Friday, March 28, 2008

Protecting the innocent

I received an email today from a visitor to my web site. The person had gone to my April page of facts and clicked on the April Fool's link I had there. Low and behold, the link now went to a porn site! They quickly closed the page and alerted me.

I have recently installed a great program on my laptop that keeps porn and other sites with questionable material out of the sight of the young, or anyone who happens to be using my laptop. So, when I clicked on that questionable page from my laptop, a page from Blue Coat's K9 Web Protection popped up, letting me know that the page was unavailable. Although it can be set to be viewed through the program, it has to be done by the administrator and a password. So, there is no way anyone accessing my computer can get to questionable places.

The questionable link was quickly fixed the moment I read the email. So, it is safe to view the link put in it's place. Also, the K9 Web Protection is a free service. I am sure there may be better ones out there, but, for now, this is good enough for me. It works! You can set your own preferences for each site that may pop up as questionable when you first go to them. The two that popped us for us was MySpace and YouTube which we go to frequently. But, these are not considered porn, but parents of young children may not want them to be able to view them.

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sad love story said...

i noticed this one -> Married for 43 years . and it suprised me when its added with this -> to the same man .

most girl or marriages here end up with only 1 man .. so the mothers will just say i am married for 43 years means only 1 husband ..

its just that im surprised ..

Barbara said...

That just means I've only been married once, never divorced. Lots of people will say they've been married a number of years - but then say to different men.