Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Put The Enemy On The Run!

The enemy is out there to get you! Scripture says, in John 10:10, that 'the thief has come to steal, to kill, and to destroy'. He is out there every minute of the day, trying to find ways to disrupt your life, and to try and make it impossible for you to keep your eyes on the Lord. He never lets up, day or night.

Our computers are so vulnerable. After all, they are 'man-made', man-invented; therefore, they are not perfect. For a long time, it was thought that a virus could not touch the MAC. But, that is coming to a close. Just today, I was reading about this new virus code that hackers
had released a sample of in early April that could infect both Linux and Windows PC's. The article warns users of both Linux and MAC OS X to get an anti-virus program, if you are not already using one.

It's the same in our lives. Viruses hit us unexpectedly. One minute, we may feel fine, but, the next minute, we may be in the bed so sick we can hardly hold up our heads. It can hit that fast. And, the only way we can really combat the onslaught of these attacks is to be prepared through 'prevention medicine'. A shot for the flu and pneumonia is there for the taking, but, many, like me, never think to get one! We live in this world which thinks 'it will never happen to me'. But, then it does - too late for the shots, and we land flat of our backs, wondering what hit us!

It is the same way in our spiritual lives. God has given us a handbook of prevention medicine. But, many times, like in our daily lives, we forget about the handbook. We go about our daily chores, trying to be the best we can, at work and at home, but leave our 'medicine' on the coffee table, or, worse, on the shelf, catching dust. The only time it gets touched is when we do our weekly housecleaning. We may occasionally take it to church with us.

If we, as Christians, were such astute followers of the Word as we are of our weekly ball games, how could the enemy ever reach us? We would be so involved in the Word - studying and getting it down in our hearts to be used against the enemy, he would be afraid of us. We would open our mouths and out would pop the Word! How can we be effective in outreach, if we don't possess the very tools we are trying to 'sell' to others? They must see the Word work in our lives in order to believe what we are saying.

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Peter Shaw said...

Thanks for your very accurate message. Although I read the Bible faily regularly, at times I am just such a Christian as you have described...and yes I suffer the consequences. God bless you for your work for Him. And also, thank you for your occasional visits to my blog.

Barbara said...

Peter, I think we all fall short, at times. I'm one that always takes my Bible to church. But, sometimes, I'm not as astute in reading as I should be. Yes, I'm online where I use the Bible online and from my computer software. I also write devotionals and use the Bible constantly for that. But it doesn't fill in for regular reading. I do fall short. I believe the enemy knows exactly when we are most vulnerable.