Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carnival Of Beauty is Up - It's Gentleness!

This week's Carnival of Beauty is all about gentleness. There are some wonderful, strong, and teaching posts by some great Christian women. Go check them out over at EPH2810. She has done a great job her first time in hosting this carnival.

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Monday, January 30, 2006


Have you ever sat and watched a new Mother hold her newborn baby? There is a gentleness with which she tenderly touches all the babies’ parts, making sure all are there and intact. Her fingers caress those tiny fingers on that baby’s hand, imagining what those fingers might do one day – whether it be long fingers of a pianist, the fingers pushing a pen of an accountant, or those strong hands of a builder.

She finally gets to those beautiful toes! She imagines those toes, all 10 of them, on those beautiful feet, dancing to the sound of the drummer – working their way down the paths that their life will take them. All the while, she’s praying they will stay on solid ground.

I remember seeing the feet of my daughter, my second child. They were so long and so slender! To me, those were the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. Oh, my son’s feet were beautiful, too, but, it was the slenderness of my daughter’s feet that really touched me.

When the new Mother finally gets through inspecting the baby, she takes the blanket and gently wraps up that bundle of joy. She then will place that baby next to her body, so near her heart, you’d expect the child to realize he/she was laying next to someone who loved him/her so much.

The gentleness with which a Mother holds the newborn should be part of us throughout lives. It should spill over into our relationships with others. Scripture teaches us to be “gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.” Titus 3:2 KJV.

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US Not Ready For A Woman President

Hillary Clinton may think that America is 'impatient for a woman Prez', but I think she believes too much in herself!

In an interview with Jane Pauley, during a chat for charity in San Francisco, she said, "There's a feeling it's time."

Then, in quotes picked up the New York Sun, the former first lady said she detected "a certain impatience" to see a female president following the election of women to similar roles in other countries.

I know we read the polls, listen to them quoted on the Internet, TV, and in the papers, but, to me, that's not a true poll of all people that will vote in elections. People are fickle; we may say one thing on a poll, and do right opposite in the voting booth. We may have a woman president one day, but I do not think we are ready for 'her' (whomever she may be), at the moment. I do not think we need another Clinton in the White House, regardless of when the day comes that we have a woman in there.

If Gallup polls are to be believed, there probably will not be a woman President for a few years. I am a woman, and I am not quite ready to vote for one for President, especially the one who may run, as of today! Below is the feelings of poll takers in October, 2005.

A recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll finds that the vast majority of Americans say they would personally vote for a qualified woman for President. Slightly less than half the public thinks that the United States will have a female President within the next 10 years, but most think there will be a female president within 25 years. In general, Americans think a female president would better handle domestic policy, while a man would better handle national security.
If First Lady Laura Bush's prediction came true, then we would soon have a woman for President, a Republican, and perhaps in the form of Condoleezza Rice.

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Prayer Pushes Lawmaker's Buttons

Pastor Tim Swartley of Elm Creek, Nebraska, prayed as he felt led to pray, in accordance with the directives for giving the morning devotion in the State Senate. He had been asked to deliver the invocation by his senator, Jim Cudaback.

Pastor Swartley's invocation set off a renewed rage with Senator Ernie Chambers. He says he makes a point not to be there during the invocation. But, since this incident, he has called to an end of all invocations, something he's been trying to get stopped in the Senate.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cindy Sheehan At It Again!

From the Free Republic:

Cindy Sheehan

She's hanging out with the Venezulean President and widow of a terrorist.

At Newsmax.com, seems she may decide to challenge Senator Diane Fienstein's job in Congress because of her view on the Iraqi war.

Then, to top it all, go over to Little Green Footballs and see the ultimate in sickening photos! Seems Sheehan is about to over do herself! Or, is that, show everyone what kind of person she really is? Is this the new way of obtaining peace, 'at any cost?'

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Abramoff Scandal Rubs Off On Democrats

In an interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, Howard Dean, Democratic National Chairman, says "that Democrats who took money from Indian tribes represented by Jack Abramoff and who did something on behalf of those tribes have "a big problem."

When questioned by Chris Wallace, Dean says that the Democrats had done no wrong, and not one of them had did any favors for Abramoff's Indian tribe clients.

But Wallace countered: "So if we find that there were some Democrats who wrote letters on behalf of some of the Indian tribes that Abramoff represented, then what do you say, sir?" Dean's response: "That's a big problem. And those Democrats are in trouble. And they should be in trouble."

In November 2005 the Associated Press reported that Senate Minority Leader Reid had accepted tens of thousands of dollars from an Abramoff client, the Coushatta Indian tribe, after interceding with Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton over a casino dispute with a rival tribe.

Reid "sent a letter to Norton on March 5, 2002," the AP said. "The next day, the Coushattas issued a $5,000 check to Reid's tax-exempt political group, the Searchlight Leadership Fund. A second tribe represented by Abramoff sent an additional $5,000 to Reid's group. Reid ultimately received more than $66,000 in Abramoff-related donations between 2001 and 2004."

I am sure this is one time Dean wishes he had kept his mouth shut! Open mouth-insert foot!

HT: BizBlogger: Howard Dean: Harry Reid "In Trouble".

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

What Does Carter Mean!

Former President Carter is calling for support for the newly-elected Hamas government in Palestine.

Hamas, the largest and most powerful of the Palestinian terror organizations, which advocates Israel's destruction, has carried out scores of bombings over the last five years of Palestinian violence, attacks which have killed hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Is he actually wanting us to support terrorism? Does he not realize that we are to back Israel, not support someone who wants to annihilate them?

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United, We Stand - Divided, We Fall

One of the most quoted Aesop fables, I suppose, is 'united we stand; divided we fall'. I've often heard 'a family that prays together stays together'. That sort of fits right in with united and divided.

When we are united for a cause, or united on specifics, then there is no division. But, in these trying times in our society, I see more division than unity. The Church community is not united on their stand on certain scriptures. The Bible clearly states that for a man or woman to sleep with the same sex is an abomination unto God. Yet, there is a push in today's society for 'tolerance', in letting same sex unions/marriages be allowed in our states. I don't think we will find a scripture in the Bible that speaks to tolerating any kind of sin. If it was wrong when God spoke to the offense, then, it is still wrong today. He said His word that Jesus is 'the same yesterday, today, and forever.' And, His Word is truth. That is all I can go on.

