Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apologize - ALONE!

I am with Neil Cavuto on this one! When a person gets in trouble, they usually do it alone. This is what happened with some recent politicians. Yet, when they are caught, they go before the microphones with wife in hand, for ‘support’. To me, it’s only humiliation in the highest form!

The wife and family are the ones that need support for what they have already been put through. But, these men seem to be so needy they bring their wives to stand with them on the podium. I could see the humiliation written all over New York Governor Spitzer’s wife today as he announced his recognition. What wife would not be humiliated when she finds out her husband has been using prostitutes! I, for one, would not be a wife standing on stage were my husband to be found using prostitutes! He would have to bear the burden by himself; after all, he got himself into the mess!

Going back to the last few men who have been caught at something, whether it was the prostitution rings or the homosexual scandals, they have brought their wives out for support. When I see a woman standing on stage, I wonder if she’s there for his support or for her children. Today, Governor Spitzer’s wife looked as though she wanted to be every where but with him. But she was made to endure his long speech of how sorry he was – probably sorry he had been caught. But, pictures sometimes speak louder than words. And, then, the footage showing them arriving back at their apartment only 15 minutes later, she jumped out of the SUV and made it for the door very hastily. That is not the way of a loving wife – one that actually supports her husband. Or, it is not my way!

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