Thursday, April 20, 2006

Society Vs. God - In The Lives Of Women

In today’s society, women and girls are pushed to the limit. We are shown ads on the television and in books that depict these gorgeous figures, flawless faces, legs, and hair. It's a world of spandex, botox injections, and numerous lifts! Most of our bodies will not allow us to wear that type of clothing, and still look like a lady! It gives the impression, if you don’t measure up, then some how you are less than feminine.

When young girls are pressured to look their best constantly, never to be soiled by dirt or work, with never a dirty fingernail or a hair out of place, then they become depressed, and feel they don’t measure up. I am sure this has pushed many a young teenager into the worse eating habits and perhaps into bulimia or anorexia. It puts them at risk for worse health problems, or perhaps an early death like the untimely death of Karen Carpenter, who died of anorexia.

There are times in a woman’s life she may not look the most appealing in the world. She gardens, washes cars, cleans her home, takes care of her children, makes the bus route – you name it; she does it! And, it’s not always the most appealing task and she’s not always in a skirt and heels! In fact, you may find her in sweats – you would me!

There is a time and place for all things! When you work, you dress accordingly. When you go to church, or dine out, you dress more appropriately -–perhaps in casual or dress clothes. But, to make a woman or girl feel that she has to have on sexiest clothes, have an immaculate hairdo, and heels to do jobs that otherwise would be calling for work clothes is wrong. To teach a young girl that she is not at her best unless she’s physically attractive is wrong! I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When a young girl is honest, clean cut, mannerly – then she should be appealing to anyone. Having a warm heart and big smile goes a long way!

Society should never impose unobtainable goals on people, especially women and girls. Motherhood is wonderful, but a Mother can never be immaculate all the time. Show me one that is, and something is wrong with the picture. Show me a woman who has an immaculate house every minute of every day, and I would think the woman has a perfectionist problem. Young girls also play sports; therefore, you are not going to find them smelling good every minute, nor will you find them in the most appealing clothes. And, they should feel free to look unkempt, at times. Freedom to be you should come before trying to please others. If you aren’t happy with the way you view yourself, you are going to make others miserable.

I’ve been in homes where I felt an intruder.The house was kept so clean, you could eat off the floors; yet, the woman would constantly mention how much she had to do, or say she really needed to clean house. WHERE? – I would think to myself.

We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Many try to appear perfect while underneath the exterior they are wrecks. Many have been pushed or push themselves to heights that are beyond what they normally would be going. Life becomes a chore rather than a joy. And, God doesn’t mean for us to be living that kind of life.

Remember the Martha and Mary story, (Matthew 10:38-42) when Christ came to sit with them? Mary wanted to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him. But, Martha was more intent in cooking lunch for Jesus, and she was upset that Mary wasn’t pulling her load. So, she questioned Jesus as to why He hadn’t told Mary to help her. To paraphrase the scripture – Jesus told Martha that she worried about many things that was not that important. He said that Mary understood the important things in life and she should not be upset that Mary was sitting with Him rather than helping Martha cook the meal for Jesus. In other words, if she really wanted to cook the meal, that was fine. But, don't hold it against Mary, since her concern was more in listening to Jesus.

How many times have we sought to please people, to do what they want, to dress a certain way, look a certain way, go places we might not really want to go, just to get ‘brownie points’? What we should be doing is following after Jesus, having our minds trained to listen to His direction rather than that of the world. He will never lead us astray, and will never require things of us that we could not do, through the power He has placed in this earthly vessel. He will lead us in the ‘paths of righteousness’ (Psalm 23:3), if we let him. His track record is unquestionable.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Amen!..the pressure on women and appearance is nothing short of a conspiracy..I post bout it all the time!..excellent work!

Barbara said...

Don't you just get tired of the skinny models? 99% I would say will never look like those girls, and we sure can't fit into and look good in the clothes they wear. I've got to the point it's not even fun to shop for clothes anymore. They are made to appeal to the young and sexy - and they are too revealing!