Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jefferson's Beliefs, Bible Were His Own

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was not an atheist as some have thought.

Jefferson "believed that an authentic Christianity had long ago been hijacked by the Christian Church," wrote Erik Reece in the December Harper's.

It may have been this belief that led him one night to take scissors to his King James Bible and produce his own cut-and-paste version of the Gospels.

“Jefferson," Mr. Reece wrote, "cut out the virgin birth, all the miracles – including the most important one, the Resurrection – then pasted together what was left and called it 'The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth.' " (Later, he added portions of the Bible as translated into Greek, Latin and French.)

Jefferson described his work as separating the "diamonds from the dunghill." Out went all references to Jesus as divine, all accounts of healings, of walking on water, of making loaves and fish appear out of thin air.

Jefferson thought man should live by a code of morals - helping the needy, shunning wealth and power, and treating people as we would have them treat us

A version of Jefferson's Bible is still available through Beacon Press.

He had only three achievements, per his instructions, put on his grave marker at Monticello: father of the University of Virginia; author of the Declaration of Independence; and author of "the statute of Virginia for religious freedom. According to facts about his life, Jefferson wanted to be remembered for those accomplishments, not for being President.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Actor Dennis Weaver Dies At 81

Dennis Weaver, who played deputy Chester Goode in Gunsmoke, has died at his home in Colorado, of cancer. He was 81 years of age.

Weaver has also played in "Gentle Ben", about a family who adoped a bear as a pet. Then, he played Sam McCloud, and Weaver called that part "the most satisfying role of my career." A lawman from New Mexico, with his wild-west tactics went to Manhattan, and always solved his case, although he drove the local police crazy.

Dennis Weaver is survived by his wife, and sons - Rick, Robby, and Rusty, and three granchildren.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Actor Don Knotts Dead at 81

In this household, Don Knotts will always be remembered as Deputy Barney Fife of The Andy Griffith Show. No matter how corny his jokes were, he could keep the audience laughing.

Griffith, who remained close friends with Knotts, said he had a brilliant comedic mind and wrote some of the show's best scenes.

"Don was a small man ... but everything else about him was large: his mind, his expressions," Griffith told The Associated Press on Saturday. "Don was special. There's nobody like him.

"I loved him very much," Griffith added. "We had a long and wonderful life together."

Knotts will live on forever in the re-runs of The Andy Griffith show. The show ran from 1960-1968 and was in the top 10 in the Nielsen ratings every season. It was number 1 in it's final season. The show was one of only three which bowed out on the top - the other two being "I Love Lucy" and "Seinfield".

Knotts played in other movies, including Pleasantville, back-to-the-past, in 1998. He was a television repairmen whose supercharged remote control sent two teenagers into a TV sitcom past.

The world laughed at Knotts, but it also laughed with him.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bob Dole Consults for Dubai Ports Co

Dubai Ports Co. hired the law firm of Alston & Bird in 2005. Former GOP presidential candidate and registered lobbyist, Bob Dole, is among those lawyers from the firm that have been working with Dubai Ports to faciliate it's takeover of the shipping operations at 6 American ports.

Senator Elizabeth Dole, Rep. N.C., has expressed her concern over
"turning port operations over to a state-owned Middle Eastern company."

In a letter to Sen. John Warner, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Dole – a member of the committee - wrote:

I am deeply concerned that the proposed transfer of seaport operations to a company controlled by the United Arab Emirates government might compromise our ability to effectively control our ports and harbors.”
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Gaza's Tiny Christian Community Threatened With Violence

Palestinian Bible Society in the Gaza Strip is being threatened by Islamic extremists. If they do not close their doors and stop their ministry by February 28, the Islamic extremists say they will blow them up.

The Palestinian Bible Society has been in operation since 1999. Many of their neighbors do not want them to leave. They have tried locking their doors and keep on working, but they are told to take this seriously.

The Society is located in Gaza's center, and a pipe bomb was exploded outside the business. Nobody was hurt. Then, they tried locking the doors and working on, but were told, if they did not get out, then harm would come to them and their children.

"We are waiting for a miracle," said the Palestinian Bible Society information officer. "The Bible Society is committed to the continuation of its ministry and service to the Palestinian people, and God will see us through this crisis."

It's purely a case of Christian persecution. I think the cartoons played a big role in this," said the Bible Society's information officer. "Last week a Molotov cocktail was thrown at [a] church in Ramallah," he said.

According to the source, Hamas has offered to protect the Christians in Gaza; but with the current government not yet established, the situation is very chaotic, he said.

They are asking prayer groups every where to pray for them. Many non-Christian groups in Gaza have expressed their solidarity with the Christians.

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Anthony Burger Passes Away

Anthony Burger, a member of the Gaither group, passed away during the Gaither Homecoming Cruise on February 22. He was on stage, where he collapsed, doing what he loved to do best - playing the piano. He was taken back stage, but was unable to be revived.

