Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Billy Graham Calls Katrina Worse Tragedy Since Civil War

So many people have tried to lay the blame for the tragic hurricane Katrina either at the feet of President Bush or on God. Some have asked why God would allow such a thing. Here's what Evangelist Billy Graham had to say:

"Job in the Bible asked the same question thousands of years ago, and his only answer was that God's ways are often beyond our understanding, and yet He is sovereign and He can still be trusted. The Bible says evil is a mystery. Someday we will understand, but not now."

At times, we are too quick to lay blame. As a radio commentator said today from a Birmingham station, "We do not know what God is thinking. The only way we can learn His ways is to read His Word."

Sin is sin - and we will all have to answer. But, if God was behind the hurricane to get rid of sin, why hasn't he already destroyed us all? Why hasn't he destroyed places that are in worse shape than New Orleans? Why would he destroy the poor? My God is a just God. He says He will let it rain on the just and the unjust. There are things each of us will have to go through, and, although God may let it happen, that doesn't mean HE is the cause.
"The Bible also promises, 'When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. ...Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you' (Isaiah 43:2,4). May this tragedy make each of us realize our need of God, and may we turn to Christ in repentance and faith and find our hope in Him."
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Abolishing Abstinence

Two questions were posed in the article: First, "can we be good without God?" And, the answer was "'yes". And, the second was, "Can we keep our pants on?" And, the answer was "no".

First off, anybody can be 'good' without God. But, can they be 'chaste' without God?

"An abstinence-until-marriage program is not only irresponsible," U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said last year. "It's really inhumane."

Barbara Lee either doesn't have children, OR she doesn't care one iota about morality! Abstinence until marriage isn't irresponsible; it's called being happy with yourself and your body - self-esteem! You don't have to listen to the 'crowd' for approval, or follow every Tom, Dick, and Harry, or Jane, Susie, and Betty that says 'sex is fine - go ahead and have fun'. When you know what you want out of life, sex doesn't have to play a roll in it until you are married to the person that you want for life. Being sexually active before marriage poses many problems! First off, you may get sexually-transmitted diseases. And, then, there is the problem of an unwanted pregnancy. Condoms do not prevent either one completely. Oh, the boys on the prowl will tell you all is okay, girls - but do NOT listen. It isn't so!

I believe if God is included in your early plans, you are unlikely to have sex at an early age. And, you are more apt to stay chaste until marriage. You have your minds on doing what God approves of rather than what the world approves. Those two are definitely not the same!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Survey Shows Gas Down 20 Cents

Gas prices has reached an all-time high after the Katrina hurricane. But, the Lundberg survey now says it has dropped an average of 20 cents per gallon.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Stats Reveal Dangerous Trend in Teen Promiscuity

A lot of work has to be done, according to new stats released by The National Center for Health Statistics. According to the report, half of the American teens from 15-19 have engaged in oral sex. 70% of the 18-19 ages have admitted to this activity.

Teenagers engaging in oral sex do not realize that they are putting themselves at risk for contacting STD's. Also, Herpes I and II, syphilis, gonorrhea and, to a lesser degree, chlamydia and HIV/AIDS can be transferred through oral sex. This is an alarming find, and we need to teach our teenagers to abstain from having any sexual contact until marriage.

Not every parent is able to be open with their teenagers. But, they need to get over the timidness, if they want to save their teenagers from heartbreak and a case of illness for which there is no cure. This data release should be an eye opener for parents!

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I Love My Country

Several weeks now, at the weekly varsity football game, I've had these little funny feelings - you know, the kind you get when something touches your heart. Well, tonight, it happened again.

Each night, they have a moment of silence, and then comes the raising of the flag, as the band plays. And, as I stand there, gazing at that flag, I realize we live in a land of freedoms, a country unlike any other. That 'feeling' of love rises within me, and tears fill my eyes. I've been to football games all my life, but this year, it's been more special, as we stand for that moment of raising the flag. So many things have hit America in the last few years - 9-11 with the falling of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the other plane going down; the hurricane that hit the South coast of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. And, now, we sit here waiting to see the devastation that Hurricane Rita is surely to present us.

So, tonight, once again standing to watch that flag go up on the pole, I felt the sudden surge of feelings for my country. I wanted to tell everyone how blessed we are to be Americans. How blessed we are to be able to be in that stadium with no threat of terrorism. It might not sound like a big deal to many, but, as you grow older and wiser, things such as this matter, especially as we see our rights and freedoms slowly being taken away. One of these days, who knows, that one person, intent on removing the flag from the flagpole during the football games, may come. I've learned you never say never!

Read Open Trackbacks at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

100 Minute Bible

I came across an article tonight at that floored me! I've always thought of the Bible as having the Old and New Testaments, consisting of 66 books-from Genesis to Revelation, with Psalms and Proverbs.

I've lived a long time, and seen many different translations of the Word, some I like, and some I don't. But, this one makes me wonder! The Rev. Michael Hinton wrote the 100 Minute Bible for people 'on the go', or 'slow readers', and can be read in about 2 hours. Genesis to Exodus survived, but the genealogy and law books are gone. And, only two of the Psalms survived - hard to believe you can take one of the beautiful books in the Bible and condense it to two psalms!