In Maryland, Black lawmakers are deeply divided over same-sex marriages.

Consider Sens. Ulysses Currie and Gwendolyn T. Britt. Both are Democrats who represent progressive African American districts in Prince George's County. But they are on opposite extremes of a gulf that divides their communities.

Currie said he will be guided from the pulpit and by Christian constituents who on this issue alone, he says, "are as conservative as the conservatives."

Britt said she answers to the echoes of the civil rights era and supports gay men and lesbians because she knows "how to walk a mile in someone else's shoes."

The problem isn't just between the homosexual-lesbian communities and the straights, but in each camp of individuals, be it black, white, or any other color or nationality. Where some of us see it as a moral issue, others see it as a civil rights issue. Civil rights has to do with citizenship - "the fundamental privileges given to us through the 13th and 14th amendments to the constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination." (according to The American Heritage Dictionary)

I have to go back to scripture.

Luke 11:17 But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

The Church is divided on the decision of banning/not banning same-sex marriages/unions. Some churches have put ministers in their pulpits that are openly gay. It has brought division among their denominations. Christians are divided because of their interpretation of scripture as to inclusion and exclusion, or 'loving thy neighbor as thyself' - I suppose.

We can never exclude anyone from coming to know the Lord, if the Holy Spirit woos them, and they are susceptible to the salvation plan of God. But, I do not think God means for us to go 'beyond scripture' and allow sin to creep into the church body - knowingly. Until we get a grip on what the Commandments of God really encompasses, and what it means to truly obey them, then we are going to have problems, and society is never going to be united. There is division in the land today - in fact, all over the world, on the stand for/against same-sex marriages or unions. It will probably go on until the return of our Lord and Savior.

HT: to Blogcorner Preacher, who sees it as 'a moral issue and not a civils rights issue.' As he has said, when it's sex between two men or two women, they are breaking God's law!

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What Is More Important - Black Or Red?

My surfing the Web today has taken me on many chases – some important and some not so important. But, in all of them, I have learned a few things. One of them happens to be that we all have our opinions, our preferences, and our interpretations.

I came across the fact that Phil Johnson, of PyroManiac, is no longer a single blogger. But, he has started up a new blog with fellow bloggers – some of whom I read. I did jump over to the old site from Adrian’s blog, and checked out the new one. From there, I read comments on the blog, and followed some of the commentors. Those led me to some very interesting things.

But, back to surfing, I came across an article at Blogcorner Preacher that caught my attention. He discussed which words held the most authority – Christ’s personal words in red, or the rest of the Bible in black. Although he says all words are inspired by God, the words in red held the most significance because he felt there would be less error in words directly from God.

So, back to surfing! I came across a very interesting article by Doug Hoff – The Words of Christ are Red and Black. He talked about the history of the Red Letter Bible, so I found an online explanation of the person given the credit for the first Bible, printing Jesus’ words in red. And, I found that the first Bible with red letters came out around 1899-1900.

So, back to which is more important – the red or the black? Truthfully, I believe the scripture that says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” 2 Timothy 3:16 The entire Bible was ‘inspired by God’ – the contents of the scriptures.

I prefer a Bible with the Lord’s words spoken directly by Him in red, but that doesn’t make me believe less in the words in black. After all, ‘words spoken’ had no color.

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Just A Matter of One's Conscience?

By chance, I happened upon Jim V’s post, Cheap Life, at Christian thoughts. He had been watching ABC’s Nightline one Wednesday night during the hearings for nominee Judge Alito. Nightline had thought it appropriate to interview an abortion doctor from Arkansas, in light of the thoughts that the liberals are afraid that the demise of Roe vs. Wade hangs in the balance with his confirmation. So, I went searching for something on this doctor, Dr. William Harrison, from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

It stuns me that a doctor, who takes an oath, upholding the sanctity of life, can turn around and try and legitimize the killing of unborn, innocent babies.

I found this bit of information, while surfing for the Hippocratic Oath. It is from questions and answers put to doctors.

Only three paragraphs (3, 4, and 7) apply in any serious fashion to what most physicians and laypeople would expect to be the content of a solemn oath at medical school graduation. The first of these suggests giving good advice on diet and keeping patients from harm. The second prohibits both euthanasia and abortion. The third promises patient confidentiality.

Now giving good dietary advice is certainly laudable, but it hardly expresses a comprehensive commitment to provide knowledgeable treatment of all sorts, without performing a sort of biblical exegesis. Keeping patients from harm, by contrast, is a critical concept to any relevant medical oath, as is the confidentiality of patient information. However, many physicians are fully supportive of abortions, and some physicians are sympathetic to aiding in euthanasia for terminally ill patients precisely to "keep them from harm."

To summarize the operational part of the Hippocratic oath, then, all physicians would swear to (1) give good dietary advice, (2) keep the patient from harm, and (3) maintain confidentiality; would probably swear (4) to abjure euthanasia; and might swear (5) to abjure abortion.

Yes, here this 70 year old doctor from Arkansas has been giving abortions for almost all his career, starting in the 1960’s. He has performed over 10,000 abortions (think of the people he has killed!), and proud of it. He says he has helped all these women to become ‘born again’ and ‘regain their lives’ after aborting their unborn child. What he doesn’t tell you is that he probably isn’t there to help the young woman through all the problems she has as a result of the abortion. You cannot tell me, a Mother, that aborting your child you’ve carried in your womb is not a traumatic experience. I’ve seen women, who have had a miscarriage, carry the heartbreak throughout their lifetime. It never leaves. So, why would aborting a child be any different?

And he remains entirely unambiguous when it comes to the fundamental issues at stake when considering to terminate a pregnancy.

"I consider the mother's life to be much more important than that little blob of tissue, and that's all it is at that time," he said.

I challenged him on this point, saying that this little blob to which he refers has by 20 days a beating heart and by 40 days a brain that's directing the functions of all the major organs.

The doctor conceded to me that all of that is true — and that he's comfortable with killing this notion of life.

