Monday, January 23, 2006

Memories Are Made Of This

We all have our memories: those which are special, and those which aren't as special.

This morning, while out to breakfast with my husband, we can in contact with several of my classmates, and some who weren't classmates of either of us. But, I met a cousin of a cousin, one whom I had never met, but heard much about. He happens to be the one who gets the Alumni Banquet up each year for our alma mater, which is no longer a functioning high school. It was a blow to the community for this school to stop the teaching facility, although the building, including the gym, is still there, being used - especially for the reunion each year.

The building was built in a time that makes it eligible for inclusion in the history of our state; places to see. I was told that the lower hall will be dedicated to the Alumni. It will once again, after being re-overhauled, hold memories from years gone by - memorabilia from the sports and band, along with class photos.

I was asked a question: What makes you keep memories of your school days? Well, one answer is to keep in touch with those classmates with whom you graduated. I never see many of the ones I graduated with. But, participating in an alumni banquet would probably put me in touch with some of those. I have attended one of the two class reunions we have had, although many of our classmates weren't there. And, since that first one, we have lost several of our classmates.

I was reading an article on The Owl's Song this morning: Remembering Those Who Influenced Me Along The Way. I have lots of great memories from school days. I was an office assistant to the guidance counselor. She was a wonderful woman. Her daughter turned out to be our Valedictorian, while I was our Salutatorian.

Then, there was our wonderful teacher of the business courses. Every time I see her, she never fails to say, "There is my best typist, who could not pass her last speed drill." She is so right. I will never forget that day. I was so nervous, and she gave me a chance in every period that day to pass that test! I could not do it - had sticky, nervous fingers which would not hit the correct keys! But, still, it didn't cause me to fall below an A in her class. But, it left a hurt on my heart, since I didn't like to fail anything! But, it is something I can share with my grandchildren, when they feel like failures at something. Even grandma fails sometimes!

The one teacher that touched my heart mostly, though, was my Home Economics teacher. She was never married: had a broken heart early in life. But, she loved teaching us to sew and cook. She knew all her former students by name; didn't matter when you graduated - she never forgot you. I had the privilege of going to her home after I moved where I am, since she lived not too far from where my children graduated. Today, she is gone on to her heavenly reward, but she will never be forgotten by me.

But one of the memories I'll forever cherish is that fact I graduated during the time you could still have prayer in the schools, and the Bible was read every morning during homeroom - over the loud speaker. Even at graduation, anyone was free to say a prayer, and it was welcomed by everyone that I knew of. I never heard a derogatory word against prayer.

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