves people love to throw. After all, she's almost always right in her assessment of things; it's just that others don't like to be shown they are wrong. And, Ann is not afraid to let one know they are wrong! She's a tough woman.

There is nothing so good that politicians can't make it bad and nothing so bad that politicians can't make it worse. Compassion is good but politicians have turned compassion into the welfare state. Crime is bad but politicians have made it worse by going easy on criminals.

And, Sowell has spoken so well here! Sometimes, when I hear what goes on in Congress, I think we, the public, could do much better without politicians! I love compassion, and everyone needs to be shown a little compassion in life. But, nobody needs a free ride on compassion, and never pressed to do better in life! Why not have enough compassion on people to want to help them out of their povery-stricken state, teach them a trade, and get them on the high-road to a better life?

Also, we have laws on the books to put criminals behind bars. But, the PC crowd is always finding loop holes to get them out early, or get them a new trial because of certain things that go wrong, or get them off entirely! Criminals are criminals by definition and actions. But, sometimes, you'd think the victims or the police are the criminals instead of the perpetrators themselves! Just let the politicans and the media get wind of something, and you are going to hear a completely different spin on things, I grant you!

Thanks, Thomas Sowell, for another great article at Jewish World Review.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Inspiration for my Blog Name

I was checking out the blogs tonight that I normally read. Cindy Swanson had a post called "What inspired your blog name?" Seems Barb from "A Chelsea Morning" had written about what inspired her to start her blog, and was interested in how others got the title for their blog name. So here I am.

I had never even thought of writing a blog until my son began a couple. He's a computer programmer, and his blog really didn't interest me, since I don't understand a thing he writes about. But, he suggested I start one. So, we talked about different names, something that would give me a chance to write about things that did interest me, like my family, the Bible, spiritual things, or just about news, in general. It didn't take long for Tidbits And Treasures to pop in my head! He thought the title sounded like me, so I went with it, adding the scripture "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also," from Matthew 6:21.

I often see those 'catchy names' and wonder if I could have chosen a better one. Seems those with their names attached seem to get more traffic, or perhaps they are just better writers. (smiles)

Why not join in the fun, write a post about how you chose the name for your blog, and go to Barb's site and link it to hers.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

En Fuego Ministries presents free concert to spread Christianity

En Fuego in Spanish means " on fire". Travis Crim, former University of Alabama football player and former youth minister at a church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, felt the call to minister to young people through an outside concert after attending one in Cottondale years ago. He contacted his high school friend, Johnny Giles, and the two started En Fuego Ministries. And, so the ministry was born, and the Christian Rock Concerts started being held in a pasture in Verbena, AL, a small town near Clanton. The concert is being held there again today.

The first concert was attended by about 300; next year, about 550 attended. Last year, the crowd was estimated to be around 10,000 to 12,000 people. And, it's expected to be even larger this year, perhaps as many as 20,000. The concert is free to all, but it does cost money, which is paid by donations, sponorships, and love offering.

Marketing has been big leading up to this year’s event, and with sponsorship from Birmingham’s 93.7 WDJC radio station, the word is getting out. A spokeswoman for the event said they are trying to make the event not just a statewide attraction but also draw from Mississippi and Georgia.

People are coming from as far away as Atlanta, Mauri Yarber and her husband are bringing their two daughters and some teenage girls. She said her cousin took a group of teenagers last year, and the cousin started spreading the word. Mauri says it is very impressive when someone living in Atlanta, with lots to do, will go all the way to a pasture in Alabama for this. Yarber's daughter, who turns 14 this year, wanted a different way to spend her birthday. She think is the way to go, and expects to have fun, hear great music, and worship God with her friends.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wife of Kidnapped Fox Journalist appeals for release

It has been 10 days since correspondent Steve Centanni and New Zealand-born cameraman Olaf Wiig were kidnapped in the Gaza. Anita McNaught, wife of Wiig, appealed for their release today. She said they were not enemies of the Palestinians. They were only there to tell the story of the Palestinian people.

Their abducters, Holy Jihad Brigades, have asked that all Muslim prisoners being held by the US by Friday.

Meanwhile, New Zealand diplomat Peter Rider said his country would not negotiate with the kidnappers, echoing the standpoint of the US State Department.