The four gospels have been written as one, in contemporary language.

The Bishop of Jarrow, the Rt Rev John Pritchard, who acted as a consultant and wrote the introduction, added: "I don't think most people know the Bible very well.

"This is an attempt to say, 'Look, there's a great story here - let's get into it and let's not get put off by the things that are going to be the sub-plot. Let's give you the big plot'."

I'm having a hard time with this, considering those words were delivered by the prophets, who got the Word from God.

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

That scripture speaks volumes. ALL means ALL - not just what we want people to know. Every Word was given for a reason. If God didn't want us to learn it, then it wouldn't have been in there. I admit that the genealogy is hard, and it makes for very tedious reading. But, it was there for a purpose. It flows from the first Adam - fallen man, to the second Adam - Risen Christ! And, when you detract from that, much is lost.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita Now A Category 4 Hurricane

Godsdragon just posted that Rita is now considered a Category 4 hurricane. This could prove to be another devastating hurricane hitting the coast. Hopefully, it will lose strength before hitting land.

According to AccuWeather site, it is headed for the Texas coast. According to their news, the Gulf of Mexico remains warm, and conditions are ripe for a another strong hurricane. The meteorologists say Rita is entering the gulf at the spot with the greatest heat energy, which will probably cause her to stay a Category 4 when she reaches the coast line and goes ashore.

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What Is Taboo?

Wikipedia says: A taboo is a strong social prohibition (or ban) relating to any area of human activity or social custom declared as sacred and forbidden; breaking of the taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent by society.

But, in today’s politically correct world, taboo is more than that. It’s all about what the liberals want you to discuss/not discuss. Appeasing people is the name of the game. ‘Don’t mention that, or you will offend’ mentality – or perhaps, ‘you are a racist’.

In his post, 'The Power of Liberal Taboos', Christopher Chantrill, of The American Thinker, says:

If conservatives are so powerful, why is it that liberals still retain the power to shame them when they break sacred liberal taboos on race, on sex, and even economic policy? Weren’t all taboos supposed to have been swept away as primitive superstitions about five minutes after the publication of Freud’s Totem and Taboo?

But taboo is not superstition. It is merely human. It expresses a sense that something is so powerful that it is dangerous even to think about it.

As long as the liberal taboos on race and abortion still have the power to shame, then liberals are still ahead in the culture war.

It has gotten to the point that most people are afraid to speak up on certain issues, such as abortion, same-sex marriages, homosexuality, or anything that someone else might think is right, when we personally know it’s wrong.

I borrow from scripture - KJV version:

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.

I believe God sent us the Word in order for us to learn His ways, His precepts – not to make a way of life for ourselves outside the Word. But, the world has forgotten their beginnings. Many have never accepted the fact that God is the One to whom we all will answer, when this world and it’s ways, ends. When that day comes, God will surely let us all know what ‘taboo’ means!

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Laugh of the Day

I laughed when I heard that President Bush has passed a note to Condoleezza Rice, in the meeting, saying essentially, 'could I have a bathroom break?' Today, I read on the Internet....

P-gate: Finally a Scandal That Holds Water

Dave Winebaum says, "P-Gate—Finally, an issue that's so full of potential, it could burst a bladder."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yes Or No Vote For Roberts?

The question in Washington these days seems to be 'which Democrats will vote yes for Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee Roberts, when the vote comes up in the Senate next week?

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas have already signaled they will vote for him. But, the main ones in question are Biden, Bayh, Hillary Clinton, and Feingold. These all seem to be potential 2008 contenders for the democratic nomination.

Howard Dean is urging all Democrats to vote "No". He thinks that Roberts will "roll back the progress we have made over the past 50 years".

The New York Times is also calling for a "No" vote from the Democrats.

“He has not met the very heavy burden of proving” he has the qualities to be chief justice, the Times said in an editorial Sunday, citing his refusal to endorse abortion, church-state separation, gay rights, and the right of illegal immigrant children to attend public school.

Why should a nominee have to 'support abortion, church-state separation, gay rights, and the right of illegal immigrant chldren to attend public school'? This feeds right into the hands of the Democrats; they'd have the nominee right where they want him. And, if he affirmed what they want, and did otherwise, (although they say 'he would have the right to change his mind') you had better believe they'd be after him hot and heavy!

Update: Top democrat, Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, says he will vote No on Roberts.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

All You'll Ever Want To Know About FOX NEWS

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet, has an entry for Fox News. Fox News was launched on October 7, 1996 to 17 million cable subscribers, and now claims it is the 'most watched cable news channel'.

You will find the history of Fox News, along with it's ratings. Also found in Wikipedia are the personalities now on Fox News, and former personalities. You will also find criticisms of these well-known personalities, both liberal and conservative.

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NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan

A crowd of about 150 people had gathered in Union Square on Monday to hear Cindy Sheehan speak. But, something else happened. The police rushed the podium where she was speaking. They were there to drag away Paul Zulkowitz, an organizer with the 'Camp Casey NYC', which was set up about a month ago. Problem though, Zulkowitz failed to get a sound permit.

