Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jesus May Have Walked On Ice?

That is what a team of scientists at Florida State University says. And, two of it's members also went into Bible research back in 1992, when they used mathematics to try and explain Moses' parting of the sea.

The researchers said it is not their job to determine whether the biblical story took place. That is a question for religious scholars, archeologists, anthropologists and believers, they write.

Well, tell me why they even took time to try and disprove it?


Carol said...

Uh...They're afraid of the truth? Just a wild guess. I could be wrong.

Seriously, though. So many people will never admit there is a God because that would mean they would be held accountable for their depravity. They're too busy being engaged in self-worship, they can't possibly confess the need for a Savior, therefore will never submit to God's authority nor accept His gift. And that is the heart-breaking truth.

It's much easier for some to devote their lives to trying to disprove God's existence than it is to accept Christ as Lord of their life.

Barbara said...

Carol, they probably are afraid of the truth. Or, they just don't have time to have God in their lives; might cramp their style!

Desert Darlyn said...

Just had to make a comment on this subject. I was talking to a friend Sunday before bible study about all the things lately on "educational" tv that keep trying to disprove the Bible. Then there is the one about a conspiracy of the Gospel writers to prove that Jesus was God and the Messiah. I do not have doubts, but it was really bothering me that there is so much in the media about this stuff!

Guess what the message of the sermon was? Exactly about those things and more. The Lord knew just what I needed. The pastor went through some of the ways the world has come up with to NOT believe in Jesus, then he spoke about the proof of the Bible. He armed us with practical answers for the world's disbelief.

Praise the Lord, that we are held fast by the blood of Jesus.

Barbara said...

Cathee, when we put our trust in God, he always know what we need. Isn't it awesome when he does this, especially through the pastor, just when you need it!