Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hal Lindsey Resigns from TBN

Hal Lindsey sent a resignation letter to TBN. He refuses to be subjected to censorship on what he says. He has to submit what he's going to say each week and, then, if rejected, he is out lots of money. And, he says he doesn't have money to do away in that regard.

TBN has decided that it's not feasible for ministries to say anything negative about Muslims. Lindsey was told by Paul, Jr, their decision, and they had also warned other ministries, such as John Hagee, Perry Stone, Jack VanImpe, and others. So, he realized they will not change their policy. And, he will not compromise his position.

I am sure of my calling from the LORD. One important part of that calling is to sound a prophetic alarm to America and the world about the dangers of the false religion of Fundamental Islam. It is a "Watchman on the Wall" kind of calling.

WDC Media has an article about TBN reaching out to Muslims with "Christian love". Below is some of their thoughts on the subject.

Responding to recent questions about TBN’s outreach to Muslims, Paul Crouch, Jr., Vice President of Administration and eldest son of the founders, said in an official statement, "TBN remains committed to presenting the Christian message to Muslims with a clear demonstration of love, joy, and peace in a way that embraces Christ’s love for them."

He explained that TBN’s policy has always been to steer clear of criticism or conflicts over other religious faiths or beliefs, and instead to follow the clear example of Christ in the New Testament. "Our Lord never compromised the message of God’s Kingdom when He walked this earth," said Crouch. "He never approached others with anything but a spirit of love and humility. Likewise, here at TBN we are very sensitive about criticism of the beliefs of others. We view this as counterproductive to our mission."
I had previously written about Hal Lindsey's program being bumped for December. But, it looks like he is definitely leaving TBN and going on to other things.

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