"The New Zealand policy is exactly the same as that of the United States, we will not negotiate with terrorists or militant groups like this," Mr Rider said.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things on my side-by-side refrigerator doors

This refrigerator has been in my house since we built it 30 years ago. It is a gold side-by-side Frigidaire, and has been used for a bulletin board all these years. First, it was for my kids, and now it is for our grandchildren. It may look messy to some, but to us, there are memories being made. I didn't have time to make pictures, so you will have to use your imagination.

  1. Fuzzy dog face made by my daughter when she was in Kindergarten. And, she’s now 35!
  2. Small upright piano that plays music, given to me by my sister-in-law
  3. Mr. Fix-It wind chimes magnet, given to my husband by his sister, because he is constantly fixing something for her.
  4. 2 butterflies – one crocheted by my mother, and the other one is cloth that she bought from a lady and gave it to me.
  5. A golden angel magnet given to me by my mother.
  6. Magnet map of Australia sent to my by a special Internet friend
  7. Pell City Panthers paw magnet, representing the PC Panthers football team, for which my oldest grandson plays.
  8. Minature fly swat with fly attached, made and given to me by a sweet woman with whom we used to sing, and she is now deceased
  9. A 4th generation picture of my Mother, me, my daughter, and her daughter, when my granddaughter was 2. She is now 16, and a JR in high school.
  10. An apple magnet from The Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN
  11. An artistic drawing made for me by my granddaughter. She does them occasionally for her papa and me, and throws away the old ones.
  12. A colorful magnet that says “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made Grandmas.”
  13. 2 Bandaid magnets advertising the clinic where my daughter has worked for over 16 years.
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday School Teacher Let Go For Being Female

I could not believe what I was hearing when this came on the radio talk show I was listening to today! This lady, Mary Lambert, has taught in the First Baptist Church of Watertown, NY, for 54 years. But, now, her pastor, Rev. Timothy LaBouf, cited the biblical advice of the apostle Paul, "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." He says women can do anything they want to do - outside of the church.

I have a hard time with this, considering, in most churches, it is the women who are the most active. It is the women who attend more regularly and help do the things around the church. You will find many more women in church today than you will men, in most areas. One of the radio talk show hosts, who is a preacher, did not agree with this man. But, a woman listener called in and said she agreed with the dismissal of the woman. She said she once was a singer in the Baptist Church. But, she had changed churches, studied the Bible, and took it literally than women are to keep quiet in the churches, and are not to sing or teach. This sets women back hundreds of years!

LaBouf is on the city council in upstate New York. But, he says this will not affect his decisions on the council.

Mayor Jeffrey Graham, however, was bothered by the reasons given Lambert's dismissal.

"If what's said in that letter reflects the councilman's views, those are disturbing remarks in this day and age," Graham said. "Maybe they wouldn't have been disturbing 500 years ago, but they are now."
Modern day man wants to make women seem inferior. But, this was not the intention of Jesus. A study of his life will reveal that he had respect and love for the women in his life just as he did the men. I find no where in scripture where the Lord told women they could not teach in church. Have you found this scripture? If so, I would love to know where it is in the Bible.

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Stacy Harp, at Active Christian Media, has a great Podcast ministry. She has had some great interviews with authors such as Joseph C. Phillips, author of 'he talk like a white boy', who is also an actor.

Stacy also interviewed Jan Fletcher and Stephen Bennett. She also interviewed Dr. Mark Dever and also John Ensor, author of The Great Work of The Gospel. These are among the many podcasts she has available on her site.

Podcasts are a great way to spread the gospel. I believe you will be blessed by Stacy's. She has also got a great line-up of people she will be interviewing in the near future.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Memorizing the Koran Verse by Verse

A small school in Flushing, Queens, New York, run by Muslims, is teaching the Koran.The students go from 8AM until 5PM, in the prayer room of a Mosque, to memorize the Koran verse by verse. The students take time off from their regular school studies, possibly 2 to 3 years, in order to accomplish this task.

What is wrong with this picture? While other religious-run schools in New York are to give 'substantially equivalent instruction to that of public schools, this Muslim-run school is not. According to city and state officials, they probably are going against the laws of New York.

“This is very much influenced by traditions back home,” said Imam Shamsi Ali, director of the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens, which started its own memorization school several years ago. He envisions the children in the school becoming not just religious leaders but doctors, lawyers and engineers, helping to bridge the gap between the Muslim world and American society. “We want them to be leaders in all different kinds of roles.

