Saturday, January 21, 2012

We all suck, at times

None of us are perfect, by any means. I know there are those out there that think they have it all together, never make mistakes, miss appointments, or forget important dates. They just haven't caught up with the 'true me'.

I just finished reading a great article called 'Things that Happen Because I Suck' over at Prisca's Voice. Go read it; it will certainly make you think and perhaps align your life with hers. I know I read 'myself' in many of the things in which she thought she sucked.

I used to be a perfect housekeeper, moreso when my children were small. But, over the years, I have learned there is more to life than a perfectly clean house. I keep a fairly neat house, but by no means is it perfect.I make my bed when I want to, and that's not every day. Some of my closets are like hers, jammed to the max! We have taken time out to clean out our closets, given box after box away, and they seem to just keep getting trashed over and over. I'm guilty of keeping things that I think we will need: doesn't every one? Surely I'll 'be able to get in that suit one day again' - mentality of those unable to get rid of 'things'.

I'm guilty of procrastination big time! My motto should be 'don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'. But that's too hard; I do what I feel like doing and leave the rest until tomorrow, whenever that comes. If everyone was honest, I am sure they would admit to sometimes procrastinating! Truth?

I cannot say you will find dust bunnies or anything else under my furniture. It's not because I run the vacuum cleaner all the time. But my husband does and he does it often. Now, if you run your finger across my furniture periodically, you may find dust. Gosh, dust seems to settle here all the time.

A week before Christmas, my husband and I took on the job of 'cleaning house'. Almost did us in, but we were determined to have a clean house for Christmas when everyone gathered here. And, on top of that, we knew my Mother would be coming here to recuperate from surgery for a broken hip. Didn't want to have to do much cleaning while she was here. It has really been a life saver for me. It has been so easy to keep a clean house.

But, guess what!! That Christmas tree that was coming down the day after Christmas - it is still up in my living room. The table that goes in front of my picture window is still sitting in my foyer. Well, nobody comes to my front door; if they did, they'd be strangers. So, until I have time (should be doing it now!) to get down all the boxes and get busy for hours, the tree will sit where it is for awhile.

Now, if all this makes me suck, sure I do. I just like to think we all have periods of being lazy. That doesn't make us bad, just humans. And human I am!! After all, Life is not a bowl of cherries. :)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Innocence of the Young

I have a picture of my great granddaughter as my desktop on my laptop. She is so precious. She has things she doesn't like, and is adamant about it. If she doesn't want you to mess with her, you will certainly know it.

But, at her age, they are so innocent. They look to adults to keep them safe, to feed them, and help them with whatever needs they have. They learn from those who are older. We all set standards and rules for the young. If we show them in our own actions what is acceptable and what isn't, then they will more than likely pick up on those actions. Too may parents do things or say things in front of the young that isn't appropriate. Then, when they try to emulate those things, the child is punished. We need to be careful what we say and do in front of the young.

Teenagers are also very easily influenced by their peers. I believe we need to monitor our children's friends to make sure their actions are in line with how we are raising our children. When children spend lots of time with other children,they tend to pick up on things they do or say. And, if there are negative things in their actions, our children will most likely pick up those things. It's easier to keep our children safe and away from those who will tend to influence our children negatively than it is to try and undo what has been done.

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