Keep check on the Gaither Web site for further details. Anthony was only 44. He is survived by his wife, 3 children, his parents, two brothers, and lots of relatives and friends.

Remembering Anthony
by Emily Sutherland

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

David, The Bubble Boy

Today in history, from the Jewish World Review:

22 years ago today, the young boy known as "David" died, never being able to get out in the yard, take part in sports, go to school, play with other children his age. His life was not what we all heard it was, but the story was never told.

For a look into David's life, read Bursting The Bubble from 1997 in the Houstonpress.com.

William T. Shearer - physician to David Vetter.
Dr. Mary Ann South - another of David's Physicians.

Gene cures two "Bubble Boy" Children - from The Associated Press 6/27/02.
New Cure for "Bubble Boy" disease - CBS News April 17, 2002

David's Dream Run, put on each year by David Elementary School in The Woodlands.

Today In History - Feb. 22, from Washingtonpost.com.

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Selling U.S. Ports Won't Endanger Our Security??

Anybody in their right mind knows that you don't sell something like your ports and expect every thing to be hunky-dory, as the old saying goes! And, you surely don't sell them to someone outside your own country.

I voted for President Bush, and have been behind him on most things. But, sorry, this is just one thing I cannot get on board with. As one guy on the local radio talk show said this morning, 'no matter what kind of ally they are now, what will they be in 10 years? ' He's right; others have turned against us, and there is nothing on the books that say these will be any different. How could President Bush say that there would be no danger to our national security, when the ports would no longer be ours? They would have the sayso on what came in and went out. How much gets checked coming into this country even now? How much less would security be upheld under a different organization?

I think our government officials, including all the state officials, need to get behind this move by Congress to try and stop this sale of the ports. Pressure needs to be put on the President to sign these bills to stop the sale.

When it comes to America's land, any and all of it, especially it's ports, Americans should be concerned. And, we here are greatly concerned since New Orleans is too close to my home state! Most agreements aren't worth the paper they are written on, since people change their minds, after deals are made. When it's a final transaction, Dubai Ports World will be the owner; they do what they want to do - doesn't matter about the US.

"I can understand why some in Congress have raised questions about whether or not our country will be less secure as a result of this transaction," he said. "But they need to know that our government has looked at this issue and looked at it carefully."

At the same time, a senior executive from Dubai Ports World pledged the company would agree to whatever security precautions the U.S. government demanded to salvage the deal. Chief Operating Officer Edward H. Bilkey promised Dubai Ports "will fully cooperate in putting into place whatever is necessary to protect the terminals."

Bush said that protesting lawmakers should understand his approval of the deal is final.

"They ought to listen to what I have to say about this," the president said. "They'll look at the facts and understand the consequences of what they're going to do. But if they pass a law, I'll deal with it with a veto."

I have a problem with this. Bush says HIS approval of the deal is final. He should listen to the lawmakers in Congress! I know he has the option to veto, but why now? He has never vetoed a bill in his entire time in office. And, this VETO could mean trouble to the US down the line, when he is out of office. As one man said on the radio show today, 'this smacks of the start of one-world power'. I tend to agree with him. "Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile." And, one local church sign said, "Give the devil and inch, and he'll make a ruler". Hopefully, Bush will wake up, and his words and veto will never come back to haunt him.

Over at Publius Rendezvous, he says, "I find the position of President Reagan to be quite appealling at this point in time: “Trust, but verify.President Bush seems to trust because 'they said so'.

Also check out Michelle Malkin's article on Bill's Frist email - Senator Frist On the Port SellOut.

One other point I heard on the radio was the fact that, anytime you hear former President Jimmy Carter be behind a deal with the President, something is up!

CARTER: Well, I've been to Dubai, and I've seen the remarkable port facilities they have there, perhaps the best in the world. I'm not knocking the ones in the United States, of course. My presumption is, and my belief is, that the president and his secretary of state and the Defense Department and others have adequately cleared the Dubai government organization to manage these ports. I don't think there's any particular threat to our security.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update on Jordan - Teenager In Car Accident

Jordan Huckabee, the teenager in the tragic accident, had her leg surgery on Friday, and came through the operation okay. She was moved out of ICCU into ICU on Sunday because of another person coming in, and Jordan was the one in the best shape that could be moved.

Jordan underwent extensive face surgery on Monday, during a 6-8 hour operation. The surgeon wanted to get all her problems with the face (eye, forehead, chin, cheek, and nose) all done at one time, since it would be such a traumatic time for her. We were told the operation went well. But, Jordan showed signs of brain swelling today, so she went back to surgery for some kind of test. We haven't heard what they decided to do. Some of us were thinking perhaps it's from all the surgery she had on Monday. But, we don't know for sure.