”But this level of devotion to Islam has a way of causing suspicion these days. While parents whose children are in the schools said they were proud of them, they also worry about how they will be perceived.

Dr. Fauzia Syed-Khan, an endocrinologist in Astoria, Queens, and a Pakistani immigrant whose sons, Tariq and Bilal, both studied at the Muslim Center’s memorization school, said she did not talk about the program with co-workers.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Persecution of Christians

We can read daily, on the Internet, or in the newspapers, or hear it on the news, that Christians are being persecuted. We will be persecuted because we are to be separate from the world. The world doesn’t like us; they didn’t like the Lord. John 15:18-21 tells us that the world hates us because they hated him – they will persecute us because they persecuted him. John 16:1-4 tells us about persecution to come. It says there will come a time when the one that kills the Christian will think he is doing a service for God. That has to bring up a specific class of people to your mind!

People in power sometimes had rather have the praise of men, rather than obeying God. They will compromise, rather than standing up for what they know is right. We see it happening across our land today, when the Christians who take a stand against the government usually come away empty handed.We are slowly, but surely, losing our rights. Christ has been taken from the schools, prayer has been forbidden there. The Chaplains in the military have been forbidden to confess the name of Jesus within their prayers. And, some have stood up and been counted, and been rebuked by the military. Some may even lose their rank, or possibly be shut out of the service altogether. They are being persecuted because they dared do what they knew was right.

Scripture says He will send us out as sheep among the wolves. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We are not to worry about what we are to say, for the Lord will give you the words. It is HE who lives within you that speaks in you.

Matthew 5 tells us that those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake will be blessed. I know a person who is under persecution sometimes doesn’t feel blessed. But, Romans 8:35-39 tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ – not even persecution! And, in all these things, we are ‘more than conquerors through Him who loved us.’

There are those Christians who will stand up against anything that is wrong. I saw this in the case of Judge Roy Moore here in Alabama. He never let up, although he lost the job he so loved as a Justice. He felt compelled to stand true to God, rather than man. After all, Paul said, in Acts 5:29, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” That doesn’t mean we break the laws, but, when it goes against the teaching of the Bible, then man is wrong. God’s Word is Truth.

2 Timothy 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Blogs (of many) I read and recommend

Please don’t feel left out, if you aren’t included. You have not seen the number of Blogs I read almost daily! I have found so many good ones, it is hard to get around to them all daily! Maybe you will make the next list.

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13. La Shawn Barber’s Corner

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Going up on a down escalator

A few times, I have caught myself ready to put a foot on the escalator going the wrong way. And, it’s usually on the down escalator, when I actually wanted to go up. Many people will actually run down an escalator made to go up, or try running up one going down – just thinking it is cute. It isn’t cute, but dangerous, not only for the person trying the stunt, but also for those other people on the escalator legitimately.

Life is a little like the escalators. A Christian is always trying to go up, and sometimes find oneself on the wrong escalator, leading in the wrong direction, if you will. Life gets you down; you tend to blame God. You begin to gossip, can’t hold your tongue, and criticize others. You don’t do your job at work, and tend to goof off or play around on the job, leaving the work to others while you are drawing the same salary.

There is always something that wants to keep you on the down escalator! It is the enemy trying to destroy your credibility as a Christian. And, he will chose any avenue with which he can get a foothold. It may be your family, your job, or perhaps just your tongue. Too many times, we let the tongue get in the way of relationships, even with God.

But, we can change our direction, thank the Lord. James 4:8 says “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. “ The Lord always gives His people a way out. He is a just and loving God. Oh, He may chastise you in the process, but He is a great Father, one who loves you regardless of your mistakes in life, or how many times you take the escalator of life down in the pits. He’s ready to help you pick yourself up, dust youself off, and set your feet on that upward escalator!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

"I am quite mad".......

I’ve been watching Jordan’s View blog to see if he has found what he is looking for (his last post). But, he hasn’t posted again since May. But, in looking at other posts, I ran across his April post on the Christian Carnival. And, I read this:

I am quite mad, in my own special way (aren't you?--see quote above).

The quote he was speaking of was the following verses, since the Christian Carnival that week was about March Madness.

Acts 26:24 And as he thus spake for himself, Festus said with a loud voice, Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad.

