Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Innocence of the Young

I have a picture of my great granddaughter as my desktop on my laptop. She is so precious. She has things she doesn't like, and is adamant about it. If she doesn't want you to mess with her, you will certainly know it.

But, at her age, they are so innocent. They look to adults to keep them safe, to feed them, and help them with whatever needs they have. They learn from those who are older. We all set standards and rules for the young. If we show them in our own actions what is acceptable and what isn't, then they will more than likely pick up on those actions. Too may parents do things or say things in front of the young that isn't appropriate. Then, when they try to emulate those things, the child is punished. We need to be careful what we say and do in front of the young.

Teenagers are also very easily influenced by their peers. I believe we need to monitor our children's friends to make sure their actions are in line with how we are raising our children. When children spend lots of time with other children,they tend to pick up on things they do or say. And, if there are negative things in their actions, our children will most likely pick up those things. It's easier to keep our children safe and away from those who will tend to influence our children negatively than it is to try and undo what has been done.

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