Monday, March 31, 2008

Minorites need our sympathy

I just received this email talking about the minorities and wanted to share it with everyone. I thought it was very appropriate for the nation today!


We need to show more sympathy for these people. They travel miles in the heat. They risk their lives crossing a border. They don't get paid enough wages. They do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do. They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different language. They rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day, every day. I'm not talking about illegal Mexicans; I'M TALKING ABOUT OUR TROOPS!

Doesn't it seem strange that many Democrats and Republicans are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegal's, but don't support our troops and their families with sufficient healthcare, rehabilitation facilities, retraining and education when they return.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Protecting the innocent

I received an email today from a visitor to my web site. The person had gone to my April page of facts and clicked on the April Fool's link I had there. Low and behold, the link now went to a porn site! They quickly closed the page and alerted me.

I have recently installed a great program on my laptop that keeps porn and other sites with questionable material out of the sight of the young, or anyone who happens to be using my laptop. So, when I clicked on that questionable page from my laptop, a page from Blue Coat's K9 Web Protection popped up, letting me know that the page was unavailable. Although it can be set to be viewed through the program, it has to be done by the administrator and a password. So, there is no way anyone accessing my computer can get to questionable places.

The questionable link was quickly fixed the moment I read the email. So, it is safe to view the link put in it's place. Also, the K9 Web Protection is a free service. I am sure there may be better ones out there, but, for now, this is good enough for me. It works! You can set your own preferences for each site that may pop up as questionable when you first go to them. The two that popped us for us was MySpace and YouTube which we go to frequently. But, these are not considered porn, but parents of young children may not want them to be able to view them.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An untimely death

Teenagers are hit with so many things today, one being their sense of appeal. Young girls see the fashion models, commercials, etc., that seem to say 'if you do not look a certain way, then you aren't looking as good as you should'. They are encouraged by these things to have breast augmentation, liposuction, among other procedures, to make their bodies more appealing. And, sometimes these procedures have unnecessary endings.

18 year old senior and high school captain of the Cheerleaders,
Stephanie Kuleba, died from what they think was a genetic reaction to general anesthesia. She was undergoing the surgery at a Boca Raton outpatient surgery unit. She had to be rushed to Delray Medical Center when something went wrong.

About an hour and 45 minutes after Kuleba went into the surgical suite, Dr. Steven Schuster came out to tell her mother that there had been an emergency and paramedics had been called to take the girl to nearby Delray Medical Center.

An intravenous muscle relaxant known as Dantrolene sodium (brand name Dantrium) is typically administered in the event of malignant hyperthermia, as it's the only effective treatment for the reaction. But the drug wasn't given to Kuleba at the outpatient center — only later, when she was at the hospital.

Our children are too precious to be pressured to look better than they do as teenagers. We, as parents, should not give into the 'look better' attitude that is going around. We need to make teenagers feel good in their own skin. There is plenty of time in life to make physical adjustments if they are actually wanted or warranted as they grow older. Life can be cut short just as this young teenager's life was just to make the body more acceptable or beautiful.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

The day after Easter

Hopefully, everyone had a blessed Easter and enjoyed the Sunday service at church. We also had family, including my 91 year old Mother for lunch yesterday. We ate too much and had some great fellowship!

The day after Easter just seems like another day to us. We got through the holiday, and now we are back to 'the real world' of work and school. But, I read something yesterday that made sense. The article said every day should be Easter to us. That statement is different than saying 'every day should be Christmas'. We celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas. And, we should remember he came to earth to make a difference. But, on Easter, we celebrate his resurrection. He died, was buried, arose, and ascended to the right hand of the Father. And, He said, that when he left, he would send another comforter to us, which is the Holy Spirit. But, Jesus died for us that we might live for him, and some day be with him again eternally.

Too often, we do 'holidays'; in other words, we go to church in our Sunday best, and sit through the sermon and then go home. We don't prepare ourselves for the spiritual aspects of the day and the after affect it will have on our every day lives.

Lots of people only show up for church on Easter and Christmas. I often wonder what God is thinking when He sees those that seem to be only interested in Him on those two holidays. Does He think that perhaps they are only coming to be seen in their new Easter attire? Or, perhaps those two holidays are the only time they feel guilty for not recognizing Him other days of the year? I don't know the answer, since I've always gone to church. Scripture tells us not to forsake the assembling together (Hebrews 10:25). So how do these people justify what they are doing with what the Word says?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day. It also happens to be my Mother's 91st birthday. We celebrated that yesterday by taking her out to eat at a nice restaurant. Her children and most all her grandchildren were there. We really enjoyed the afternoon.

To read about Patrick's life, check out the St.Patrick's Day page on my personal web site. He was born in Britain, but captured by pirates from his wealthy, Christian father, and taken to Ireland and raised as a slave for 6 years. This set the stage for the rest of his life - converting the Irish to Christianity after his experience there.