Acts 26:25 But he said, I am not mad, most noble Festus; but speak forth the words of truth and soberness.

Mad, in this instance, is unlike the dictionary definition of ‘angry, resentful, suffering a disorder of the mind; insane’. It’s more like the definition ‘ marked by extreme excitement’. I am excited for what the Lord is doing in my life. I am excited that I have been ‘called’ to be one of His own (Romans 1:6)

I am extremely excited that I have found mercy (Titus 3:5); from the Lord, and am now on the path of eternal life (John 3:15-17) ; with him. How about you?

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Peace of God

Too many times, we try to find peace in the wrong places. But, there is only one place we can find true, lasting peace, and that is in the Lord Jesus.

I am not a counselor, only a spokesman for God, through what He has done in my life. But, I know that true peace comes through having the Holy Spirit indwelling in you. If you let Him, the Holy Spirit can keep you from the many trials that the enemy will try to put you through. He can calm your fears, keep you from those awful worries over things of which you have no control. He will keep you from sinning and sinking into the miry clay. His peace will guide you through out your life, keeping you calm and fully satisfied in Him.

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The way we keep the peace of God is to walk with Him daily. We can’t be at peace, if we are constantly running to and fro, rejecting Him one day for what the world offers, and trying to get back in His good graces, only when we need help. We should walk in the ways of God, and whether men praise us or not, God will always be there for us. We should want to be blessed of God enough, want to have His peace constantly, that we would always abide within His statutes.

Oh, the enemy will throw things your way, make you feel uncomfortable at times, but you have to hold on to God regardless of the promises the enemy makes you. Young people, the enemy is after you. And, he will try to get you through any means possible. But, his peace is only for a little while in your fleshly desires, or the material things, but God’s peace is everlasting! Our mind can never fully comprehend what God has in store for His children! But, we can experience it, if we stay true to Him and His Word.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

America's Choice 30 - Music Review

Don Marsh Presents
America’s Choice 30
Publisher: Cool Springs Records
Franklin, TN

Music Review

This is a collection of Worship songs for private or corporate worship within two discs. Most of these songs our Worship team now use in our worship services. If you are looking for a good collection of worship songs, then I recommend these CD’s. They are all wonderful songs which will lead you into worship of our Lord and King. They will have you praising and worshipping Him immediately!

My favorites are Days of Elijah from Disc #1, and I Give You My Heart from Disc #2.

This collection of songs is also available in split track, if you desire the music only with which to sing.

I reviewed this America’s Choice 30 of Worship songs for Active Christian Media. My name is Barbara Sanders, a homemaker, grandmother of 5, from Alabama. I give the CDs a 5 star.

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High level of lead found in free toys

Free toys were given away at 14 libraries across Kentucky this summer. A librarian suggested they be tested for lead content. The toys were found to have 6 1/2 times the allowable content of lead.

The Lexington Public Library gave away 570 of the toys to Head Start pre-schoolers through the library's book van, said Doug Tattershall, a spokesman for the library. They've had 183 of the toys returned so far. Woodford County Library gave out 1,000 of the toys, a spokeswoman said.

The State Health Officials are asking that parents return these free toys to the nearest public library. They are bendable cat and dog toys.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Elvis is still popular

August 16, 2006 will mark the 29th year since Elvis' death. He was very popular among the teens and young adults in my young days. The adults had a problem with his swaying body, thinking he was vulgar. Today, his twists and turns would be accepted, I am sure, above some of the things we now see on television.

Elvis Presley is one entertainer whose memory will 'live' on forever. He sang lots of different kinds of music, including pop, country, and gospel. My husband and I probably own every one of his albums. And, the gospel and Christmas music albums are our favorites.

Elvis is so loved that 'he' became a box office hit in a Cathedral in England last Sunday night. The impersonator, John Cowling, sang Elvis' songs at Truro Cathedral in a 75 minute program. The program attracted 900 people, far exceeding their expectations.

"Everyone loved it. There were many people there who never normally darken the doors of a church or a cathedral. That was the point."

However, the cathedral, which has also conducted Sunday evening worship through country and western music, jazz and poetry, has a problem - how do you follow Elvis?