Moments earlier, Zulkowitz had been chastising Parks officials for refusing to grant a permit to the encampment, and accusing the police of trying to harass the antiwar protest away. Contrasting the liberal Big Apple with the hostile environs Sheehan faced in Crawford, Zulkowitz told the crowd: "You would think that here in New York City, at Union Square—our Hyde Park—you would think that we would little difficulty having a 24-hour vigil to oppose the war. In fact, we've had two arrests and eight summonses and endless harassment from the police for doing what we do."

My question is this: Just WHAT do they do, rather than inciting people to rally with her against the war in Iraq, the President, or anything else Cindy Sheehan thinks warrants attention! This is a woman who calls the terrorists killing Americans "freedom fighters". She called for the U.S. to 'pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans'.
George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power.

Cindy Sheehan is still on her bus tour across the U.S. in support of her cause. Evidentally, she's lost sight of the loss of a son.

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Blog For Books

Today, I got a call from Stacy from Blogforbooks, a very big surprise! I really enjoyed speaking with her. She told me, on the phone, that I had been approved to be a reviewer for Mind And Media.

Go over to Blogforbooks and check out the great amenities to becoming a reviewer of books for Mind And Media.

Clinton Criticizes Bush

Yahoo News has a report today that Clinton sharply criticized Bush for his war on Iraq, handling of Hurricane Katrina, and the large budget deficit. Never mind that Bush has tried to be one who crosses political lines and used former President Clinton, along with former President Bush, to perform tasks in his administration. This certainly helped keep his name in the limelight!

On Hurricane Katrina, Clinton faulted the authorities' failure to evacuate New Orleans ahead of the storm's strike on August 29.

He said 'authorities', but everyone knows this one another strike at the Bush administration.He went on to say buses should have been lined up to take the evacuees out of New Orleans. He did place a small amount of blame on the local and state administrations, but failed to cite their failure to use the buses they had! Just place it square on an administration that really couldn't act until the local and state government acted. And, they definitely were in arrears in their actions!

Clinton criticized the focus of Bush's disaster relief.
“You can’t have an emergency plan that works if it only affects middle-class people up,” he said.

Clinton was asked to join former President Bush in order to raise money for the Katrina relief fund. And, this is how Clinton repays the President.
Clinton said that lower-income Americans had done better under the economic policies of his administration than they are doing now, and said the storm highlighted class divisions in the country that often played out along racial lines.

Is he now saying that President Bush is playing this out on racial lines? I may be wrong, but I think this guy is campaigning for the Democratic ticket in 2008 for his wife, Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, why is he browbeating Bush in an unprecedented action of a former President?

James is having a 'Beltway Traffic Jam' over at Outside the Beltway. Check it out.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Are You Under Attack?

I have been listing to an Audio of Adrian Warnock's sermon today, called Good news when doubts attack: Blogging Through Galatians. You can read the outline on the site, but download the audio and listen to his message.

Orangejack Blog No Longer Orange

In fact, Orangejack has moved and changed his name! Go check out his new digs: it's now Rob's Place. All his great information is still up on the old blog, but, as he said, 'this site is dead', meaning no more posting there.

Are We A Nation Under God?

Cal Thomas asks the question, "Are we a nation under God? If so, where is the evidence?" Lots to think about there.

We have a Jimmy Carter appointed judge in California who has ruled that saying the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional. This was a case brought about by an atheist, first on behalf of his daughter.That got struck down, so he found other parents to get involved. He thinks atheism is the standard by which we judge all things. In other words, one atheist got the courts to withdraw prayer from the schools. Now, one atheist has gotten one judge to declare the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional. What is coming next?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fed Ex In A Fit Over Furniture

Jose Avila needed furniture he couldn't afford. So, after seeing a chair made of Fed Ex boxes, he got very inventive! He does lots of shipping,and had lots of Fed Ex boxes laying around, so he got busy. He built a table, a desk, chair, bookshelf, dining room set, and a bed - all out of the boxes he had laying around, all FREE boxes.

He thought he'd give others ideas on how to use boxes to make furniture, especially those in the situation he was in. So, he go a website called But, Fed Ex found him out, and are threating a law suit, and have told him to sign the domain over to them. I think Avila has found out, 'though something is free, it doesn't always mean FREE in every sense of the word, especially, if it has Fed Ex written on it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Looting Charge Against 73-year-old Diabetic Lady

There seems to be something wrong with this picture. Here you have a church deaconness, who has moved from her flooded home, and paid for a motel room with a credit card. Yet, the police are accusing her of looting a store for $63 worth of goods. But, there are witnesses that say it never happened. She had gone to her car in the parking lot to get sausage from a cooler to grill for her and her ailing husband.

From what I've read, she's a diabetic, and it would have been crazy for her to have broken windows and had to step on the glass to get the groceries she's accused of stealing. The items aren't even listed - just the amount.

This lady is being held in jail with a $500,000 bond, well over the usual $500 bond which is usually applied to these things. And, the judge won't even return her lawyer's calls.

Why can these police arrest and handcuff a defenseless 73-year-old lady, and not chase after the young ones looting the stores? The store owner isn't even wanting to charge this lady! Something wrong here, or I'm a little behind times?

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What If We Lived A 1000 Years?

