Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And If I Die - Book Review

And If I Die
The Black and White Chronicles Book Three
Author: John Aubrey Anderson
Publisher: Faith Words

In the year of 1968, the story finds Mose Mann (Washington) and his ‘grandson’, Bill Mann, hiding out in Pilot Hill, Texas. They live only 15 miles from Missy Parker, his ‘almost daughter’, and her husband. Only a handful of people know where Mose and Bill have gone.

Bill has yet to decide he needs God in his life. And, he has taken up a very dangerous sport, bull riding in the rodeo. He also has taken to driving his car very fast. Nothing seems to bother this young man. His ‘grandfather’ has spent his last years trying to bring up Bill in the way his Mother would have had him do, since she left him in the care of Mose the night she was killed. Bill thinks God is not the God he wants to know because he let his Mother die. He doesn’t realize that angels are watching out for him and the prayers of the people who care are the main reason this young man is still alive.

Two times in his life, A. J. Mason was told to ‘be ready’ by a spirit voice. The first was in 1945 and the second time was in 1960 when he saved the life of Missy Parker. The forces of evil seem to be after Missy Parker to end her life. And, up until 1968, Missy had escaped from being drawn into the their line of fire.

Bill Mann, while waiting to go into the service, chose to take up bull riding. This would prove to be a very dangerous hobby. And, it would almost end his life. But, again, angels were watching after him. And, all his friends were praying.

Missy Parker hears that voice of the spirit telling her to ‘be ready’. She doesn’t understand why God would single her out to be the one. But, she and her husband armed themselves with guns around their home and on their person. She was going to be ready for whatever came her way. And, knowing that she was going to protect Mose and his ‘grandson’ Bill, she took that warning very seriously.

Death plays a big part in this book along with warfare against the evils that came their way. As I read the last chapter, I was already wishing there were a sequel to these books! These have been some of the best books I have ever read. If you like fiction touching on Christianity and warfare, you will enjoy these three books.

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