The term ‘The Abortionist of Arkansas’ truly fits this doctor, and, according to ABC’s report, neither he nor his patients are ashamed of that title. I wonder how God looks upon these events.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christian Carnival CVI Is Up

Technogypsy is hosting the Carnival this week. And, there are some great entries! And, I want to thank him for accepting my entry a little late. The time just slipped away. I have the Carnival listed in my Forget Me Not program, but you have to be off your computer and boot it up for the reminder to show up. Well, I didn't cut my machine off and I completely forgot until late last night! He was gracious enough to let me slip in this time! Thanks!


Judge Alito Versus Senate Democrats

During the hearings, I heard many reasons for not confirming Judge Alito as our next Supreme Court Justice. None of them had one thing to do with his ability to do the job, or his accomplishments. It was all about him becoming like the other conservative judges, and voting the way they do. I think the real threat to the Democrats is the fact that there will be one more conservative on the bench. And,they are so afraid that, since Justice O'Connor isn't being placed by a moderate, they may lose cases that would have been won, had another moderate been put on the bench.

Democrats also worry that Alito, along with new Chief Justice John Roberts, would make the court more conservative and could even help overturn major decisions such as Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that declared abortion a fundamental constitutional right.

Abortion seems to be the one main issue that they are so concerned with. But, why worry, since the conservatives are out numbered on the bench. I don't think they will ever overturn Roe vs. Wade, without a miracle on the bench.

But, the truth that stands behind the Democrats not supporting Judge Alito is seen in the statement from Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

"I think it sends a message to the American people that this guy is not King George, he's President George," Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said.

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Top Quarterback Recruit Aims To Stay Grounded In Christ

How refreshing to read about this young man from St. Augustine, Florida! In a world that pushes our youth too far, at times, Tim Tebow, who played football for Nease High School, has learned a great lesson in his few short years.

Tim was recruited by the top football programs in the nation, but chose to go to the University of Florida. But, when he was asked to give the stats for his years in high school, he could not. Neither does he surf the net to find who has been writing about him. He has been taught that 'honoring God is more important than athletic accomplishments.'

As he enters the adulating world of college football, his parents believe they have prepared him for this new phase in life.

“We had to start when he was very young,” Pam Tebow said, with Scripture memorization and “emphasizing humility and character.”

“We kept telling him that he could not praise himself but wait for others to do it and that he couldn’t talk about himself,” she said.

A documentary was written about Tebow's Senior year. He was homeschooled, but given a chance by the coach of Nease High School to play quarterback for the school.

The documentary begins with Tebow’s father reading Proverbs 27:2 and explaining that the 18-year-old was named for the Apostle Paul’s young friend, Timothy, a name that means “honoring God.”

Tebow's parents can be proud of the young man they have brought up to honor God. Scripture tells us to bring up our children in the way that is right and they will never depart from it. These parents have done a great job!

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NBC Pulls Plug On The Book Of Daniel

After only a few episodes, NBC was forced to stop the showing of The Book of Daniel. Although the creator, Jack Kenny, says it was a hit, apparently, NBC feels otherwise.

Many thousands of concerned citizens wrote NBC in protest. I am sure many also wrote to those who were sponsoring the show. After the third episode, only Burlington Coat Factory was left as a sponsor.

NBC will run "Law and Order" in the place of The Book of Daniel this Friday night.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sign Of A Perfect Heart

This morning, I received an email with a story called The Perfect Heart. I quickly searched to find the story on the Internet, and came up with the one above, which is a little different in the ending.

When one speaks of a 'perfect heart', your mind usually thinks 'medically speaking'. But, this is not the true meaning of a perfect heart. Man says you cannot have a perfect heart; scriptures says otherwise.

I came across this article by David Wilkerson, A Perfect Heart.

It is possible to walk before the Lord with a perfect heart! God said to Abraham, "I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect" (Genesis 17:1).

Wilkerson gives many scriptures in the Bible of accounts of men with a perfect heart 'toward God'. This is a heart which is complete and lacking nothing, in God. It is a heart which puts its trust fully in God.

A perfect heart is one that is searchable:

"The Lord searcheth all hearts" (1 Chronicles 28:9). The perfect heart cries out with David, "Search me, O God, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me" (Psalm 139:23-24).

A perfect heart is a trusting heart:

God has been showing me something recently about trusting Him that I've never seen before! The psalmist wrote, "Our Fathers trusted in Thee: they trusted, and Thou didst deliver them. They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in Thee and were not confounded" (Psalm 22:4-5).
A perfect heart is a broken heart:

David said, "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite [crushed] spirit" (Psalm 34:18). He also said, "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise" (Psalm 51:17).

Brokenness is more than weeping, more than sorrow, more than a crushed spirit, more than humility. Indeed, many who weep are not brokenhearted. Many who lie before God and groan are not broken in spirit. True brokenness releases in the heart the greatest power God can entrust to man - greater than power to raise the dead, greater than power over sickness and disease!

I just finished the review of the book by Lon Solomon, called Brokenness: How God Redeems Pain And Suffering. When we allow ourselves to be broken, our relationship with God becomes a more intimate one. We place our full trust in Him, knowing He has the perfect outcome for us in every situation.

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Memories Are Made Of This

We all have our memories: those which are special, and those which aren't as special.

This morning, while out to breakfast with my husband, we can in contact with several of my classmates, and some who weren't classmates of either of us. But, I met a cousin of a cousin, one whom I had never met, but heard much about. He happens to be the one who gets the Alumni Banquet up each year for our alma mater, which is no longer a functioning high school. It was a blow to the community for this school to stop the teaching facility, although the building, including the gym, is still there, being used - especially for the reunion each year.

The building was built in a time that makes it eligible for inclusion in the history of our state; places to see. I was told that the lower hall will be dedicated to the Alumni. It will once again, after being re-overhauled, hold memories from years gone by - memorabilia from the sports and band, along with class photos.

I was asked a question: What makes you keep memories of your school days? Well, one answer is to keep in touch with those classmates with whom you graduated. I never see many of the ones I graduated with. But, participating in an alumni banquet would probably put me in touch with some of those. I have attended one of the two class reunions we have had, although many of our classmates weren't there. And, since that first one, we have lost several of our classmates.

I was reading an article on The Owl's Song this morning: Remembering Those Who Influenced Me Along The Way. I have lots of great memories from school days. I was an office assistant to the guidance counselor. She was a wonderful woman. Her daughter turned out to be our Valedictorian, while I was our Salutatorian.