Please keep Jordan in your prayers, along with her family. Also remember the girl who was in the back seat with her. I heard tonight that she is really bad shape, and perhaps hasn't gained consciousness. Her skull was fractured. I do not know her name, but God does. Thanks from the family for all the prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Pakistani Muslims Burn Two Churches

One has to believe these attacks are certainly against Christians. Would anyone in America burn a church, simply because someone chose to burn our Bible? I don't think so. We know it would not be worth going to jail for, but will these Muslims be punished for the same crime?

KARACHI, Pakistan, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Angry Muslims raided and set fire to two churches in southern Pakistan following allegations that a Christian had desecrated the Koran, reports said Monday.

Hundreds of protesters attacked and burned two churches in the city of Sukkur, some 300 miles north of Karachi, in Sindh province, Channel NewsAsia reported. A school at one of the churches was also damaged, but no injuries were reported.

It is being reported that the incident was started when a young Christian man threw pages of the Muslim holy book into the trash can. The report says he was trying to frame his father-in-law for blasphemy, which is punishable by death in Pakistan.

Explain to me how peaceful the Islam religion is again?

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Two More Alabama Church Fires Under Investigation

The latest attempts to burn a church seems to be different than those 10 churches which have been set by an arsonist. The Church of God in Glencoe, Alabama, had something thrown at the exterior of the church, causing miminal damage. Someone saw it before it did too much damage to the outside. This was unlike the other fires, which were set inside the churches, near the altar.

The ATF is also investigating a fire Friday night at a Methodist church on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, in western Alabama, Cavanaugh said, but it has not yet been determined whether it was accidental.

The previous church arsons were all at Baptist churches, 5 predominately black, and the other five mainly white.

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You Know You Are A Hard-Core Blogger, IF .........

  • you sit in front of the computer, blogging, and your husband/wife brings you dinner! This also goes for breakfast and lunch.
  • you have a blog for every event in your life!
  • you check your comments more than you check your email.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

There Is Still Hope!

There seems to still be hope for reviving the old hymns which have mostly disappeared from our churches of today. Most churches have opted for contemporary worship style songs instead of the well-known hymns of yester year, sprinkled with a few well-known worship songs.

I, for one, miss the hymns. I was brought up on them, and get more meaning from them than I do a chorus that has words which are continously repeated. I don't think repetition gets you any closer to God than a hymn with meaning. A hymn sang at the right time in a service can make you feel so close to God, and a chorus with the same words repeated 10 or more times can make you want to scramble to be the first out the door! I do not like the loudness of the new music, or the rap-sounding music. Call me old, set in my ways, or whatever meets your fancy, but that is the way I feel. I've often sat in church, praying for the music to come to an end. And, I know lots of people who skip early church and come in time for the sermon. The music is not where it is at!

The Dallas Morning News says hymns are now returning to those contemporary churches. People want hymns, and perhaps the music or choir director is beginning to listen. Older people have been swept aside in order for this new craze of music to 'bring in the young people'. What was wrong with the hymns that drew me in, as a little girl, and the many other thousands of people, who now have to listen to the music that rings in our ears, and makes our heart race? I, for one, do not think God is pleased with some of the ways music is being displayed in some churches. It's more like a show, rather than a worship service, getting closer to Him. It is our desire to feel GOD in the service, not be rocked off our feet by loud noise! And, I, for one, cannot get into a service with music that just doesn't reach my heart. Makes me feel like the world is moving in on God's territory. And, I'm ready to return to music that reaches my heart, rather than what now 'raises the rafters'!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request For Teenager

I just received a prayer request from my daughter for a young teenage girl who was in a tragic accident Tuesday night, on her way home from church.

Jordan H. is in the hospital with numerous injuries. Her brain is swollen, and she has a broken nose, broken jaw, injury to one eye, kidney, and a broken leg, with a pin in her knee to keep the leg from moving. She will also have to have reconstructive surgery to parts of her face.
The doctors will not be able to do surgery until her brain swelling subsides. They are not sure of the time line for the surgeries, as of now.

Jordan is a 16 yr old goalie for the Premier Soccer Team on which my granddaughter plays. She was looking forward to playing goalie on a College soccer team. She needs a miracle for this ever to happen. But, one good thing, Jordan is continuing to move some on request - her fingers and her toes, that I know of. And, she has tried opening her swollen eyes to recognize people.

Thanks for all the prayers you send up for her.

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Not All Is Equal In Our Land Of Freedom

Political correctness is ruining our country! When one thinks of America, they think of freedom. But, Americans are fastly becoming less free than others in this country. It has become a place of appeasing others, giving our freedoms to others, while lambasting our own citizens for trying to do the right thing.

A good example of these lost freedoms
is discussed by Ari Kaufman in the American Daily. His article on Political Correctness run amuck in public education is right on target. Our children are not being taught the way I was taught when I was in school. Apparently, being fair, honest, and open has lost it's favor among the politically correct, out to assure others, even those illegals and terrorists who have come to our country, that they have more rights than the average citizen. Or, so it appears in today's educational circles. The true history of our country has been made to be wrong; a teacher no longer is there to teach the truth, but to put her mis-guided opinions into the teaching of courses.