St. Patrick's Day is considered a religious day in Ireland where they attend religious services. But, in America, it is mostly a secular holiday where people wear green clothing. Parties and parades are held. New York City holds the largest parade here.


May your neighbor respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Death comes calling

Scripture says in Ecclesiastes 3:2 that there is “a time to be born, and a time to die.” So, each of us comes into this world leaving. We don’t know when nor where it will happen. We are just encouraged to live for the Lord, endure in this life, and one day we will go home to meet the Lord.

This past week has been one of home-going for several people we know. First, it was a cousin of my Mother’s. He left us at the age of 86. Then came my Daddy’s niece who was also 86. Both of these had lived a long and full life. One had cancer for many years and the other had gotten to the point she was only here, didn’t know anyone. But, still her sister told me tonight that she would be missed because ‘although she wasn’t herself, she was with us’.

And, last night we learned of my husband’s niece dying in the nursing home where she had been the last 6 years after a tragic accident that left her paralyzed and unable to speak. But, she had her right mind and knew you, just unable to communicate except with her eyes and moving her head for yes or no. And, what hurt is the fact she was the young age of 60. At the age of 54 her expected life came to a halt. She had been the manager of the local branch bank in her hometown. But, that faithful day, she and a friend had gone out to lunch. They had started across the highway to the cleaners and were hit broadside by a drunk driver that ran a red light. Life went on for 6 years, but not in the expected way. That day will never leave my mind, considering it was on my granddaughter’s 12th birthday. Bill’s niece died exactly 1 day after the 6th anniversary of that accident.

Death will come to each of us sooner or later. But, we are encouraged to live our lives as though today would be our last. Always be ready to face God regardless of the day or time. Live for him fully, place your trust in Him and His promises to us. He will never leave nor forsake us. No matter what we got through in our lives, He is to help us overcome. And, when death comes calling, He is ready to give us comfort and the peace that passes all understanding.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Cactus Cuties Singing National Anthem

A friend sent this video to me of the young girls singing. It amazes me the voices they have and they are so young. I believe patriotism is still alive in America!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apologize - ALONE!

I am with Neil Cavuto on this one! When a person gets in trouble, they usually do it alone. This is what happened with some recent politicians. Yet, when they are caught, they go before the microphones with wife in hand, for ‘support’. To me, it’s only humiliation in the highest form!

The wife and family are the ones that need support for what they have already been put through. But, these men seem to be so needy they bring their wives to stand with them on the podium. I could see the humiliation written all over New York Governor Spitzer’s wife today as he announced his recognition. What wife would not be humiliated when she finds out her husband has been using prostitutes! I, for one, would not be a wife standing on stage were my husband to be found using prostitutes! He would have to bear the burden by himself; after all, he got himself into the mess!

Going back to the last few men who have been caught at something, whether it was the prostitution rings or the homosexual scandals, they have brought their wives out for support. When I see a woman standing on stage, I wonder if she’s there for his support or for her children. Today, Governor Spitzer’s wife looked as though she wanted to be every where but with him. But she was made to endure his long speech of how sorry he was – probably sorry he had been caught. But, pictures sometimes speak louder than words. And, then, the footage showing them arriving back at their apartment only 15 minutes later, she jumped out of the SUV and made it for the door very hastily. That is not the way of a loving wife – one that actually supports her husband. Or, it is not my way!

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

We got snow

The weathermen kept preparing us for snow, or perhaps a dusting during the night. We never say they don't know what they are talking about, considering they have been right a few times. So, I really went to bed hoping we'd have a decent snow for the weekend.

Well, at 6:30, I woke up, looked out the window, and, sure enough, the ground was covered and the trees were white. But, that is about the extent of it. Right now, at 9:45, looking at our yard, you would never know we had snow if it wasn't still on the swing and up in the woods under the trees.

My husband put out bird seed this morning while he was out taking pictures of the snow. Seems the birds loved the snow! They were out in droves. We have had blue jays, robins, and wood peckers galore, along with a number of other species of birds. I looked out in the front yard awhile ago, and there were three northern yellow-shafted flickers and three blue jays pecking at the ground, probably eating the acorns from the trees. We usually don't see that many together around here.

This snow was nothing to compare with our snow storm of 1993. I had come home that day from Nashville where my husband had been transferred. I was coming to my granddaughter's third birthday party. My daughter was trying to discourage me because of the snow that was to come. We never have enough snow to paralyze us, so I came home anyway, even though I drove through a blizzard to within seven miles of our home. Within one hour, everything was white. The electricity went out around 7PM and came back on within 22 hours. But, I was snowed in at my house here for 6 days. Our state just is not prepared for a big snowstorm because it happens so rarely. They put sand on the main bridges around the towns, but never come out to these small side roads. Thank goodness, I had a way of keeping warm the first day and plenty of food to eat for the week ahead. It was quite an experience.