Bruce, over at Sprucegoose, posed this question, in his contribution to the Christian Carnival this week. He has some great thoughts, lots to think about. But, as I told him, I have 1000 questions, and I didn't want to bore him or clog up his comment section. But, I will pose a few here on my blog.

  • Would it change the Liberals way of thinking?

  • Would it change the media's way of reporting, away from ratings and more for the truth?

  • Would we become more compassionate in winning souls for the Kingdom?

  • Would we love our neighbor more than ourselves?

  • Would we learn to accept responsibility for our own actions rather than trying to pass the blame?

  • Would we become more 'Christ-like', in our dealings with men?

  • Would material things become less important to us?

  • Would we continue to 'assemble' in our churches, or would there be more falling away?

  • And, last, but not least, would we be as Noah, and, regardless of what others thought, hold on to God's promises?

The Media Hurricane

Victor Davis Hanson sums up the media coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Did they strive for accuracy or ratings? You decide.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drano, Anyone?

It's time the system had a good cleaning! Our morals are going 'down the drain' in this country. And, it doesn't help when a judge rules that 'reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools is unconstitutional.' But, that's exactly what U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton did in San Francisco today.

The judge said he was bound by the the precedent set by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Only thing, that case was thrown out of court, saying that Michael Newdow had no standing to bring the legal action. The Becket Fund will appeal immediately to the 9th Court of Appeals, and if they do not change the precedent, then they will go to the Supreme Court.

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Today's Best Question

I just received an email from a friend who had the following question posed:

How old would you be, if you didn't know how old you were?"

I didn't put too much thought into the question, since I do know how old I am. My body tells me all the time, as do my eyes, when they look into the mirror. But, my mind sometimes thinks I'm a young woman, meeting my husband for the first time. When I look at a little newborn baby, I think of the great times I had with my children, when they were little. I long for the days of no pain (don't believe them, when they say 'no pain,no gain') in the extremities, and not having to take a nap because the night sleep didn't do you justice.

But, would I return to those days? I don't think so. I'm thankful that God has let me live until now. I'm thankful that I have children who were a blessings, who are now raising grandchildren that are also blessings. My husband once said, had he known how wonderful grandchildren would be, he'd have married a grandmother first. I know what he means! They are joys to behold!

I rather not hurt in any part of my body. But, God let me live a long time without pain, and what I have, which is only minor at times, I can endure. It's nothing like the pain He endured, when He hung on the cross at Calvary. I don't think my pain is a 'thorn in the flesh' (2 Corinthians 12:7) as Paul's was said to have been, but I do believe His 'grace is sufficient' for my need. Pain, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, will bring along 'wrinkles', but it also builds character. What you do with your pain says a lot about you.

I thank God daily that I have come from where I was to where I am now - that I have lived a wonderful life, enjoyed a great family (home and church), and continue to be in health. And, without the hope HE put in my life, it wouldn't matter what age I was; I'd be like a sailboat on the ocean without a sail. I'd be drifting, with no place to go. In Him, I can say His Presence is with me always! Age doesn't matter.

Linked at TMH's Bacon Bits

John Roberts VS. The Bloviators

I've been sitting at the computer and watching the second round of confirmation hearings for John Roberts. Michelle Malkin had a link to Ankle-Biting Pundits' article 'By The Numbers', in which he talks about how much the senators love to hear their own voice in these processes.

Ankle-Biting Pundits got hold of yesterdays' transcript of the hearing and counted the words for each senator versus the answer from Roberts. You'll see, in his article, that everyone over-talked Roberts, except for Orrin Hatch - 50% to 50%. In fact, Roberts used a few more words than Hatch. Today, it seemed to me to be about even again.

There are many who love to hear themselves speak, those 'very influential senators' that are intent on trying to make this well-versed man say something he could be attacked on later. But, watching Roberts, I don't think they are going to get anything out of him that he doesn't want to give! He's too smart a guy, very eloquent in his speaking, and knows more than these senators! I think it kind of perturbed Senator Kennedy this morning, when he refused to answer a loaded question,until he read the transcript of a memo. GOOD for him!

FEMA Versus Wal-Mart

Thomas Sowell starts out in his column as follows:

Whatever later investigation may turn up about the mistakes of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in New Orleans, it is unlikely to show the shrill charges of "racism" to be anything other than reckless political rhetoric.

When things don't go 'our way', we often play the blame game. This certainly has been true in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. President Bush and the government has been blamed for not responding sooner. But, as Sowell says, law prevents the government stepping in first without the permisson or request of the local or state government. And, Bush asked, but the governor of New Orleans refused.
It would undoubtedly be a better world if we all loved our neighbors as we love ourselves and acted accordingly.

As Sowell said in his article, not everyone responds the same in a given situation. Some sit and wait for others to help. Others jump right in, lending assistance from the moment of the disaster. Those helping the victims are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to getting those who suffered the disaster of Hurricane Katrina to safe places. Some families are already out of the shelters and into their own places, getting jobs, and children are going to school. There will always be those that will place blame on others that isn't warranted, and most of the time, it's political.

But, Wal-Mart, as well as other businesses, stepped up to the plate and began to bring in supplies. In fact, Wal-Mart rushed in supplies, generators, and water when it was only a tropical depression. Federal Express rushed in 100 tons of supplies to the stricken areas. State Farm Insurance immediately sent in several thousand agents to help expedite the disaster cases.