Then, there was our wonderful teacher of the business courses. Every time I see her, she never fails to say, "There is my best typist, who could not pass her last speed drill." She is so right. I will never forget that day. I was so nervous, and she gave me a chance in every period that day to pass that test! I could not do it - had sticky, nervous fingers which would not hit the correct keys! But, still, it didn't cause me to fall below an A in her class. But, it left a hurt on my heart, since I didn't like to fail anything! But, it is something I can share with my grandchildren, when they feel like failures at something. Even grandma fails sometimes!

The one teacher that touched my heart mostly, though, was my Home Economics teacher. She was never married: had a broken heart early in life. But, she loved teaching us to sew and cook. She knew all her former students by name; didn't matter when you graduated - she never forgot you. I had the privilege of going to her home after I moved where I am, since she lived not too far from where my children graduated. Today, she is gone on to her heavenly reward, but she will never be forgotten by me.

But one of the memories I'll forever cherish is that fact I graduated during the time you could still have prayer in the schools, and the Bible was read every morning during homeroom - over the loud speaker. Even at graduation, anyone was free to say a prayer, and it was welcomed by everyone that I knew of. I never heard a derogatory word against prayer.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Florida Parents Fight To Take Back Summer

If parents get it their way, school will not be starting until after Labor Day. The parents are tired of schools taking away the summer months in which they had planned vacation time.

I never have figured out why schools had to back up the date on which school started. Every year recently, it has been earlier and earlier, almost to the very first of August. Florida also has Governor Jeb Bush in their corner.

Other states, whose legislators are weighing in on the bill to start school after Labor day, are Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota and Wisconsin passed similar measures in recent years.

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Oh, It's Tagging Time!

Been Tagged! by Bloggin' Outloud. I'm not much of a player, but I'll do it this time. And, I'll tag four more, when I finish this. If you want, play along - simple rules. I give my answers and you give yours - on your blog! No cheating.

Four Jobs You’ve Had:

  • Proofreading and writing ads for Jewelry Company
  • Secretary to Vice-President Jewelry Company
  • Secretary for Bank Administrator (2)
  • Custom Seamstress/Drapery business - my own
Four Places You’ve Lived:
  • Montgomery, AL - State Capitol
  • Peru, IN - husband in Air Force - very cold, even in May!
  • Wichita Falls, TX - husband in Air Force
  • Nashville, TN - spent 5 years 'at home away from our home' here.

Four Vacations You've Taken
  • Norfolk, Virginia - brother was stationed here in the Navy
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN - great place to shop!
  • Chicago, IL

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
  • '57 Chevrolet /2DR coupe - actually was husband's when we married. Check this one out at EBAY! Ours was solid baby blue, with rolled seat covers!
  • '67 Pontiac GTO/2DR -maroon - bought new in '67 - and they are no longer made.
  • '76 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham/2DR -the 'stretch' limousine (smiles)
  • '92 Cadillac Sedan Deville

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Has America Erred?

While reading Living Under God by Toby Mac and Michael Tait today, which I am reviewing, I found something I did not know.

Under the education article, they wrote about Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. But, what really stood out to me, as I read, was the fact that he thought that the Bible should be the central text book in our schools. Rush was not only a physician, but also helped start America's first Bible Society. And he expressed his love for God in both word and deeds.

I am one who went through my entire schooling with the Bible being read every morning, and a student giving devotions. And, I feel I was not harmed one bit by the Bible I was exposed to through those 12 years of schooling. My children and my grandchildren will never know what it is to have the Bible part of their daily schooling, since prayer was taken out of our schools in 1962, when Madalyn Murray O'Hair, an atheist who hated religion, brought the case against the government and won.

It has been thought that prayer wasn't allowed at all in schools anymore; thus, it has become almost an unknown in our schools today. People are afraid of a court case.

Statement: Children can't pray in public schools. Yes, they can. In 1962 and 1963 the Supreme Court struck down mandatory, state-sponsored programs of prayer and Bible reading in public schools. The high court has never ruled that truly voluntary, individual prayer is unconstitutional. Individual students are free to recite voluntary prayers or read from religious texts during their free time.

Benjamin Rush felt we neglected to give our youth the universal education - the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible. He felt this would teach them equality among men, respect for the law, and make them virtuous people. Checking out other articles about Rush, I found the following quote at Did You Know? - Founder's Intent, which to me, is a truth that has come to pass.

And Benjamin Rush warned if America ever removed the Bible from the classroom, all of our time will be spent fighting crime.

Today, we see more crime among the youth, both in school and out. We have had such tragedies as those 12 students and a teacher killed and many wounded at Columbine High School. This wasn't caused by some outsider, but by students that everyone knew.

Would a return to what our Forefathers intended our schools to be have an impact on our youth today? Or,is it too late? Georgia legislature seems to be getting the message with their Senate Bill 437, which proposes a Bible Study course for their schools.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Georgia Lawmakers Propose Bible Study Course

Georgia State Senator Doug Stoner, Democrat- Myma, who co-sponsored the bill, says that students will benefit by knowing the Bible. The Bible would be taught in an objective way and non-devotional, and teachers would not try to teach the Bible as a truth or falsehood.

Senate Bill 437 would authorize the state school board to approve a high school course teaching about the Bible’s influence on literature, art, culture and politics, promising a “nonsectarian, non religious academic study.”

No particular materials or books have been chosen. Instead, the state educational officials will chose the material. Georgia's teachers are already given the choice to create classes about the Bible and other religious states by Georgia law. They do not have to get approval first.

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Working On New Look For Blog

For those of you who saw the preview of the 'new' look for my blog, I was having problems. Although it works wonderful in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Netscape had some problems with it. Columns ran wrong in IE, and Netscape says the file is corrupted. I had to take it down for minor repairs.But, as soon as I get the little quirks worked out, it will be back up.

I wanted a 3 column site in order to move some of the right sidebar to the left side so it would not be so crowded. So, I will have it back up permanently soon.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New York City Abortion Capitol Of The Country

According to the New York Daily News, in which they quote the new Vital Statistics report on abortion, New York holds the record for abortions.

According to the records, there were 91,700 induced abortions in New York City in 2004. For every 100 live births, there were 74 abortions. There were
124,100 live births, 11,700 spontaneous abortions. Women coming in from out of town for abortions increased from 57% to 70% in 2004.

