Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christians Blogging

Little did I know that, four months ago, when I started blogging, I would get so involved. I enjoy reading the blogs of others, especially those that seem to hold the same values as me. I can read the news, read the blogs, and a light comes on – ‘you need to blog about that’. Sometimes, it’s just the news I hear or I read, and then it’s off to write a post.

I often pass up things that I fill would offend others, or get a brawl going among the bloggers. I do pick up things that are dear to my heart and blog about those. But, being a Christian and blogging, I think each of us should be aware of our presence on the Internet, and the ‘light’ we show, when we blog. I’ve come across some whose ‘light’ has dimmed, in my eyes, for the language used, at times. We should hold ourselves as a higher standard than everyone else. We know how we should respond; yet, we sometimes lose our ‘cool’, and say things that perhaps we would not, were it a one-on-one meeting in private. I also believe we often get caught up in the hype going on with certain things (case in point – Joel Osteen and his mega church and beliefs), and lose sight of the real things to which we need to be paying attention.

As I type this post, I’m certain there are others that see this differently. There will be those that think ‘anything goes’. Others think a swear word hear and there doesn’t harm your testimony. I think differently. I once asked a ‘christian’ to not say a certain word when writing to me. Well, it made her mad, and she made sure that, everytime she had a conversation with me, she used the word numerous times. I finally said, ‘enough’. I don’t know the faces behind the ‘hits’ on my site. I don’t know the beliefs. But, I do know, if we call ourselves ‘Christian’, then, we should be showing the ‘light’, the love and compassion of God.



WES said...

Of course, thats what the word 'Christian' implies. Little Christ.

Visit my blogs sometime.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As Christains we are supposed to do only good as Jesus himself was truly good. Often what we say and do is formed by the habits we have. If we work at building up good habits - the bad ones will fade away !