Consider the following from Kaufman's article:

From the 'activist' teaching, the first assignment was to seal some unfortunate animal in a container with plants and water to see how long they survived. At a parent’s conference, she told me that it was to show how fragile the environment was. When I mentioned that maybe it would be best to teach the students something about how a closed eco-system works first, she responded, “I have an agenda here, and my purpose is to convert these kids to my way of thinking. Most of the kids had a better grasp of right and wrong than this 60s relic, and secretly released any animal that could be smuggled out of her classroom of death. I'm certain my questioning of her techniques affected my son's grade in the class, but I can't not say something when dealing with such stupidity. I even informed PETA and wildlife officials, but the cloak of environmentalism seemed to protect this teacher from criticism or charges of cruelty among local officials. I'd bet the class is still conducted in the same way.”

"I have an agenda here, and my purpose is to convert these kids to my way of thinking." Folks, something is wrong with this picture! It is as though she is proselytizing kids to think the way she thinks, instead of being a free thinker. Dumb the kids down - make them think only "I" know the truth, and my truth abides in this classroom. And, then, hopefully, I will have done my duty as a teacher of this era! It's a shame that we have teachers that teach their way rather than teaching the students the truth. But, then, today's books are not the same books from which the older generations studied. If what we learned is taught, the children have to go searching on the Internet to learn about the truth. I know; I have grandchildren who often call upon me to find them some information that their teacher has requested they learn. Kudos to those teachers who reach out to teach the truth today!

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Under The Golden Arches

Not all young people getting married want to go in debt up to their necks! In fact, some think spending money on a house is much more important than a costly wedding reception lasts only long enough for the guests to devour the food.

Corey Cutcheon and Doreen Brown had put lots of cash down on their new home, and were left short for their wedding. So, they got married by a judge and then went over to McDonald's in Farmingville, LI for their wedding reception. This was a first for Long Island, but not a first for the McDonald chain. McDonald's in Wales had their first wedding reception in 2002.

Not all customers in McDonald's were happy with what went on. Some thought that McDonald's was for children. This came from mostly adults. A caterer, who happened to be in the restaurant, said the business was too competitive for her name to appear next to the McWedding party. Where the couple spent a little over $250 for their reception,others might pay up towards $50,000.

One young patron thought it was a great idea. She said regular wedding receptions costs so much. So, perhaps this has started a new trend.After all, a wedding is not about food, although many go for that big sit-down dinner! It is about the future life together of a couple who are beginning a life together, hopefully, in love, and wanting to live that life together forever. Maybe, minus the big debt, they will stay with one another and be able to come back for the 50th wedding anniversary!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

State of The Union Addresses

You can find any State of the Union Address by any given President at AskSam - eBooks & databases.

Search and analyze the the full-text of all State of the Union Addresses from 1790-2006. The State of the Union Address is an annual event in which the President of the United States reports on the status of the country. The address is also used to outline the President's legislative proposals for the upcoming year. The text is extremely useful in a searchable eBook.

This site provides a complete database of all State of the Union Addresses from 1790-2006 plus seperate databases containing the 2005 and 2006 divided by subject.You can browse these databases online or download them to your PC.

I did not know these were online, or had no reason to really look for them, until I received my copy of The Conservative Republican News in the email today. There is lots more information that you can find through these databases, also.

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Christian Carnival CVIIII Is Up!

Pursuing Holiness has this week's Christian Carnival up at her site. It's done on love, due to Valentine's Day being this week. Laura has done an exceptional job in categorizing the posts. There are so many great articles to choose from this week. I'm making my way slowly through them, and I do mean slowly.

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Are We Too Busy?

I know I am busy, but didn’t realize I was too busy, until this afternoon, when I got a note, asking me if I wanted my second submission to a carnival to be used instead of my first. Folks, I know I’m getting older, but not that old! But, yes, I had sent my submission in early, which is going to be a no-no for me from now on. I do save a submission copy so I’ll know, but do I always check those submissions? No, and surely not this time. Today was a wake up call.

I was discussing with my elderly Mother other day about the conveniences we have, as opposed to those some of us grew up with. I remember having lots of time to visit relatives and neighbors, when I was growing up. We didn’t have automatic washers and dryers. The washing machines, if you had one, had a ringer on them, through which you sent your clothes (usually done by hand) to the tub you were rinsing your clothes in. Most people had rub boards, in which they cleaned their dirtest of clothes in a pot of hot water, which sat over an open fire, and using a hand rub board. Then, you hung your clothes out in the air on a clothesline. This is something most young people do not know a thing about.