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The Star Spangled Banner

Today, in 1814, Francis Scott key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. He first named it Defense of Fort M'Henry, but later the name was changed. It was adopted in 1931 by Congress as our national anthem.

The Library of Congress has one of only 5 known remaining copies made by Key.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Orleans Nursing Home Owners Charged With Negligence

St. Rita's Nursing Home owners were charged with the deaths of 34 patients and staff members, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The owners did not heed the warning to get the patients out, when given a chance. They were told repeatedly that the storm would be bad, but they refused to get the patients out, and that resulted in their deaths.

The couple surrendered and are in jail. Each count carries up to a 5 year prison sentence.

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Anonymous Posters

Why do we have the ability to write anonymously? Why is it someone can come to your site and comment, regardless of how unfair, wrong, etc., and be able to not put a name (email address) with the post? Do people have to hide behind anonymous, in order to be heard or speak their minds?

Today, I was accused of criticizing Joel Osteen in my post, "Christians Blogging", which was very unfounded! The anonymous poster read the article completely wrong, and was the 3rd person to post a comment.

I'm not a person to attack others. And, if I were, it wouldn't be in this setting! So, I would love to have the ability to defend myself against such accusations. Perhaps God will direct her back to this post

Fire In My Bones: A Sign From God?

Today, I opened up my email to read Charisma's newsletter. The article was 'Fire In My Bones' by J. Lee Grady, with the topic 'A Sign From God?'. And, there side by side was a copy of Newsweek and Charisma magazine, looking like brothers and sisters!

Both magazines featured someone holding their hands up to heaven. Newsweek's title was 'Spirituality in America' and Charisma featured 'Who is the Holy Spirit?' The similarities didn't stop there, although these two magazines are published many miles apart, and are completely different magazines, in their format. But, something happened for them to be so similar this one month. Was it God?

Religious trends have changed in America. People are changing from the religion they grew up with, maybe practiced all their lives. They are being enticed to dabble in things such as Wicca, or mixing different things to come up with their own 'religion'. Some are turning to Islam or Buddhism, in search of that solace that can only be found through God.

You can stay in touch with Grady's online column each week, "Fire In My Bones", by subscribing to Charisma's online eNewsletter. Also, you can read the Newsweek article, "In Search of the Spiritual".

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Results of New Barna Group Survey

"Due to the mobility of America's population, there has been changes due to location and faith" - from Barna Report.

Listed below are some of the facts from the survey:

  • 7% of the American adult population are evangelicals

  • Highest precentage of evangelicals in Little Rock,Arkansas

  • Metropolitain area having the most evangelical Christians - Los Angeles

  • State with the lowest population of evangelicals - Connecticut

  • 4 out of 10 adults are born-again Christians

  • Alabama is the highest ranking state for born-again Christians at 67%

  • 83% of adults in Jackson, Mississippi say they are born-again - the highest

  • The lowest precentage of born-again Christians was in Massachusetts

  • The state whose population generated the highest Christian-orientation score was Alabama

  • The area with the highest number of adults who believed Jesus Christ sinned during his life was in Des Moines, Iowa
More facts are listed in the report at the Barna Group web site.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Give Me A Break!

Political correctness has been taken to a new low! Can you imagine buying 'gingerbread' persons, instead of gingerbread cookies? Well, they were being sold recently at the Indiana University in Bloomington, according to The Indiana Daily Student. It was said they were stripped of their 'gender' to appease 'the gods of sensitivity'. How low are we going to go before declaring political correctness faulty?

Jesse Jackson said that calling the victims of Hurricane Katrina 'refugees' was racist. Professor Richard Vatz, of Towson University, said that it was "another way of depicting African-Americans as hierarchically low". But, I have a hard time with the opinions of both these men, in that blacks were not the only victims in this hurricane.

Not even the hundreds of firefighters headed to help out were spared! Seems they were delayed in Atlanta for "sensitivity indoctrination by federal authorities."

There has gotten to be so much red tape, so much political correctness rhetoric to go through, that when we have a disaster of these proportions, the victims are further victimized.

Check out the story, GingerPersons, the "R" Word, Female Chauvinism for more of this!

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Endangered Species

Often, when someone mentions 'endangered species', one would think of a bird or some other animal which is almost extinct. But, this time,we are talking about something entirely different. Mustang at Social Sense was blogging about the endangered social values. He named them as follows:

  • A Belief in God
  • Honoring Parents
  • Taking Care of One Another
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Responsibility
From as long as I can remember, I have believed there is a GOD. I cannot imagine a world without God. But, too many have chosen to believe there is no God, or there are many 'gods'. But, years ago, you hardly ever heard anyone say he/she didn't believe in God.

I suppose, having been raised on the Bible, I knew the scripture that tells us to honor our father and mother, so that our days shall be long. I often wonder how a child could make it through life, if they dishonored their parents.

Commitment doesn't seem to matter to most people anymore. They don't see themselves as a 'servant', willing to help other people. Genorosity has been replaced with 'keeping self up with the Joneses.'