Parishoners filled in forms after the event, telling how they felt. Many loved the service, and one woman said she felt more 'spiritual wholeness' than she had in a long time. But, some thought the church was 'dumbing down'.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 Books I have reviewed this year:

1. How To Write by Herb and Jill Meyer
2. Brokenness by Ron Solomon
3. Help! Mom! There’s a Liberal Under My Bed by Katherine DeBrecht
4. Living Under God by Toby Mac and Michael Tait
5. Global Deception by Joseph Klein
6. Credo by Ray Pritchard
7. Help! Mom! Hollywood’s In My Hamper! By Katherine DeBrecht
8. Life Is A Buffet – So Save Room for Dessert by Polly D Boyette
9. Lord, Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room by Barbara Curtis
10. Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell
11. He talk like a white boy by Joseph C Phillpis
12. The Life of Teenagers “Ain’t No Joke” by Keith G Wright
13. Why Christians Don’t Vote For Democrats by Richard Miller

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Last Church pressured to close

The last church in the district of Ciparay sub-district of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia, is being pressured to close by officials. The Batu Zaman Baptist Church has been unable to get a permit for worship services. They have been trying to acquire the permit since the church was established in 1998, but been unsuccessful.

The Muslim institutions object to the church, but the community had supported them until May of 2006. An appeal petition was sent out by a local official in May, who objected to the services, and lots of the residents of the community signed the petition. A request by the church for a temporary worship place was turned down in June 2006 after intense negotiations took place between them and the local officials.

However, a recently revised law makes provision for local governments to provide a temporary place should a worship house fail to gain consent from the surrounding community. The revised law requires every applicant to: (1) Congregate at least 90 people; (2) Gain approval from 60 neighbors of different faiths, local authorities and the interfaith harmony forum.

"That is why we want to give the best shot for this case. It is the last church standing," said Simon Timorason, the head of the Indonesian Christian Communication Forum, West Java chapter (FKKI Jabar). Timorason is assisting the church in securing the worship building permit.

The revised law was enacted on March 21, but there has been more disharmony since. And, 12 churches have been closed. West Java, Indonesia is a hot spot for believers, but "they face daily persecution for their faith", says Open Doors USA President Dr. Carl Moeller. "Join me in prayer for the Christians there."

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

How Samson triumphed over persecution

Samson was born to elderly parents. An angel of the Lord came to Manoah and his wife, telling them that they were going to have a child. He was to be a 'Nazarite unto God', (Judges 13:5) because he would serve the Lord and do his will. God wanted Samson to deliver Israel out of the hands of the Philistines. He was to be holy unto God. A Nazarite,who was separated unto God from birth to death (Numbers 6), vowed not to eat any unclean thing, or drink strong drink and never cut his hair. And, while the wife was carrying Samson in the womb, she was not to eat anything from the vine or drink strong drink.

The Lord blessed Samson, as he grew strong in Him. Samson met a daughter of a Philistine and wanted to take her as his wife. But, his parents asked him why he couldn't find a wife among his people. Samson would not hear of this, and told his father to go get her for him, for 'she pleaseth me well'. (Judges 14:3) He disobeyed his parents God-given instructions, and rejected his Godly heritage in order to fulfill his on desires. Sometimes we miss our blessing from God by disobedience. Although God didn't initiate the intention of Samson to marry the Philistine, he used his sin of marrying outside his people to accomplish what he wanted with the Philistines.

Samson went with his parents down to see the woman and become betrothed. And, on the way, through the vineyards, he came upon a lion, which he killed. When he went back down to marry her, he came upon the lion's carcass and found it full of bees which had made honey. So, he took his hands, scooped out some sweet honey, gave some to his parents, but never told them where it came from.

Later, he used the honey in the lion's dead carcass as a riddle for the Philistines. He knew he would win over them, for they had no way of knowing the answers to the riddle. But, they outsmarted him. The 30 young men went to his wife, and asked her to get them the answer, or they would burn her and her father. She enticed Samson and he gave her the answer. Later, when the young Philistines told him the answer, he knew only his wife could have betrayed him, for he had told nobody else. So, he sought revenge. He went down and killed 30 Philistines.

Samson headed back to his home, knowing he had overcome his anger with his wife, and still loved her. But, the father, believing that Samson no longer loved her, gave her to his friend. He tried to get Samson to take her younger sister. So, he went out and sought revenge again, against the Philistines by taking 300 foxes, tying them together, setting them afire, and turning them loose in the corn fields. They burned the standing corn and the vineyards. You know this really made the Philistines mad when they found it was Samson who had sought revenge for the Timnite giving his wife to his friend. So, they went and burned her and her father.