We didn’t have these fast cars with all the electronics. You were ‘rich’, if you even owned a car. Now, it’s got to the point, if you own a fairly new car, and you did the work on older ones, it’s almost possible to do that now. You have to take the car to a ‘speciality shop’, and have it fixed, and, most times, it has to go back a few times before they even get it right! My husband just went through this with his company truck – he knew what was wrong, but the mechanics working on it couldn’t even find it. And, when they did, they half fixed it. Took three times going back, and probably a half dozen people working on it to getting it running correctly. This takes time, and makes us seem even busier.

When I was in school, you went out for sports for enjoyment. I know there was competition with other schools, but nothing like it is now. And, there were not as many sports to participate in, either. Now, students are participating in 2 to 4 sports or more. And, this certainly makes for a fast pace for a parent, to say nothing for the grandparent that feels compelled to go see the grandchildren in those games. I know; I’ve had four grandchildren playing soccer in different places, all in one day. Try making it to all without missing a game! Almost impossible.

And, in all our busy lives, do we take the time we should to dedicate our lives to God? Do we give Him the percent of our time that He deserves? Do we study the Word every day, in order to keep it fresh in our minds, to have it there, when we need it unexpectedly? Word goes away, if it isn’t ‘refreshed’ within the mind. Are we so tired at night, instead of taking a little time out to give Him His time, whether it be reading the Word, taking time to listen to what He may want to tell us, or even praying, that we just slouch down on the couch or the easy chair and watch TV? I’ve been guilty, as I’m sure most have been. And, before we know it, this has become a habit. In other words, our busyness is separating us from the full blessings of God. He wants all of us, not just the leftover, tired, sluggish, forgetful, unappreciative person we become, when we are tired and spent after a busy day of our doings.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

South Dakota House Passes Ban On Abortion

The South Dakota House challenges Roe Vs. Wade decision by passing a law, banning almost all abortions in the state, with an exception for the mother's life. Opponents of the bill tried unsuccessfully to tact on an amendment for incest and rape.

If it passes the Senate,it will become law. But, it will probably then be met by a legal challenge. The Senate sponsor is Democrat Julie Bartling. She says South Dakota has always been a pro-life state and she believes most South Dakotans would vote to ban abortion.

The bill would make it a felony for anyone to perform an abortion. The mother would not be charged with a crime. The language of the bill –- named the Women's Health and Human Life Protection Act -- says that "life begins at the time of conception" and that scientific advances since 1973 have proven that the unborn child is indeed life. The bill says the goal is to "fully protect the rights, interests, and health of the pregnant mother, the rights, interest, and life of her unborn child, and the mother's fundamental natural intrinsic right to a relationship with her child." The bill is based on the findings of a task force that studied abortion.

The bill's chief sponsor, Republican Roger W. Hunt, thinks this is the time to address the issue. He believes he has the votes in the Senate, and believes the pro-life governor will sign it.

"Whether it's because of our legislation or some other [state's] legislation, the goal is to prohibit the killing and the termination of life of all of those unborn children," Hunt told BP.

At this time, there are 5 pro-abortion justices on the Supreme Court. Nobody knows how Justices Roberts and Altio would vote. But, one of those 5 pro-abortion justices, Justice Kennedy, will be 86 in April, and may retire. And, if this bill passes, and it is challenged, it would take 3 years to appear in the higher court, and who knows what the makeup of the court would be, at that time.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tenth Alabama Church Fire Ruled Arson

Beaverton Freewill Baptist Church was torched on Saturday, making it the tenth church in a series of fires to hit Alabama churches, in central and west Alabama. They believe all the fires may be related, although there are a few differences. This fire was started in the afternoon, rather than during the night. And, the fire was also started at the front of the church.

There have been witnesses. The police think that the fires are being committed by two young men in their 20's or early 30's. They think these are buddies, guys who are inseparable. On the television tonight, they were calling for names of those that may have missed work or school on a specific day, during the time of the fires.

A hand print was found at the scene of the the Dancy First Baptist Church, south of Aliceville, last week. Police believe the arsonists may have become monentarily trapped, and may have been injured.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Is It A Sign of Old Age When......

  • You hunt for your glasses, and they are on your face?
  • You come out of a restaurant and can't find your truck, when all the time, you came in your car?
  • You hunt for your key ring to start your car, and it's hanging on your little finger?
  • You put things in their proper place, and, when you hunt for them, you can't find them?
  • You have to backtrack through the house, trying to figure out why you went into a specific room?
  • You know someone's face, but cannot recall their name - somebody you've known most of your life?
  • You find yourself on a road and cannot figure out why your car went that way?
  • You mutter to yourself?
  • You put things in the refrigerator that should be in the cabinet, and things in the cabinet that should be in the refrigerator?
  • You find yourself reading the obituary column to see if your name is in there? (not me - but I know someone who claims they do this!)
  • You wonder why young people act the way they do, because "I never did act like that"?
  • Others think you said something else, when you 'know' you said something entirely different?
  • Everyone your age looks so much older than you do?
  • Crawling in the bed feels better than crawling out?
  • You keep the refrigerator and cabinets full, but you eat out most of the time?
  • You take your cell phone with you and forget to turn it on?