The organization's Margaret Sanger Center in Manhattan is the largest abortion provider in New York, with 11,000 abortions performed a year.
Abortion rights advocates feel, if Judge Alito is confirmed to the bench, New York City will see an influx of women coming for abortions. They feel he will try and get Roe Vs. Wade overturned.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, an abortion-rights advocacy group, estimates that if Roe vs. Wade were overturned, abortions would likely be banned in 21 states, with the procedure at "medium risk" of being prohibited in another nine states.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Two-faced Ted

Senator Ted Kennedy did his usual thing last week during the hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito. He was critical of Judge Alito for belonging to a group when he was in college that Kennedy said discriminated against women.

While Kennedy grilled Alito for his misdeeds, he was hiding a truth. He was also a member of The Owl Club, a social club for Harvard alumni that does not allow membership of women. When asked the question if he was a member, he said he joined 52 years ago. He said, "I'm not a member, but I continue to pay about $100." Strange that he wasn't a member, but continued to pay his $100. A little hard to believe! He goes on to say he shouldn't be a member, that he should be getting out of it as fast as he can. Strange! But, then, Ted is a little strange.

Meanwhile, Kennedy admitted to Hiller that he himself probably couldn’t pass Judiciary Committee muster.
“Probably not . . . probably not,” Kennedy said.
Oh, if the voters in Massachusetts would take that to heart!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Is God Speaking To New Orleans Mayor Nagin?

While over at LaShawn Barber's Corner, I found that Nagin says God is mad at America. And, God is also mad at the 'black community' in particular, and that's why Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Does this sound a little far-fetched? Well, you haven't heard it all yet!

I decided to do a little research on Mayor Nagin in the news. And, look what I found! Mike Bayham writes about "Nagin's Nutty 'Chocolate' Speech".

The mayor spoke at a Martin Luther King Day event today.

the mayor declared that he had a conversation with the slain civil rights leader, who expressed his disappointment over a number of matters, including the decision by Jefferson Parish policemen to prevent New Orleans hurricane victims from crossing over the Mississippi River Bridge.

Mayor Nagin also says that God is angry with America, so he sent the three hurricanes. He said God was angry with the blacks in New Orleans because of the high rate of illegitimate births, and the high crime there. He also went on to say that New Orleans would once again be a 'chocolate' city. Does this mean whites or those of other color/nationality will not be allowed in New Orleans? Just what did his statement mean? The pre-Katrina racial composition of the city was 70% black and 30% white. Bayham doesn't think it will ever be of that mix again. Many will not be back because of the poverty, crime, drugs, and corruption that has plagued New Orleans in the past.

Dan Frazier, over at Metro-Blogging New Orleans, is a little upset over Mayor Nagin's remark.

Before the storm Mr. Mayor, I lived in the 9th ward. By choice. Because I loved it there and wasn’t worried about the black guy living next to me or the fact that at Mardi Gras I was the only white guy on the street when Zulu passed. I lost the house, the two cars, all the memories of 15 years in sports radio. Just like my wonderful chocolate neighbors. I payed my taxes. I spent my money in New Orleans. By your statements on MLK day, you’re basically telling me I am no longer welcome in the city I grew up in. Not everyone wants to live in the suburbs Mayor Nagin. Some of us remember the times in Orleans Parish when we didn’t have 3, 4 or 7 murders a week. Some of us remember having friends of ALL skin tones, of groups of New Orleanians having BBQ’s in the yard and again ALL the neighbors being there. Are you saying that we cannot get that back? You said God wants New Orleans to be black or chocolate, excuse me. Well did any of the other Christians in New Orleans get this memo?

If God was truly speaking to Mayor Nagin, do you not think He would tell him that it rains on the 'just and the unjust' alike? God is also not the God of division, as Mayor Nagin seems to be implying with his 'chocolate' statement.

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Anyone who says they do not procrastinate from time to time are either lying, or do not want to admit the truth – they are not perfect. None of us are perfect, especially me. I probably procrastinate more than any one. I am computer addicted, genealogy research-addicted, church addicted, and on and on.

But, one addiction robs from another. And, the addictions cause me to procrastinate in other areas – housecleaning, for instance. I do not like to clean house. I have to be ‘in the mood’, which does not come as often as it should. When I do decide, things overwhelm me. Right now, I should be up and doing things in my house (oh, it is not a pig pen!) which I’ve neglected lately. Can you say, “her Christmas tree is still up, and the boxes are sitting there beside it to be used.”? I admit I asked my husband to get them from the attic last Saturday, but I have not taken time to take that tree down. But, writing this admission is going to cause me to go take it down today.

I need to iron. That is not one of my loves, but, when I start, everything in sight that needs ironing will be ironed. Then, I sit down and forget it for awhile. After all, having stood on my feet for so long, I’m not able to stand any longer.

But, even an addiction I love (genealogy research) has become a chore. Oh, not the actual research, but the filing away and entering process I need to catch upon has gotten so large, I hate to attack it. But, with tomorrow being my usual research day with my close friend, Kay, I am going to try and attack some of that today, also.

I read an article today on Good and Bad Procrastination. I didn’t really know there was such a thing. I thought, when you procrastinated, you just put off a job that you would eventually have to come back to. But, according to this article, putting off doing the small things to work on big things is okay. Paul Graham says there is no way to cure procrastination, but there are three things you could be doing:

  • Nothing
  • Something less important
  • Something more important
He concludes that ‘something more important’ is a good procrastination.

I am sitting here wondering which of my procrastinations could qualify for a ‘good procrastination’. I have a large web site, which I have to maintain. I have a blog (this one) which I love to work on constantly. I have ironing, housework, and other things that need to be done. All of them, to me, seem important. How do you go about deciding which is more important – put them all on a piece of paper, throw them into a hat, and draw out one? I suppose I decide my fate on procrastination each time I sit before this keyboard, like right now, and articulate my preferences. But, today, I want to do a few things to change my procrastination on a few of those fronts – housecleaning and ironing. Needless to say, my husband will be thrilled!

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Christian Youth Celebrate Faith

You hear so much in the news today about our youth getting into trouble. Most of our youth are well-adjusted, nice, innocent people. The ones that commit the hideous crimes are a bad reflection on all of them. So, this article about the Christian youth certainly puts a renewed faith in the youth of today.

