Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Help! Mom! Hollywood's In My Hamper!

Book Review
Author: Katherine DeBrecht

This book is among the most hilarious of books I’ve read lately! Two young sisters set out to baby sit neighborhood children in order to buy themselves the new bike everyone is raving about. But, they get caught up in Hollywood’s “It’s the Rage”, with all the liberals jumping out of a hamper in their closet.

The young girls go through many changes, which is not ‘them’, and eventually never get anymore calls for babysitting. They realize they are better off being themselves, which is what their Mom had taught them. They get rid of the Hollywood rage items, become the young girls they were before, and get back to living the young life with others youngsters.

The book is a great teacher for children having a tough time being themselves, and wanting to be ‘like others’.

This book was given to me for review, for free, through Active Christian Media, by the publisher, World Ahead Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA.