Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Anonymous Posters

Why do we have the ability to write anonymously? Why is it someone can come to your site and comment, regardless of how unfair, wrong, etc., and be able to not put a name (email address) with the post? Do people have to hide behind anonymous, in order to be heard or speak their minds?

Today, I was accused of criticizing Joel Osteen in my post, "Christians Blogging", which was very unfounded! The anonymous poster read the article completely wrong, and was the 3rd person to post a comment.

I'm not a person to attack others. And, if I were, it wouldn't be in this setting! So, I would love to have the ability to defend myself against such accusations. Perhaps God will direct her back to this post


Godsdragon said...

Hi (((Barbara)))
I wish I knew how to kick butt on line as I know how to in person! LOL
Believe or not I just learned about who Eegore is, I definitely understand...LOL
And, as far as comments, well, I don't know, pardon my expression but...there are a lot of jerks in this world...!
Oh well. I hope all is well with you.
We'll keep on keeping on...
God Bless You.

Please tell Kerri I say Hi.

Barbara said...

Oh, I love Eegore! All is well; all is straightened out and forgiven.