More than 2,000 students and their chaperones met in Saratoga Springs City Center for the 20th annual Youth for Christ Leadership Conference. One of the speakers was the father of Rachel Scott, one of the students slain in the Columbine School massacre. Darrell Scott has been touring the country, giving speeches about his daughter's vision for helping others and how to live spiritually.

Students were happy to be at the conference with other like-minded youth. They felt freedom in expressing their spiritual views without being looked at funny. They enjoyed hanging out with friends and making new friends.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

When you have a deceased loved one in a funeral home, and go for the viewing, you expect to find the right person. Well, that's not what happened at Spry Funeral Home in Huntsville recently.

Seems this family went to view their loved one, only to find it was the wrong woman. Their Aunt had been buried days earlier, identified as the wrong woman. She had to be exhumed in order to have her funeral. The woman who was mistakenly shown as this woman was to have had a closed-casket funeral; thus, the mistake of burying the wrong woman!

My advice? Always check inside the casket before burial, if it's a closed casket. I am sure there will be problems over this costly mistake!

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One More Quiz

You scored as English. You should be an English major!
Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively,
and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that
interest of yours!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

Dimly Lit caused me to take this Quiz! Go check out his results.

Pictures of Nuclear Site in Iran Released By US

The US released satellite pictures of the nuclear site in Iran. A private institution took an area photograph on January 2. It shows the Natanz plant with seven new buildings going up that have appeared during this past year.

The site at Natanz, 220 kilometres southeast of Teheran in central Iran, includes Iran’s main fuel enrichment plant where Iranian technicians removed seals on Tuesday that had been installed by International Atomic Energy Agency. It also resumed research on nuclear fuel, which included small-scale enrichment.

Although Iran denies any wrong doing, or that they are again engaged in nuclear weapons production, the photo declares otherwise. Seals were removed that had been put in place to enforce suspension of activities involved in uranium enrichment.

Michelle Malkin has some great comments on her blog about Iran. She says we are on the brink!
My simple question: Do Americans understand the gravity of the situtation? I fear not. Once again, we are ill-served by a short-sighted, narcissistic, Bush-deranged news media far more interested in playing "gotcha," selling fish-wrap, and serving as Democrat Party adjuncts than keeping readers/viewers informed of the world's biggest threats.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

What Makes A Good Cry?

I have never seen crying as bad for a woman or a man. Emotions are nothing of which to be ashamed. I feel sorry for people who are incapable of showing emotions in certain situations that I feel calls for it.

There are people who use emotions to get what they want. In fact, you should never 'use' crying as a way to a means. But, for people to say that Martha Ann Alito used crying as a grandstand play in the hearings the other day is sick! Anyone could tell she was very affected by the apology that Senator Lindsey Graham made for his fellow committee members - the liberal Democrats. She realized there were a few good men on that committee that cared, and were not ashamed to make the apology for those that were trying to smear her husband's good name. I, personally, would probably have cried, too, had I had to sit before the buffoons who wrongly accused my husband of some of the things they tried to pin on Judge Alito.

I remember, years ago, crying at my grandfather's funeral. He lived out the road from us all my life, and I knew I was going to miss him. He would no longer be there to talk to, or visit. Oh, he was ninety years old, so, according to a cousin, it was wrong to cry at the funeral! I was told, "You need to keep yourself in check." For years, I had a hostile feeling toward that cousin! But, as the years have gone by, I realize she was incapable of having the emotions I did. She never lived close and did not see Papa that much. Therefore, his death did not hit her as hard as it did those grandchildren who grew up with him in their lives daily.

I have to admit, certain things bring tears to my eyes, but tears are not to be ashamed of. Some are tears of loss; some are tears of sorrow; some are tears of joy. And, when those tears begin to flow, you cannot 'check them at the door'. If they are truly tears coming from the soul of a person, they will come - sometimes, unexpectedly. That's how I felt they were coming from Mrs. Alito. She was not trying to bring attention to herself, or do a grandstand play in front of the committee for her husband. She was a woman, who has been with her husband many years, and knew the things that were said were not true. She had sat there several days, with those things being thrown at him, and had held her emotions. But, the final straw came when she heard Senator Graham admit they had been wronged, and he wanted to assure them they had done no wrong.

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You Thought You Had Heard It All

Today, I've been surprised twice, first by a caller on a local radio talk show. They had been talking about women, for some reason. And, this guy calls in who sounds like an older fellow. He declares that men are 'superior' to women. As he was questioned, he said he was superior to his wife, and she agreed. The radio host asked the man where he got his idea that man was superior to woman. And, he said the Bible.

Wait a minute! He quoted the scripture about man being the head of the house, the head of the church, but that doesn't make man superior to woman. But, this man kept saying man was superior in ALL ways to a woman. I thought about the scripture that says 'they shall be one flesh'. Genesis 2:24 Apparently, this man doesn't look at his wife as 'part of his flesh' - just a person he can boss around all the time. The one thing he conceded on was her right to drive. You know why? So she could run errands for him!

The second surprise came in the way of a post over at JWR Insight. It is laughable, funny, and almost true! Seems Senator Biden has emitted too much carbon monoxide this week during the Altio hearings. Scientists fear he is creating an enviromental threat.

Dr. Kyosuke and his colleagues were mulling a number of proposals for reining in the ecological threat posed by Sen. Biden, including urging the Environment Protection Agency to issue tougher emission standards for U.S. Senators.

But, Senator Biden wasn't the only one the scientists found fault with. Take Senator Kennedy, for instance.

The scientist said his peers were also "deeply concerned" about a possible environmental threat posed by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass): "There is a serious possibility that Sen. Kennedy's head will block out the sun and cause all life on Earth to wither and die."

I completely agree with these scientists! Something has to be done with these Senators! After sitting through four days of the hearings, about the best thing that came out of it was when Chairman Arlen Spector put Senator Kennedy in his place!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Supreme Court Nominee Hearings For Judge Alito

I have watched the Altio Supreme Court nominee hearings with growing contempt. To think we, as a nation, have elected some of these men and women to public office. Most of them have ‘hidden’ things in their closets; yet, they feel compelled to drag out non-existent ones from Judge Alito’s closet.

Could we turn the questions to those committee persons asking the questions, and say, “Do you have secrets in your past?” To Senator Kennedy, “What made you opt to save your skin, rather than trying to save Mary Joe Kopechne?” “In fact, Senator Kennedy, why were you out with this young woman, when you were a married man?” And, let’s not answer, “I don’t remember.”

Kennedy is one of the most out-spoken ones against President Bush’s nominees for Supreme Court. And, he acts as though he’s never done a thing wrong in his life. He escaped punishment for Mary Jo’s death, something you and I, the general public, would never have gotten away with.

We know the reason for all the strong accusations coming from the left. They do not want another conservative judge on the Supreme Court. They have done everything in their power to bring up something in Alito’s past that will keep him from being confirmed. And, without being able to find anything substantial except ‘I don’t remember’, they have tried to link him with things he has had nothing to do with, including the writings of others that surely he ‘must have read’ in the magazine. What a reach!

The truth of matter is, I think these people enjoy hearing their own voices, since most of them spoke longer than they asked questions of Judge Alito. And, sometimes, he wasn’t even given a chance to give a complete answer. Little short quips came his way – trying to degrade his character.

I applaud the calmness of Judge Alito, his ability to sit and stare them in the face, never smiling or frowning – just looking straight at them, as they voice their absurdities! Like Lindsey Graham, I hate that he and his family had to sit through this ridiculous hearing, listening to their family name being dragged through the mud!

The charade continues for the third day, although not as nasty as the second day. Hopefully, this will wrap up quickly, and Judge Altio will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Susan Jones, Senior Editor at CNSNews,com, wrote a great article about the attacks on Judge Alito - Attacks on Alito, supporters say.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes

When I stepped out into the cold this morning, I was reminded of the song, What A Difference A Day Makes, sung by Dinah Washington. Yesterday morning, at the same time, it was short-sleeved weather. And, this morning, it is quite nippy, needing a jacket.

Every day does make a difference in our lives, not only in the weather, but also in our daily living. Changes are daily made within our jobs, our homes, and our churches, that affect our daily lives.

Our home life should be changing for the better, day by day. We should be able to relate to those around us, and be able to withstand whatever trials come our way, without overacting to them. In other words, we should be able to live together amicably.

Our jobs are another matter. Some have co-workers who are impossible to work with. And, sometimes, that causes one to have to change jobs when they really do not want to. But, some will choose to try and get along, in order to stay where they are most comfortable. Time tells whether it is an alternative or not, to leave that position.

Church should be upmost on our list. We are the CHURCH, per se. Daily, we should strive to more closely resemble the example that Jesus gives us to be a Christian. Is society dictating to you what you should do, or how you should act/react? Or, do you rely on the commandments of God to guide you through each day? I find, that with each day, serving God is afresh, and deserving of my attention more, as I grow older. Hopefully, each day will make a difference in my walk with my Lord and God.

Three Strikes And You Are Out

Sony has been a very well known company as long as I can remember. Perhaps their heads have swollen to the point anything goes with them. At least, to the point of making CD's so 'copyright protected', they put DRM trojan horses on PC's.

David Berlind at Between The Lines reports:

Reports are beginning to turn up around the Web that discuss how certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs itself as a rootkit on Windows PCs. When software surreptitiously installs a rootkit, it's usually doing so to cover its tracks — a technique commonly associated with malware such as viruses and Trojan horses. Rootkits generally latch themselves onto the foundation or "roots" of an operating system in a variety of ways that not only prevent their detection, but also their extraction. According to the Wikipedia's definition," a rootkit is often used to hide utilities used to abuse a compromised system."

Sony has now launched a music label strictly for the gay community.

The label, Music with a Twist, is a joint venture with Wilderness Media & Entertainment, the company led by Matt Farber, who has founded MTV's new gay and lesbian channel LOGO.

"Only now are media and entertainment brands being created for the gay and lesbian audience following the success of brands for other minorities," he said.

They are using the fact that labels have been successful for African Americans and Hispanics. But, when did the gay and lesbian movement some synonymous with African Americans or Hispanics? I think $$$$ came before the eyes of Sony. Scripture teaches us that 'the love of money is the root of all evil.' I Timothy 6:10.

Deep Links has a good article on Sony-BMG putting copyright protection technology called XCP on it's recent CD's. They list many CD's and how to recognize which ones have this technology on them. Also, they tell you how to keep from being infected by XCP on your computer.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Carnival of Beauty Is Up

She Lives is hosting Carnival of Beauty this week. She has done a great job. Go over and check out the posts of the Christian women. There are really some good ones this week. The topic was Winter.


Mice Do Strange Things!

When my friend relayed this message to me, as we ate lunch today, I could vision what really happened. It sounds funny, but so what? Mice are like men; they have a mind of their own!

Seems this 81 year old man in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was having mouse problems around his house. He had set traps. He was out burning leaves, and he came across a mouse, still live, on one of his traps, and he couldn't get him off. So, he did what he thought was the best; he put him in the fire. But, the mouse wasn't going to be out done. He got loose from the trap, and ran back into the house. A minute and a half later, the house was on fire!

The fire chief Chavez said it is certainly plausible that it happened just like Luciano Mares had said. The fire chief said he told him the story when they got to the house, and he's repeated to everyone else. Why should he tell a lie? Richard Mares, the nephew, said his uncle has told many people the same story. Chavez says there will be no farther investigation and the paper work will reflect what they were told.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Eminent Domain Abuse

Seems Ohio is the one of the worse offenders of the eminent domain game. They have condemned or threatened to condemn at least 400 properties in 5 years.

The city of Norwood, OH property owners and businesses are fighting back! The city of Norwood and developer Jeffery R. Anderson are trying to take these properties away from the owners for Anderson's personal use. Some of the owners want to sell, but others do not. It is all or nothing for Anderson.

The one puzzling thing in all of this is the fact that Anderson paid for and did his own study that the Council of the City of Norwood used to condemn 99 properties. Not one of these properties were dilapidated or had taxes in arrears. This was admitted by the Norwood 'blight' study!

Charles and Joy Gamble, owners of a beautiful home in Norwood, and one of those families run out of their home, are one of the 13 clients going to a higher court, trying to get their property back. The Gambles appeared with their lawyer on Hannity and Colmes, Fox News on Monday, January 9.

The Institute for Justice attorneys will be arguing this case in front of the Supreme Court in Columbus, OH, on Wednesday, January 11, 2006. A rally will be held earlier that morning. Information can be found at Castle Coalition - Citizens fighting eminent domain abuse.

According to one report, there has been over 10,000 properties siezed by cities for private developers. It is part of eminent domain for private gain.

Read my article entitled "Is Your House Really Yours?"

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It Is Winter - Or, Is It?

I love winter, although I’m a very cold-natured person. But, I want COLD, when you say winter. I hate to wear a coat one day, with the wind blowing through you, like you were wearing a piece of screen wire, only to have to wear a sweater, or a short sleeve the next day. Folks, that’s not a season of winter to me; it is the weather playing tricks on us!

We had some cold weather back in the Fall. Christmas comes along, and it’s not even cold enough to wear the new coat my husband got me for Christmas. In fact, I made the comment to him the other day that I probably would have to wait until next winter to even put it on. Even shopping for Christmas gifts, I would wear a light shirt and sweater, or light-weight jacket, only to almost burn up in the malls. It was as if they thought it was 20 degrees outside, when it was probably in the 50’s or higher. And, the weather hasn’t been to different since Christmas. In fact, today, it was in the low 70’s, much too high for this second week of January.

Are we promised any change in the outlook for this season? Who knows! I had thought, with such a hot summer, we would at least have some very cold weeks in the winter. But, it had better hurry up! We had more cold weeks in November, going to the football games than we have had since then. Why not push the Winter months back a little? After all, the plants do not realize it’s winter, and not Spring. I’ve seen trees and plants sprouting leaves. And, when a cold snap does come, those plants and trees will be killed, or, at least stunned in their growth for the Spring.

I can remember when the seasons were true to their name. In other words, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall had their three distinctive months. And, you could know what clothes to wear during those seasons. Now, you never have to put up your winter clothes OR your summer ones. In the winter, you may have summer temperatures during the day, and winter temperatures during the night. In the summer, you may have hot days, but very cool, unseasonable nights. But, I suppose God knows what He is doing; so I will not question Him.

The one thing we need to keep in mind is the fact that He controls the universe, which includes the seasons. And, in one of those seasons, He will send His Son back to catch away the Church. Be ready – keep your ‘fires’ burning, your ‘lamps’ lit – and wear whatever clothing you need to keep warm or cool – not that you will need it, when He splits the Eastern sky!

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Old Age Is Coming To All Of Us

Do you ever feel like you are a 'stranger in your own land'? Do you sometimes feel the church has sort of forgotten you, that you have been a part of it for so many years, that you are just a 'fixture', and not a true participant? In other words, you are taken for granted.

Having reached the ripe 'old' (and I use that loosely) age of 63, Tim Challis' post today, entitled 'Do Not Cast Me Off In The Time of Old Age' really resonated with me. He has hit on so many points strictly from the Bible where the aged are to be honored over the youth. That doesn't mean we don't need the youth in the church, that they aren't to be used in their own right. But, I do feel most churches today have put the youth above the elderly, in order to 'grow' their church. And, some are reducing, especially the smaller churches, in number, rather than growing.

There are programs designed clearly only for the young. The music has drifted over to the youth. Hymns are no longer a part of most churches' music program. And, that is a shame! I grew up on hymns, a part of every time I went to church. I've enjoyed them all my life. They have meaning to them, and I believe the youth could benefit from most hymns. If a church is going to put in worship songs, they should at least, give a little place for hymns, the songs the 'aged' cut their teeth on.

I have learned in my 'short years' that, as I aged, I now look on things differently than I did when I was younger. As the years pass, I realize that I didn't 'know all things' when I was younger. God still has more learning for me even now. We never get too old to learn. But, I do feel that, when the church is given over to the youth, they aren't given the privilege of learning from the wisdom of the aged.

I believe society today looks on the elderly as a burden. Siblings don't honor their parents as much as they used to do. Society dictates to us what we should and shouldn't do, and our time seems to be in other places rather than on our elderly parents. My mother is still living at the age of 88 1/2, and I give her Godly-living as the reason for that. But, she isn't honored like she should be. I do all I can for my mother. But, she needs visitors. The church seems to have abandoned those elderly who aren't able to get out as they once did. Oh, she is able to drive to church and a few other places. But, nobody from the church ever visits or seldom call. And, elderly people need this. After all, they did make up the church for many years, giving to those youth that have now grown older.

Has the church completely forgotten the elderly in their quest for bigger and brighter things? Or, have they just gotten lost in the shuffle of 'too much to do' in this modern world? I think we all need to take a hard, fast look at what is going on today in our churches. Let us place ourselves years down the road and see where our fate will be, if the church continues on the path it is going today.

I love the youth, and I get many hugs and 'I love you's' from some of them. But, I also honor age and what it means to be getting older, seeing that I am fastly approaching the age of what could be 'rejection'. We don't know what the future holds for any of us, whether it be dementia, alzheimer's disease which is attacking more and more, and not just the elderly, or some other disease which will be our demise in old age. In our approach to a better church, let's not leave the elderly behind, and 'left wanting'.

I want to leave with you 2 scriptures that Tim quoted in his post:

  • Psalms 92:13 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.
  • Psalms 92:14 They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;
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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chaplain Ends 18 Day Fast

Visiting Stacy at Blogforbooks tonight, I found that Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt supposedly 'won the victory' and now is able to pray in Jesus name.

But, looking into the media coverage, one Navy official says that's not the case. There was 'nothing to win', according to the Navy.

Lt. William Marks, a Navy spokesman, said yesterday there never were restrictions against Lt. Klingenschmitt and he is not sure why the chaplain considered himself victorious.

But, if that be the case, why did the Navy have his uniform, and why did his supervisor, Capt. Lloyd Pyle, tell him Friday that he could now give prayers while in uniform? Also, why have there been so many lawsuits filed against the Navy by their chaplains. 2 lawsuits were brought by 50 chaplains in 1999 and 2000, stating the Navy discriminates against evangelical and Pentecostal clerics. Most of the chaplains are no longer with the Navy because they couldn't get promoted.

But, whatever the case, I am happy to see the Chaplain once again with the ability to pray as he wants, 'In Jesus name'.

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