Or, is this just our imagination?

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Judge Shelves Case Over Jesus' Existence

To a Christian, it is incomprehensible that someone would try to prove Jesus did not exist. But, that is what Luigi Cascioli, 72, and atheist from Italy, tried to do. He tried suing his hometown priest and friend for saying Jesus existed 2,000 years ago.

The judge decided to have Cascioli investigated for slandering the priest, instead of allowing the case to go forth. Cascioli says they will have to prove Jesus existed in order to have a case for slander against him, and they could not do that.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Joe's Victory

If you don't want to get emotional, or do not like shedding tears, then do not go read this true story. But, I am telling you, if you don't, then you are missing a great story about a high school teenager.

HT to Betsy's Page.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Book Review: Sex And Love In Intimate Relationships

When I received this book for review, I thought, “Wow! I’ll never make it through to give a review.” I thought it would be a very hard book to read. But, as I began reading, I realized it could hold my attention more than I had previously thought.

The material included in Sex And Love provides for a good look at how our views on our sexuality plays in our every day life. We should be able to talk freely about our sexuality with our mate. The way we view our own body and our mate’s body has lots to do with the satisfaction we come away with. When we learn to love ourselves, we will have no problem loving others.

The book is set in 4 topics:

  • Exploring Sexuality and Love
  • Factors influencing Sexual Development and Adult Sexual Functioning
  • The Defensive Process and Sexuality
  • Therapeutic Approaches to Problems in Sexual Relating

Having never studied psychology, I would rather to have had a book written from the authors’ views rather than all the studies that were cited. I got lost in all the clinical notes (author, year, etc) within the study.

I am looking at this material through the eyes of a Christian, and I would have appreciated a Christian approach to the sexual issue, as well. Early in the book, it was said, and I quote “However, relationships that combine genuine love and sexuality are difficult to find and even more difficult to tolerate and accept.” Being a Christian with a happy , satisfying, and long marriage of 42 years, I believe what we bring to a marriage is what we get out of it. If we bring a distorted view of sexuality, maybe tainted by our own homelife, then, perhaps our relationship will suffer. But, if both of us bring a healthy view of our own sexuality, and a willingness to be patient with each other, then perhaps one can have a long and healthy relationship that combines both genuine love and sexuality. I know that is present in my own marriage. But, it helps to have a God to whom you can rely on, as well.

I was disturbed by an interview from Mazur’s book, The New Intimacy – describing her husband’s infidelity in their marriage. On page 221 -

I didn’t plan on having an open-ended marriage. It simply began to develop that way when I discovered that my husband loves other women besides me; that he’s not monogamous in a traditional way. This realization freed me from the obscenity of possessiveness. Some of my extramarital relationships have been fruitful to me...I do wonder abut the future –there’s a measure of risk and uncertainty in the way we’ve now chosen, but I’m learning not to be afraid to be a person, a woman with worthwhile contributions to make to human society. As a matter of fact, there is a continual excitement about our marital relationship and mutual growing – anything else would be emotional death for us. (p.10).

I am a woman who believes in complete monogamy within a marriage. I have a hard time relating to anything a woman says, who has a ‘continual excitement’ about their marital relationship, when she’s approving of her husband’s adultery! I know this was included in the Exclusive verus NonExclusive relationships section. But, being a follower of Christ, I believe love and sex should be between a husband and wife, and would not have another partner included, whether a twosome, or threesome. It was God’s intention that love was between a man and a woman, and I believe this is the only Union he blesses. One of His commandments is ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ Exodus 20:14.

Being a Christian, I was put off by the inclusion of material by therapists on homosexuality and bisexuality. I would have preferred a book on sex and love geared to the heterosexual population alone. Also, this book is strictly for adults, since there is material here not intended for young people.

Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships, authored by Robert W. Firestone, Lisa A. Firestone, and Joyce Catlett – published by American Psychological Association, was given to me by Mind and Media, free of charge, for a review of the book only.

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Book Review: Living Under God – Discovering Your Part In God’s Plan

The authors of this book, Toby Mac and Michael Tait, quickly drew me into reading this book with interest. The book is filled with many lessons on stewardship of the Word in one’s own life. It can be read one chapter at a time. Or, if you are like me, you will read until you get tired.

Reading through Living Under God has refreshed me on certain parts of scripture as well as on parts of history within each chapter. The book is set up with 60 chapters dealing with various parts of God’s plan for our lives. Within each chapter, you will find God’s Word, along with history that protrays the very lesson that is being talked about in that particular chapter. I have already decided that I will have to re-read this book again.

Perhaps you had learned the history written in this book in your school years. But, you are going to find the authors have entwined that history so eloquently with what God has to say about a particular thing in scripture. Each chapter starts off with history of a happening or a person in history, followed by a story from the Bible. Then, a section on ‘Living It’ in which there is shown how the person has used God’s Word to live their life or accomplish what they set out in life to do.

