Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sarah Palin is here

And she is here to stay. No matter how some people try to discredit her, she remains a threat to those that think she doesn’t have the ability to be President. In fact, if she didn’t bother them so much, then they would not be trying to discredit her continually. Instead, her name would be dropped and she would not stay in the public’s eye. But she continues to show herself strong in her governing of Alaska, and her ability to win others to her way of thinking.

Sarah Palin’s name has been on the tongue of every newscaster in the US and perhaps across the world. Most of those have had nothing but derogatory things to say about her. But there are those that hold her in high esteem and give her credit for her accomplishments, not only as a woman, but as a person who does not stop because someone has tried to humiliate her on the air. I think Katie Couric tried to do just that when she interviewed her and then only showed parts of the interview that made her look less than professional.

David R. Stokes has written a great piece about Sarah Palin called “The Quayling of Sarah”. Those of you who really think she is a person to be reckoned with will enjoy this article. Stokes talks about Chris Matthews and how he made fun of the ability of Sarah Palin to write a book. Remember, he’s the one who got a thrill up his leg about Obama, the guy who came from nowhere to become our president – a guy with hardly any experience. Yet, we have a woman who has come up the ladder to become the Governor of the largest state in the United States, who had lead her state with conviction and courage, and has great favor among her constituents. Yet, Matthews thinks she’s too dumb or perhaps stupid that she isn’t capable of putting her own thoughts and beliefs on paper for the rest of the world to read. Well, Matthews may have to eat his own words, which he will never do – but we are here to remind him!

So, Mr. Matthews – go ahead and make fun of Sarah Palin. Do your best to color her ditzy and as someone with no depth. But just remember, she actually has character and courage. And Americans will be seeing more of her graceful, politically popular, and winning profile for many years to come.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Prayer by Jo Moulton

Thursday, May 7th, is National Day of Prayer. This country is indeed in need of prayer! We need to pray for our leaders, that they are guided by the hand of God, not by their own minds. We need to pray for protection and strength. We should be praying for God to continue to show Grace to our nation.

We, the people, united in prayer, can make a difference in our nation. Without God, we are a lost people!

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