And, I might add - it also happened in March, in fact on Friday, March 12th. So, who knows; we might have a snow storm yet!

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Frustrated but not giving up

This has been a trying week. If you've been around my blog very much, you know I never leave off posting for this long a time without a reason. Sometimes it is just that I have absolutely nothing to post about. But, it was not like that this time.

We have had bad internet connections problems these past few weeks. Started off with what we thought was a small problem. The serviceman came out, checked it out and said we had a bad underground cable (it has been laid when we built our house over 30 years ago) and a bad modem (the modem is fine! - but he gave us a new one). Well, he laid a temporary line across our driveway and we got the fast access DSL we should have been getting for a long time! But he kept insisting that we should not be getting DSL given the distance we are from the hub.

Well, that lasted for awhile - last Thursday, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, we lost our entire service except the ability to send out email. That is - until Friday morning and it was gone completely! The serviceman came out again, and again, out of his mouth came 'you shouldn't even have this service'. By that time, we were really getting mad. He checked out at the box and left us Friday morning with no service! He told my husband he would be back Monday morning and he would send out a crew to cut line out of a line that had excess. Well, he never called on Monday morning and my husband finally called him. He said, "I have no work order to come out.' We were under the impression he was coming out on the same one he came out on Friday since he did absolutely nothing to get us back online. Well, my husband called service again - he came out this morning with a new modem - and left AGAIN with us having absolutely no service! He said, as he came in our house, 'Well, you shouldn't be on DSL anyway'. DUH! And, as he left, he told my husband that he was cutting us off from DSL and my husband said let me work on it for awhile. So he left saying, well, it's in your hands now. We had already decided he was too lazy to follow up on the hub and see what our problem really was.

Well,we played around with it and couldn't get the modem to synch. So, he redid the wire outside and got us on about lunch, but it lasted until I got my email half downloaded and went down again. So he got the idea to get the wire out the crew left when they put in the new cable (the wire the serviceman laid) - and he re-attached it to the pole and to the phone box. Well, that's the only reason we are on right now! I think my husband needs a job with the telephone company! If it wasn't for him - NOT their 'experienced' serviceman, we would still be offline.

Right now, he's trying to find out what supervisor he needs to go see. He's going to complain and try to get them back out here, redo the wire underground (he thinks they damaged the cable when they put it underground) and get us back on the FAST DSL, not the lite. It aggravates me to no end that one guy can determine whether we have fast or slow DSL, simply because they give a certain number of feet to be able to get DSL. Well, time should tell that we've had it 4 years this month, and we've had fast DSL. It doesn't take a smart man to realize it doesn't turn off overnight, unless something is wrong! And, besides, if it wasn't for the phone company telling us we were eligible, we would never have had it in the first place!

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And If I Die - Book Review

And If I Die
The Black and White Chronicles Book Three
Author: John Aubrey Anderson
Publisher: Faith Words

In the year of 1968, the story finds Mose Mann (Washington) and his ‘grandson’, Bill Mann, hiding out in Pilot Hill, Texas. They live only 15 miles from Missy Parker, his ‘almost daughter’, and her husband. Only a handful of people know where Mose and Bill have gone.

Bill has yet to decide he needs God in his life. And, he has taken up a very dangerous sport, bull riding in the rodeo. He also has taken to driving his car very fast. Nothing seems to bother this young man. His ‘grandfather’ has spent his last years trying to bring up Bill in the way his Mother would have had him do, since she left him in the care of Mose the night she was killed. Bill thinks God is not the God he wants to know because he let his Mother die. He doesn’t realize that angels are watching out for him and the prayers of the people who care are the main reason this young man is still alive.

Two times in his life, A. J. Mason was told to ‘be ready’ by a spirit voice. The first was in 1945 and the second time was in 1960 when he saved the life of Missy Parker. The forces of evil seem to be after Missy Parker to end her life. And, up until 1968, Missy had escaped from being drawn into the their line of fire.

Bill Mann, while waiting to go into the service, chose to take up bull riding. This would prove to be a very dangerous hobby. And, it would almost end his life. But, again, angels were watching after him. And, all his friends were praying.

Missy Parker hears that voice of the spirit telling her to ‘be ready’. She doesn’t understand why God would single her out to be the one. But, she and her husband armed themselves with guns around their home and on their person. She was going to be ready for whatever came her way. And, knowing that she was going to protect Mose and his ‘grandson’ Bill, she took that warning very seriously.

Death plays a big part in this book along with warfare against the evils that came their way. As I read the last chapter, I was already wishing there were a sequel to these books! These have been some of the best books I have ever read. If you like fiction touching on Christianity and warfare, you will enjoy these three books.

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