One of those people in the book is Daniel Webster. Daniel had a great love for the Constitution. And, when he found that a certain Senator from South Carolina was arguing for states rights to nullify federal laws, he decided he had to defend the Consitution. He didn’t think states should be given the right to decide which federal laws to obey and which ones they wouldn’t obey.

Daniel had prepared notes ahead of time, and when the Senator made his speech, it couldn’t have been better for Daniel. He knew that God had prepared the way for his speech. Afterwards, he sat down to silence, knowing that God had given him the Grace under which he presented the real issues in order for them to be understood.

Just before His death, Daniel Webster said, “My wish has been to do my Maker’s will. I thank Him now for all the mercies that surround me.”

One of the greatest sayings I found in this book was from Abraham Lincoln. It was “My great concern is not whether God is on our side. My great concern is to be on God’s side.” Reading and meditating on the material in Living Under God, you should be able to find your part in God’s plan for your life, if you haven’t achieved it before now. There are so many encouraging words within this book, too numerous for this book review. But, I highly recommend this read; buy it today!

Living Under God was given to me through Mind and Media, by the publishers, Bethany House, solely to for review, free of charge.

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Heaven To Franchise By Following Golden Rule

And, no, that is not a mis-stated claim. Hamburger Heaven, that is, with two locations in Birmingham, Alabama, is about to go franchise.

Hamburger Heaven is a family-owned business, where they make the hamburgers or sandwiches fresh, while you wait. The hamburgers are made by hand, fat and tasty, not those pressed burgers you get in the fast food chains. You order what you want, and that is how it is made. They also have their own sauce.

The present owner, Pete Flach, bought the business in 1992 from founder Jack Caddell, who opened the first Hamburger Heaven in 1980. He hopes to have the first franchise opened by the end of the year. But, he says one a year opened for the next five years is okay with him.

Flach is making only one concession in his requirements for the franchise business. He closes his two stores on Sunday, giving employees and himself time with family, and for church. He works 65 to 70 hours a week, himself. But, he is allowing them to be open, if they prefer to work on Sundays.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fires At Four More Alabama Churches

Four more Baptist churches were hit by an arsonist during the night last night. Two of the churches were wood structures and completely demolished. The other two were brick structures, and sustained considerable damage inside. It appears that the fires were started within the church, near the altar, just like the ones that were burned last week.

Authorities say there is a link between the fires of last week and this week, and all were started by an arsonist. They are looking for two men possibly in a dark SUV.

Authorities cited similarities among the nine blazes: All occurred early in the morning, the fires were at or near the altars of the churches and all of the churches were in remote locations.

One difference in the church fires this time was the fact that two were on main roads. Two were also brick structures. The investigators think the arsonist was trying to throw them off.

Agents investigating the five Bibb County fires said Tuesday that they were looking for a dark-colored sport-utility vehicle in connection with the blazes.

Members of Old Union Baptist Church in Brierfield told The Associated Press in interviews that they saw a dark Nissan Pathfinder near the building as they arrived to put out a fire shortly after 4 a.m. Friday.

Alabama has had 59 church fires in the past 5 years. 19 of those fires were ruled as arson.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Being Creative Pays Off

Dale Lanier, a convenience store owner in Snead, Alabama, found a creative way to get people to learn Bible verses. If a person could come into his store and recite a Bible verse he had picked out, that person would get a free drink of their choice.

Lanier says he has been doing this for six years. Often, he has given away two to twelve drinks a day. And, he has had whole families come in and recite the verse.

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How Things Have Changed!

Today In History:

  • 1958 Ted Williams signs with Red Sox for $135,000, making him highest paid
Look at the difference in then and now:
  • During the 2005 season, Manny Ramirez is the 3rd highest paid player at $19,906,820.00
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Investigation Under Way After Fire Damages Six Churches

Rural Alabama was possibly hit by an arsonist early Friday morning. Five churches in Bibb County were either burned to the ground or damaged by the fires. Bibb County Chief Deputy Kenneth Weems says that the fires were set as quickly as they could drive from one church to the other.

The three churches completely destroyed were Ashby Baptist Church on in Brierfield, Pleasant Sabine Church near Centreville and Rehobeth Baptist Church in Randolph.

Old Union Baptist Church at Brierfield and Antioch Baptist at Antioch suffered some fire damage, but remain intact.

Rev David Hand, the pastor of Old Union, said a fire was discovered at his church around 4:30 a.m. Friday morning. It had been set in a planter near the alter at the back of the building. The blaze was put out before it could cause serious damage.

Birmingham offices of the FBI and ATF are continuing the investigations. No arrests have been made yet.

HT: Christian Persecution Blog - Alabama Churches Burned Possibly By Arsonists

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

President Bush

You must read the article written by Larry Elder, on President Bush. It will make you smile, and proud that our nation is being led by such a man. It is titled "The (blue) State Of The Union Address".

