Friday, December 16, 2011

Living in the "Dash"

We attended the funeral of my husband's niece's husband today. It was a very sad occasion. This man was a great man, a Christian, wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. You never saw him unless you saw that sweet smile and you also got a hug. He had them for everyone who was around.

The preacher that preached his funeral had been his pastor only 5 months. But, he had known him for 35 years. So you could say he actually 'knew' him! And, he gave an analogy of life. He said, when you go to the cemetery, you see two numbers on a tombstone - the date of birth and the date of death. There is a dash between the numbers. Therefore, we, who are living, are in the Dash.

The Dash represents the life we show others. Whatever we do during this dash will affect what happens in that last phase. If we know the Lord personally when we die, then we will have eternal life with the Lord. A good life will not get us to heaven. It takes a personal relationship with God. If one leaves this DASH without knowing the Lord, one is lost forever.

We know today that this nephew is gone on to face his maker. And, it was so wonderful to see even a sweet smile on his face in death! It warms your heart to know the life he lived is reflected in his face! I told his wife last night at the viewing that we can tell what he's doing. She said, 'yes, he's living what we have always studied about' - and he's seeing those who had gone on before.

So, live the best life in your Dash - get to know the Lord personally. You will never regret it!

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