Saturday, September 03, 2005

Schools To The Rescue of Students

Last night, we attended the football game at our grandchildren's school. We love to support them in the sports in which they play. And, our oldest grandson plays football for his varsity team.

During the game, the announcer came on to say that there were 8 people who were evacuees from New Orleans in our audience. A big hand of applause went out. Later, I found that one of them was a student already in their school. Seems the young lady was in the band, playing drums, and had been a drummer at her school. But, unlike the school she normally attends, she was in a school with both boys and girls. She said it felt very weird, having come from an 'all girl' school.

As I read the blogs tonight, I found 'in the outer' also blogging about Help for students stranded by Katrina. Seems other schools are taking in students that have been evacuated from places where Katrina hit so hard. Many of these students are going to be out of their schools for a long time to come.

'In the outer' referenced the NYU Undergraduate Admissions, which has stated they are full. But, they are making room for any students from the Gulf that were misplaced because of Katrina. They will not seek tuition from the students, but will give the parents a bill, but will work out financial arrangements with their home institutions, once they are up and running again.

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