Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Three Strikes And You Are Out

Sony has been a very well known company as long as I can remember. Perhaps their heads have swollen to the point anything goes with them. At least, to the point of making CD's so 'copyright protected', they put DRM trojan horses on PC's.

David Berlind at Between The Lines reports:

Reports are beginning to turn up around the Web that discuss how certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs itself as a rootkit on Windows PCs. When software surreptitiously installs a rootkit, it's usually doing so to cover its tracks — a technique commonly associated with malware such as viruses and Trojan horses. Rootkits generally latch themselves onto the foundation or "roots" of an operating system in a variety of ways that not only prevent their detection, but also their extraction. According to the Wikipedia's definition," a rootkit is often used to hide utilities used to abuse a compromised system."

Sony has now launched a music label strictly for the gay community.

The label, Music with a Twist, is a joint venture with Wilderness Media & Entertainment, the company led by Matt Farber, who has founded MTV's new gay and lesbian channel LOGO.

"Only now are media and entertainment brands being created for the gay and lesbian audience following the success of brands for other minorities," he said.

They are using the fact that labels have been successful for African Americans and Hispanics. But, when did the gay and lesbian movement some synonymous with African Americans or Hispanics? I think $$$$ came before the eyes of Sony. Scripture teaches us that 'the love of money is the root of all evil.' I Timothy 6:10.

Deep Links has a good article on Sony-BMG putting copyright protection technology called XCP on it's recent CD's. They list many CD's and how to recognize which ones have this technology on them. Also, they tell you how to keep from being infected by XCP on your computer.

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