Be sure and read it through and get the true meaning of these words: 'My fellow Americans; I am evil.'
Thank God for a man who doesn't listen to the left giving him a lambasting!

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Pain - Mental, Physical, And Spiritual

From the day we are born into this world, we have pain, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. Some are born with handicaps that make it more difficult than others to make it in life without help. They have difficulties that most of us never have to cope with - the "prying eyes" that don't mean harm, yet pierce the very being of a person who might be without a limb, in a wheelchair, 'look different' than we do - just a few of many differences they may possess. Though this might seem to not be a problem with those onlookers, since they are only curious, I can only imagine what it puts in the heart of a person that's being looked upon. It has to weigh heavily upon their heart and mind.

Then there are those that have the pain of injury later in life. We have a young friend, between the ages of our two children, that had a real bad fall about three years ago. He will never lead the kind of life that a healthy person does. He is in constant pain, battling it every day of his life. The doctors can only 'help' him try to control it, and he's had one operation after another, even devices put in to help control his walking and his standing. But the pain is very severe and never ending.

Probably the worse pain to endure in life is spiritual pain. Most of us have had to go through it at one time or another. It can be the most 'crippling' and devastating to our lives, since it can separate from the one to whom we want to be closest. At first, before coming a Christian, we didn't know how to identify this kind of pain - the longing for peace in our lives that we never could find, and our continous searching for that one thing in life that would bring us happiness beyond measure. Then one day we met Jesus. Most of our spiritual pain is gone when he becomes our Lord and Saviour.

But there are those that sometimes get caught up in the hurt caused by others. Meaningful people, sometimes without knowing, hurt us in ways that it's hard to describe. Only Jesus can help us get through those hurts. Some are pastors/ministers that get hurt by well meaning people in the churches. In other words, PEOPLE hurt other people, most of the time not meaning to, but it happens just the same.

These hurts are hard; doesn't matter how they happen, or when. They eat into us sometimes, making us bitter. We don't trust, we snap at people, and life becomes a living hell for us. But there is an answer to all our pain - Jesus Christ. We have to learn to turn our troubles to him. We will all be faced with problems and hurts in our lives. Nobody is immune. But you have to decide which is worse, a life of hating people for what they have done to you, a life for what it's dealt to you, or having a loving relationship with GOD. Without love for our fellow man, we can't have that kind of relationship. God is love, and his commandment is to love others as we love ourselves.

How do you 'love yourself'? Are you constantly berating others for their part in 'your hurts'? Or do you ask GOD to remove all the hurt and pain in your life, so you can live life to the fullest and be able to share Jesus with a satisfied and healthy spiritual mind? We will all be faced with these challenges, but we have to be able to say this is not of God; he would not have us act the way our human mind tells us to act. He would have us act with love and compassion and show love to all those that have hurt and given us pain, so that His light can be shown in our lives to others along the way.

Job 14:22 But his flesh upon him shall have pain, and his soul within him shall mourn. KJV

Taken from Master's Table Devotionals at Barbara's Entourage.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Partial-birth Abortion Ban Struck Down By Two Appeal Courts

Partial-birth abortion is just that - the baby is delivered, feet first. But, before the baby's head comes through the birth canal, the doctor splits open the baby's head and sucks out the brains. Can you imagine what that baby is feeling, the pain it goes through?

Partial-birth abortion, known as D&X in medical circles, is a procedure in which an abortion doctor partially delivers a late-term baby, feet first, until only the head remains in the birth canal. The doctor then splits open the head and suctions out the brain before delivering a dead child. One nurse who witnessed the procedure testified as to seeing a baby's hands "clasping and unclasping" and its feet "kicking" before it was killed.

The Ninth Court Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco had a 3-0 vote. It is considered the most liberal appeals court, with two judges appointed by President Clinton, and one by President Clinton. New York City's Second Circuit Court of Appeals was split 2-1. But, two of the judges took time to criticize the Supreme Court's 2000 ruling that struck down bans on partial-birth abortion.

John M. Walker Jr., chief judge of the Second Circuit, called partial-birth abortion "deeply disturbing" and "morally repugnant."

"[I]t is my duty to follow that precedent no matter how personally distasteful the fulfillment of that duty may be," Walker, a nominee of the first President Bush, wrote in a concurring opinion.

Judge Chester J. Straub, a nominee to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals by President Clinton, said in his dissent:

"[A]llowing a physician to destroy a child as long as one toe remains within the mother would place society on the path towards condoning infanticide," Straub wrote. "... I find the current expansion of the right to terminate a pregnancy to cover a child in the process of being born morally, ethically and legally unacceptable."

Although these judges disapprove of the procedure, it is their job to go by the law of the land. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban was signed into law in 2003 by President Bush, but the courts have prevented it from being enforced. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act has no health exception, so the courts cited Supreme Court Precedent for striking it down. The rulings are expected to be appealed.

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