Seems women kept Samson busy staying out of the will of God, getting into trouble, and having more and more persecution sent his way. He was constantly avenging himself for something over a woman. But, all the while, the 'spirit of the Lord' would come upon him, and he would destroy more and more Philistines. He again slew more Philistines. But, this time, 3000 men of Judah came to take him to the Philistines, because they knew the Philistines had rule over them. He asked them not to do anything to him themselves. He didn't want to have to avenge himself against them, and shed Jewish blood. They bound him, and returned him to Lehi.

The Philistines started shouting at Samson, when they saw him. Again, the 'spirit of the Lord' (power) came upon him. The bands loosened and came off, and he found a new jawbone of an ass, which he used to kill another thousand men. God caused water to come out of the jawbone, when Samson was finished, and it revived him - gave him the power once again to carry out the commands of God.

Still, Samson was a man of his own. In other words, he still sought pleasure before the divine will of God. And, it always got him in trouble. His fight with the Philistines was more for him because of his anger and need to get revenge for his persecution, rather than for his people to be delivered out of the hands of the Philistines.

He went and laid with a harlot in Gaza. (Judges 16:1) And, he was almost caught, for they laid watch for him, meaning to kill him in the morning, when he left her house. But, somehow, perhaps by God awakening him at the right time of night, he was able to slip away and not be caught. He had such strength, that he took the gate to the city and two gate posts and carried them miles, almost to a place called Hebron. This way of life finally led to Samson's downfall.

Samson met Delilah, another Philistine woman, in the valley of Sorek. (Judges 16:4) And, as quickly as the Philistines found that he liked her, they went to Delilah and offered her 11 hundred pieces of silver as payment for her to entice him into her bed, to see where his strength was. She had to be a powerful woman, or apparently, Samson let his guard down one time too many. Delilah pressed him daily to find out where his strength lay, and he lied to her 3 times. But, one day, he let his heart guide him and he told her all about his Nazarite birth, that his hair had never been cut, and it was his strength. If his hair was cut, then all his strength and power would leave him. While he was sleeping, Delilah summoned the helper to come in and cut his hair.

When Samson awoke the next morning, he thought he would walk out with the power of God upon him, but he found God had departed, when his hair was cut. He was caught by the Philistines, and they gouged out his eyes, bound him up and put him in prison. He was lowered to doing a woman's work of grinding, while in prison. But, (and herein lies the power) Samson's hair began to grow out again. The strength of God would be with him once again.

The Philistines began to gloat and feel sure of themselves that 'their god' had delivered Samson into their hands. They began to party and called out Samson and set him between the pillars of the prison. But, Samson again called upon God to strengthen him, so he could once again be avenged of the Philistines for loss of his eyes. He finally put his whole faith in the one true God, and took hold of the two pillars where he stood. He pushed with all his strength, and brought down the house, killing all the lords and people within, and losing his own life as well. It was said he killed more Philistines in that moment of triumph than he did all the years of his life.

Although Samson often lost sight of his command from God, in the end, he realized that it was God who had saved him. He began his life with the mighty power given to him by God, and got in disobedience at times. But, he would once again, exercise his faith to do one last thing for the Lord. This would find him a place among the people with great faith in the Bible. (Heb 11:32-34)

Too often we take too long to realize God is on our side. We only need to be obedient to His commands, and He will bless our lives. Imagine what Samson could have done with the strength and power God had given him, had he not given in to the worldly things, and went after his own desires rather than those of God for his life.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Songs that bless me...

1. How Great Thou Art – Lyrics
2. Ten Thousand Years – Audio Vocal
3. I’m A Citizen of Two Worlds – Audio Vocal
4. Days of Elijah – Audio Vocal
5. Midnight Cry- Audio Vocal
6. Speak to the Mountain - Audio Vocal
7. The King is Coming – Bill Gaither - Lyrics
8. He Touched Me – Bill and Gloria Gaither – Lyrics
9. Cleanse Me – lyrics
A great page with scripture links
10. Because He Lives - Lyrics
11. I Shall Not Be Moved – Lyrics
12. O The Blood of Jesus – midi
13. The Old Rugged Cross – Lyrics

These are only a few of the songs I love. It is hard to pick only 13.