And, then, there's the 'pass the buck' mentality. Instead of the saying 'the buck stops here', responsibility has been placed on others. There seems to be a need to blame others for our problems, rather than heeding the warnings and taking responsibility for our own actions.

And, then, have we lost our integrity? I am so thankful that I had parents that instilled in me that honesty should be above all else. It's not 'when all else fails, try honesty', but it should be in every facet of your life. Honesty doesn't hurt. Honesty builds character. Honesty makes others want to be like you. Honesty is definitely 'the best policy', regardless of what others might say. A 'little white lie', of which there is none white, can harm you in many ways. First, when you tell one lie, there comes another to back that lie up. And, it goes on and on, until you've dug a ditch of lies too big to crawl out of.

The older generations were brought up to fear God, honor our parents, and to be honest and responsible individuals. But, some of the younger generations have learned they can get rather far on the 'self' mentality, whether it hurts their peers or not. I remember the motto we had as seniors in high school. It said "do unto others as you have them do unto you, but do it first." But, it seems now, it's "gimmee, gimmee, gimmee' ..... all about 'me'. Social values have definitely changed over the years, and, as Mustang said, they are now 'endangered species'.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Proclamation By the President

President Bush has issued a proclamation for a National day of Prayer and Remembrance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christians Blogging

Little did I know that, four months ago, when I started blogging, I would get so involved. I enjoy reading the blogs of others, especially those that seem to hold the same values as me. I can read the news, read the blogs, and a light comes on – ‘you need to blog about that’. Sometimes, it’s just the news I hear or I read, and then it’s off to write a post.

I often pass up things that I fill would offend others, or get a brawl going among the bloggers. I do pick up things that are dear to my heart and blog about those. But, being a Christian and blogging, I think each of us should be aware of our presence on the Internet, and the ‘light’ we show, when we blog. I’ve come across some whose ‘light’ has dimmed, in my eyes, for the language used, at times. We should hold ourselves as a higher standard than everyone else. We know how we should respond; yet, we sometimes lose our ‘cool’, and say things that perhaps we would not, were it a one-on-one meeting in private. I also believe we often get caught up in the hype going on with certain things (case in point – Joel Osteen and his mega church and beliefs), and lose sight of the real things to which we need to be paying attention.

As I type this post, I’m certain there are others that see this differently. There will be those that think ‘anything goes’. Others think a swear word hear and there doesn’t harm your testimony. I think differently. I once asked a ‘christian’ to not say a certain word when writing to me. Well, it made her mad, and she made sure that, everytime she had a conversation with me, she used the word numerous times. I finally said, ‘enough’. I don’t know the faces behind the ‘hits’ on my site. I don’t know the beliefs. But, I do know, if we call ourselves ‘Christian’, then, we should be showing the ‘light’, the love and compassion of God.


Is American Shooting Holes In It's coopah?

A 'coopah' is a canopy that Jewish people stand under during their wedding.

This canopy demonstrates how men and nations can be protected under a covering of God’s blessings even in a world subjected to the curse.

America has been under such a covering since its early days for supporting and blessing Israel. But, perhaps it has been shooting holes in the covering by our connections to the Road Map. When we get out of the will of God, we begin to cut off our blessings.

Read Billye Brim's article, "Tragedy in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama And the Entire United States of America
Watching and Weeping Again…" for more.

Get Off His Back

Good commentary by Ben Stein in the American Spectator - go read!

A few truths, for those who have ears and eyes and care to know the truth:

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Swindlers Hard At Work

Tom Zeller, Jr, of the New York Times wrote an article called 'After The Storm, The Swindlers'. They definitely are at work! Some even started on August 28, before the storm. Intent on getting the 'business' at the onset, Internet domains were bought up, and some even set up PayPal for 'convenience' to the people giving. The online frauds began to show up within hours of the hurricane, according to, a clearinghouse for information on various online scams.

Many states have swindlers, but others from overseas are also being investigated. More fraud has been seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina than when the Tsunami hit Southeast Asia. Over 2,300 Web sites are up and running, some legitimate and some not, and rising every day.

There are also email scams going on. The subject will be something such as 'hurricane news update', directing you to sites that are capable of infecting your computer with a virus, and hackers can gain control of your computer. There is much phishing going on, as well. A site in Brazil has been uncovered that lured unsuspecting people to give out all their credit card information to what they thought was a legitimate Red Cross site. Then they were directed to the real Red Cross site, making the maneuver hard to detect.

If you give, be wise. Make sure you are giving to a legitimate organization. Check them out before letting go of any credit card information, or you might find yourself in the shape others have found themselves - snookered into a scam.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Networks Set Friday For Katrina Telethon

Six major networks will band together on Friday, September 9, to air a live all-star, charity concert for the victims of Katrina. No details on talent has been unveiled for the telethon which has been named "Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast."

The telethon is being put together by producer Joel Gallen, who put together a similar production for the 9/11 victims. That telethon raised over a $150 million to assist the families of those killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Calif. Assembly Passes Bill To Allow Gay Marriage

Reuters just reported on the bill being passed yesterday in the California assembly "marking the first time a state legislature in the United States has endorsed gay marriage." It is undetermined whether Governor Schwarznegger, who has been against gay marriage, will sign the bill or not. But, he has said this is a matter best left to the courts to decide. Looks like the California assembly has decided; now comes the wait for his decision to sign or not.

