Thursday, January 05, 2006

NBC Affiliate Says No To Book of Daniel

Viewers who respond can make a difference.

Due to emails and calls from viewers, WTWO will not be airing NBC's The Book of Daniel.

The American Family Association Online has viewed the pilot episode that is to be shown on NBC.

“This show is poorly written and formulaic, and has a definite sleaze factor that would offend most Christians,” said AFA spokesman Ed Vitagliano, who screened the program with a small group of clergy at NBC's Memphis affiliate WMC-TV.

The shows creator and writer is not a Christian. He describes himself as a 'recovering Catholic' who is interested in Buddhism. Vitagliano wondered why NBC would think this man would write anything that would accurately reflect the life of Jesus.

AFA is recommending that Christians not watch this show, if it comes on your NBC station. And, they are also watching what advertisers might sponsor this show.

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