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Two crosses - 275 miles apart

We have read lots about the cross atop Mt. Soledad lately, and the fight to keep it there as a war memorial. It has been a 17 year battle to keep the cross there. At one time, it looked like the cross would be removed, due to the actions of a judge. But, on Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill to transfer the land that the cross stands upon to federal control, to avoid the removal of the cross for now.

The vote was unanimous in the Senate, and it was sent to the President for his signature. He is expected to sign it. But, this is probably not the last of this battle. Some say this is a hopeless attempt to preserve the flag on public property, because it is unconstitutional to favor one religion over another. James McElroy, the lawyer representing atheist Paul Paulson, says it is a local issue and the federal government has no right to interfere.

The one cross I had not heard anything about was the one in the Mojave Desert, 275 miles away from Mt. Soledad.

Cross foes note that the courts have ordered the removal of other crosses based on federal constitutional grounds. Five years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued to remove a 5-foot-tall cross of metal tubing in the Mojave National Preserve, although the removal is on appeal.

The Mojave Memorial was put up to honor World War I veterans. It is a cross made of metal tubing. It is now covered with a plywood box. The ACLU sued to have it removed 5 years ago, on behalf of a National Park Service worker, who said it violated the First Amendment of the Constitution. A judge in Riverside ruled it unconstitutional and it was held up by the 9th Circuit.

Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands, intervened by passing a measure trading the cross's land to a private veterans group. A year ago, the same Riverside judge said Lewis' land transfer was invalid. The ruling is being appealed to the 9th Circuit.

Regardless of the outcome of either of these crosses, there will always be a fight to remove religious symbols from the eyes of the public. As someone said awhile back on a blog, I am waiting for someone to say that it is wrong for all those crosses being put at the head of our soldiers in Arlington Cemetery. Where is the uprising?

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In support of our troops..

You can send a postcard to a soldier at Let's Say Thanks. The postcards are made by young people. You pick the one you want, write your message, and it is sent, postage-free, to a soldier in one of the armed forces overseas. This is a good way of getting the message out to all our troops that we appreciate the job they are doing, fighting for our country, and that we are praying for them.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

House Church destroyed in Zhejiang

The house church was built on private property bought by a Christian couple. It was located in Che Lu Wan Village, Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

The house church had been under construction since July 17, 2006. It was almost finished. It was declared illegal because the police said they had not gotten government permission to build. But, sources from the government and the church have said that the local government has denied the Christians' attempts to get permission to build a church.

The Hangzhou Daily (the Communist Party mouthpiece in Hangzhou City) headline on July 30, declared "An Illegal Building Destroyed," failing to mention that the building was a church.

There were 10 thousand house Christians who came to try and save the building. But, the police used used electric shock batons and anti-riot shields to disperse the Christians.

This is not the first church destroyed in this same district. In 2003, a large house church was bulldozed in Nanyang town. 3 House Church members in Beijing reported on the destruction and were subsequently sentenced to 1 to 3 years for "providing national secrets to overseas organizations".

Mr. Liu Fenggang, who was sentenced to three years, is still imprisoned at Hangzhou Prison. "The destruction of the church building and use of excessive police force to beat peaceful Christians is totally unacceptable," said Rev. Bob Fu, the President of China Aid, "The international community should hold the Zhejiang government accountable for their religious persecution record."
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And the answer is...

Two articles you don't want to miss:

  1. Why can't a Christian be more like a Muslim? by Sarah Ghorab
  2. An Answer to "Why can't a Christian be more like a Muslim?" - by Ramen Mikhael
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'World Opinion' is worthless

I tend to agree with Dennis Prager on this one. The full truth is usually eschewed by the news we get on television from around the world. This is partly because journalists do not have the freedom to report from some of the countries where the worse is happening to the people, and they are unable to video freely. It takes courageous journalists to go into a country and seek to 'tell the truth' about what is going on, for they may face death.

America and Israel are constantly condemned in world opinion. World opinion never seems to confront those evils in the world, but constanty berate those that do, namely the US and Israel.

The moment one recognizes "world opinion" for what it is — a statement of moral cowardice, one is longer enthralled by the term. That "world opinion" at this moment allegedly loathes America and Israel is a badge of honor to be worn proudly by those countries. It is when "world opinion" and its news media start liking you that you should wonder if you've lost your way.
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