"I think it's a sad day," Republican Assemblywoman Sharon Runner of Lancaster, California, said of the bill's passage.

"I think the people of California want us to do the business of jobs, the economy, education, illegal immigration, and today we had to spend several hours talking about an issue that the voters decided back five years ago, that marriage should be between a man and a woman ... I think it shows how out of touch the legislature is."

Finger Of Blame

Jack Kelly says 'the finger of blame is being pointed in the wrong direction.'

Perhaps because pointing the finger at someone makes us feel more in control than in fact we are, perhaps because it is hard for trial lawyers to sue Mother Nature, there is a natural tendency to find some human villain to blame. This is compounded by political opportunists who — like looters — seek to profit from the misery of others.

Jack says there were two tragedies: first that of the destruction and havoc on Mississippi's gulf coast, which couldn't have been prevented. Then, there was the break in the levees in New Orleans, letting the city become overcome by water. This was negligence.
But since no federal administration from the time of Franklin Roosevelt on has sought to build levees strong enough to withstand a Katrina force hurricane, finger-pointing is pointless.

Both Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin have questions to answer. They took too long to respond to this disaster with help. But, help has come from all over the nation, and New Orleans is beginning to 'rise above the water', so to speak. But, it will be a long time before it is inhabitable again. Forced evacuations are now taking place, to force all those that chose to stay, and are still alive, out of New Orleans so clean up can begin - or, perhaps to keep them from dying from diseases caused by unsafe conditions there. Everything New Orleans

Searching for new information on the fate of New Orleans, I came across They have a great line at the top: "Katrina has taken a toll. She hasn't taken our spirit." Sounds like a community spirit rising that will eventually rebuild the city of New Orleans.

To find information on all aspects of New Orleans, other surrounding areas, and missing persons, you can go to There is a Missing Persons database, and the ability to connect in the forums, or give your story.

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Who Is In Charge?

Steve, over at Cowan Chronicles, posted about God and Katrina. And, he got a rather lengthy debatable answer, when he posted the following verse of scripture:

Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Whether we like it or not, God is certainly in charge of His universe. We may not understand why certain things happen or don't happen, the reason some people are effected and others or not; but rest assured, God knows the answer.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Isaiah 45:5-10:
There is no God beside Jehovah. There is nothing done without him. He makes peace, put here for all good; and creates evil, not the evil of sin, but the evil of punishment. He is the Author of all that is true, holy, good, or happy; and evil, error, and misery, came into the world by his permission, through the wilful apostacy of his creatures, but are restrained and overruled to his righteous purpose. This doctrine is applied, for the comfort of those that earnestly longed, yet quietly waited, for the redemption of Israel. The redemption of sinners by the Son of God, and the pouring out the Spirit, to give success to the gospel, are chiefly here intended. We must not expect salvation without righteousness; together the Lord hath created them. Let not oppressors oppose God's designs for his people. Let not the poor oppressed murmur, as if God dealt unkindly with them. Men are but earthen pots; they are broken potsherds, and are very much made so by mutual contentions. To contend with Him is as senseless as for clay to find fault with the potter. Let us turn God's promises into prayers, beseeching him that salvation may abound among us, and let us rest assured that the Judge of all the earth will do right.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Superdome May Be Torn Down

According to a post on the site, the Superdome, which was refuge for thousands after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, might have to be torn down. It sustained lots of roof damage, and interior damage from the leaking roof.

The Superdome is the home of the New Orleans Saints professional football team. It is uncertain where they will play this season.

"Maybe God's Going To Cleanse Us"

The New Orleans City Council President posed that very thought! It's natural for people to turn to God in times of disasters and tragedies. European papers have suggested it was God's punishment for not signing onto the Kyoto accord. Some have suggested God is punishing the U.S. for having joined in the removal of Jews from the Gaza strip.

There has been lots of corruption within the city and state, and the police department, according to reports in the New York Daily News. The name Katrina means 'pure', and the place has been much less than pure. One governor of Louisiana is out of prison on his tax fraud conviction, and another one is serving a ten year sentence for accepting bribes from the casinos.

Michael Brown, creator of website, wrote about what he saw as a coming disaster for New Orleans. Read his 2001 warning to them.

Noting the occult practices and the sexual immorality, Brown warned, "When you invoke dark spirits, you get a storm. The very word hurricane comes from the Indian hurukan for evil spirit."

Whatever the cause for this disaster, it has hit both Christians and sinners, and the poor and rich alike. Most of the city is under water which is filled with human feces, dead animals, corpses, deadly chemicals and gas. Not even the rescuers are safe from the diseases that this water holds, because they are in it daily, hunting those still left to rescue.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Jefferson Parish Locals Allowed to Go Home

Jefferson Parish, a suburb of New Orleans, has a population of about 500,000 people. Today, they were allowed to go back in to survey the damage and get personal property. Those coming in had to show a valid ID for residency, have their own food, and plenty of gas. There is also a curfew, and women were told not to come by themselves.

