Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mice Do Strange Things!

When my friend relayed this message to me, as we ate lunch today, I could vision what really happened. It sounds funny, but so what? Mice are like men; they have a mind of their own!

Seems this 81 year old man in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was having mouse problems around his house. He had set traps. He was out burning leaves, and he came across a mouse, still live, on one of his traps, and he couldn't get him off. So, he did what he thought was the best; he put him in the fire. But, the mouse wasn't going to be out done. He got loose from the trap, and ran back into the house. A minute and a half later, the house was on fire!

The fire chief Chavez said it is certainly plausible that it happened just like Luciano Mares had said. The fire chief said he told him the story when they got to the house, and he's repeated to everyone else. Why should he tell a lie? Richard Mares, the nephew, said his uncle has told many people the same story. Chavez says there will be no farther investigation and the paper work will reflect what they were told.