Sunday, April 23, 2006

Worthy News Stories

As heard around the world:

  1. Small Town America Joins No-Smoking Trend
  2. Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails To The Head
  3. House Blasted By 3,000 gallons of Sewage
  4. Ford Workers Brace For New Parking Policy
  5. Beachgoers' Restroom Endangered
  6. Woman Tosses 150 lbs of Bird Feed a Day
  7. Third-Grader Takes Teacher's Van For Ride
  8. Man Crashes 33 Cars In 23 Years
  9. Architect Will Turn Jet Into A Home
And last, but not least:
There is other news floating around besides politics!

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Carol said...

Okay, this is all like "News of the Wierd." The longer I live, the nuttier people seem to be. Where do you find this stuff?

Barbara said...

I just started reading the crazy news all over the Internet yesterday and came up with these. I had seen some at another blog and decided I'd hunt my own. :) I really started out with the non-smoking article, since it involved Alabama. And, I'm glad to see those, but never thought it would involve a whole city. There are many restaurants around here now that don't allow smoking.