Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Name For Looters: Thieves

I've been watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and all the aftermath of devastation brought on by the hurricane. There has been so much destruction in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. So many lives have been lost from a direct hit of Katrina, or through the water from broken levees flooding New Orleans.

Many families have lost all their worldly possessions, including their homes. In most communities, where families had to evacuate (New Orleans and some of the cities in Mississippi), the businesses are gone. So, jobs are lost. These evacuees may be away from their home for months, and, when they do get to come back, what are they coming back to?

Watching the coverage, I saw people looting stores for anything they could get their hands on, and sometimes even rolling out the display cases. I could almost understand taking a piece of fruit or a loaf of bread, of something to drink. But, what do clothes and shoes have to do with 'survival', when there is no place to go? Or, televisions and computers, for that matter? What about all the guns and ammunition taken from the WalMart store?

My husband and I have been recipients of a robbery. Imagine coming home to a house with a door completely destroyed, including the frame. Then, you discover so many of your own possessions taken by a thief! I have no compassion for anyone who takes from others by stealing. It takes away your feeling of security for a long time.

Hopefully, New Orleans police, since being put back on the streets, will be able to bring a normalcy to the streets. Maybe they will be able to stop the looting - not that there is much to loot anymore. But, right now, I'm hearing a newsman coming from New Orleans. And, he's saying that the police say there needs to be a military presence - turn this over to them. I certainly agree, since there are gangs now loose with guns of all calibers and plenty of ammunition.

Check out Brainster's post on looters. There are some interesting pictures! There are also some good links to other looting articles.

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Kerry said...

I can deal with food, drinks, and even clothing and shoes. People that are wet and in that chemical-filled water need something to wear. I can deal with that.

These people that are walking out with televisions, guns, and other things are nothing more than criminals. It is a very sad situation right now in New Orleans.