Thursday, January 12, 2006

Supreme Court Nominee Hearings For Judge Alito

I have watched the Altio Supreme Court nominee hearings with growing contempt. To think we, as a nation, have elected some of these men and women to public office. Most of them have ‘hidden’ things in their closets; yet, they feel compelled to drag out non-existent ones from Judge Alito’s closet.

Could we turn the questions to those committee persons asking the questions, and say, “Do you have secrets in your past?” To Senator Kennedy, “What made you opt to save your skin, rather than trying to save Mary Joe Kopechne?” “In fact, Senator Kennedy, why were you out with this young woman, when you were a married man?” And, let’s not answer, “I don’t remember.”

Kennedy is one of the most out-spoken ones against President Bush’s nominees for Supreme Court. And, he acts as though he’s never done a thing wrong in his life. He escaped punishment for Mary Jo’s death, something you and I, the general public, would never have gotten away with.

We know the reason for all the strong accusations coming from the left. They do not want another conservative judge on the Supreme Court. They have done everything in their power to bring up something in Alito’s past that will keep him from being confirmed. And, without being able to find anything substantial except ‘I don’t remember’, they have tried to link him with things he has had nothing to do with, including the writings of others that surely he ‘must have read’ in the magazine. What a reach!

The truth of matter is, I think these people enjoy hearing their own voices, since most of them spoke longer than they asked questions of Judge Alito. And, sometimes, he wasn’t even given a chance to give a complete answer. Little short quips came his way – trying to degrade his character.

I applaud the calmness of Judge Alito, his ability to sit and stare them in the face, never smiling or frowning – just looking straight at them, as they voice their absurdities! Like Lindsey Graham, I hate that he and his family had to sit through this ridiculous hearing, listening to their family name being dragged through the mud!

The charade continues for the third day, although not as nasty as the second day. Hopefully, this will wrap up quickly, and Judge Altio will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Susan Jones, Senior Editor at CNSNews,com, wrote a great article about the attacks on Judge Alito - Attacks on Alito, supporters say.

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The MaryHunter said...

Nicely put, Barbara, inasmuch one can write 'nicely' about this travesty that's going on. I've been blogging a lot about this too lately... I guess everyone has. Check out Rightwing Nuthouse today:

Also, please drop by TMH's Bacon Bits for my OTB post.

Barbara said...

It was very hard to be nice. I had to remind myself I was writing in the public. Some of the 'has beens' need to get out of politics, one in particular. It doesn't say too much for a state that keeps putting him in office!

I'll check out those two links immediately. Thanks.