Most of the single one-floor homes had water up to the roof line. So, there will be lots of homes lost or, at least, lots of damage. The water is receding in some areas, but it will be a long time before New Orleans is liveable again.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Schools To The Rescue of Students

Last night, we attended the football game at our grandchildren's school. We love to support them in the sports in which they play. And, our oldest grandson plays football for his varsity team.

During the game, the announcer came on to say that there were 8 people who were evacuees from New Orleans in our audience. A big hand of applause went out. Later, I found that one of them was a student already in their school. Seems the young lady was in the band, playing drums, and had been a drummer at her school. But, unlike the school she normally attends, she was in a school with both boys and girls. She said it felt very weird, having come from an 'all girl' school.

As I read the blogs tonight, I found 'in the outer' also blogging about Help for students stranded by Katrina. Seems other schools are taking in students that have been evacuated from places where Katrina hit so hard. Many of these students are going to be out of their schools for a long time to come.

'In the outer' referenced the NYU Undergraduate Admissions, which has stated they are full. But, they are making room for any students from the Gulf that were misplaced because of Katrina. They will not seek tuition from the students, but will give the parents a bill, but will work out financial arrangements with their home institutions, once they are up and running again.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rumor Factory Hard At Work

When a disaster at the level of Katrina hits, look for rumors. And, they are just that: rumors! And, many started have already been dispelled.

Satellite picture of Hurricane Katrina off the shore: False. It's been used many times before.

Gasoline stations in Florida will be out of gas for 2 or 3 days at a time. Bogus email! But, it got customers to the pumps in lines! I remember those from the 70's! We are a country of plenty, and people get in a frenzy, if they can't get the things they are accustomed to having.

Rationing of gas in Georgia was also untrue. Stations received more fuel and gas prices came down. Gas was rationed to retailers for a time, but not to the customers. There is no long-term plan for rationing of gas. High demand in metropolitain Atlanta caused prices to spike. Rumors didn't help much.

But for us coffee drinkers, the rumor could come true. About one sixth of the coffee imported in the U.S. comes into the port of New Orleans. Time will tell if coffee prices will go up.

Looting is happening in New Orleans, and captions put on pictures are true, sadly to say.

When 'rumors' are circulated, it causes people to believe things that could not be true. We need to investigate the rumors coming into our mail box before passing them on to others. Years of rumors have been passed on as truth, when, in reality, they were untruths.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

From The Heart of A Child

Donnie, over at Parable of the Blog-net, blogged about 10 year old Joshua Heldreth. He is the young man who was arrested on Good Friday, trying to give Terri Schiavo a glass of water.

From Lifesite:

Benham recalls the reaction of Heldreth on Good Friday as he watched his son being arrested: "When that all took place Scott was weeping, this father was weeping tears of joy seeing his son not only talk the Christian talk but walk the walk."

This young man was was sentenced on August 31 to 25 hours of community service and had to write an apology for his actions. Within that apology, there was a leader emerging. He has certainly been taught what it means to be compassionate.
You can read the apology that this amazing young man wrote.

Blog For Relief Day

Today is Blog for Relief Day to help the people in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

I am blogging for the American Red Cross. You can visit their web site, or donate by calling 1 800 HELP NOW.

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Christian Carnival #85 Is Up

If you want to find some good reading this morning, you will find it at Crossroads, because Christian Carnival #85 is up. I've already been reading some, such as When He Returns at Another Man's Meat.

But, the one thing that stuck out was this:

*OK, here is the Carnival question of the day:
How did the turtle get way up there on that fence post?

Well, I had to run over to A Ticking Time Bomb to find out! Go read it; you'll be surprised!

And, don't miss Beneath The Dirty Hood's entry - Psalm 13.

Another Name For Looters: Thieves

I've been watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and all the aftermath of devastation brought on by the hurricane. There has been so much destruction in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. So many lives have been lost from a direct hit of Katrina, or through the water from broken levees flooding New Orleans.

Many families have lost all their worldly possessions, including their homes. In most communities, where families had to evacuate (New Orleans and some of the cities in Mississippi), the businesses are gone. So, jobs are lost. These evacuees may be away from their home for months, and, when they do get to come back, what are they coming back to?

Watching the coverage, I saw people looting stores for anything they could get their hands on, and sometimes even rolling out the display cases. I could almost understand taking a piece of fruit or a loaf of bread, of something to drink. But, what do clothes and shoes have to do with 'survival', when there is no place to go? Or, televisions and computers, for that matter? What about all the guns and ammunition taken from the WalMart store?

My husband and I have been recipients of a robbery. Imagine coming home to a house with a door completely destroyed, including the frame. Then, you discover so many of your own possessions taken by a thief! I have no compassion for anyone who takes from others by stealing. It takes away your feeling of security for a long time.

Hopefully, New Orleans police, since being put back on the streets, will be able to bring a normalcy to the streets. Maybe they will be able to stop the looting - not that there is much to loot anymore. But, right now, I'm hearing a newsman coming from New Orleans. And, he's saying that the police say there needs to be a military presence - turn this over to them. I certainly agree, since there are gangs now loose with guns of all calibers and plenty of ammunition.

Check out Brainster's post on looters. There are some interesting pictures! There are also some good links to other looting articles.

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