Monday, January 16, 2006

Is God Speaking To New Orleans Mayor Nagin?

While over at LaShawn Barber's Corner, I found that Nagin says God is mad at America. And, God is also mad at the 'black community' in particular, and that's why Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Does this sound a little far-fetched? Well, you haven't heard it all yet!

I decided to do a little research on Mayor Nagin in the news. And, look what I found! Mike Bayham writes about "Nagin's Nutty 'Chocolate' Speech".

The mayor spoke at a Martin Luther King Day event today.

the mayor declared that he had a conversation with the slain civil rights leader, who expressed his disappointment over a number of matters, including the decision by Jefferson Parish policemen to prevent New Orleans hurricane victims from crossing over the Mississippi River Bridge.

Mayor Nagin also says that God is angry with America, so he sent the three hurricanes. He said God was angry with the blacks in New Orleans because of the high rate of illegitimate births, and the high crime there. He also went on to say that New Orleans would once again be a 'chocolate' city. Does this mean whites or those of other color/nationality will not be allowed in New Orleans? Just what did his statement mean? The pre-Katrina racial composition of the city was 70% black and 30% white. Bayham doesn't think it will ever be of that mix again. Many will not be back because of the poverty, crime, drugs, and corruption that has plagued New Orleans in the past.

Dan Frazier, over at Metro-Blogging New Orleans, is a little upset over Mayor Nagin's remark.

Before the storm Mr. Mayor, I lived in the 9th ward. By choice. Because I loved it there and wasn’t worried about the black guy living next to me or the fact that at Mardi Gras I was the only white guy on the street when Zulu passed. I lost the house, the two cars, all the memories of 15 years in sports radio. Just like my wonderful chocolate neighbors. I payed my taxes. I spent my money in New Orleans. By your statements on MLK day, you’re basically telling me I am no longer welcome in the city I grew up in. Not everyone wants to live in the suburbs Mayor Nagin. Some of us remember the times in Orleans Parish when we didn’t have 3, 4 or 7 murders a week. Some of us remember having friends of ALL skin tones, of groups of New Orleanians having BBQ’s in the yard and again ALL the neighbors being there. Are you saying that we cannot get that back? You said God wants New Orleans to be black or chocolate, excuse me. Well did any of the other Christians in New Orleans get this memo?

If God was truly speaking to Mayor Nagin, do you not think He would tell him that it rains on the 'just and the unjust' alike? God is also not the God of division, as Mayor Nagin seems to be implying with his 'chocolate' statement.

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YDR said...

Hey Barb,

I don't think anyone can truly answer for God. Maybe he did send the floods and maybe not.
It could simply be our own fault (Global Warming) - who knows.
Sometimes people need to stop trying to find answers and just simply 'accept' what has happened and move on.

Barbara said...

You are right; we can't speak for God. I do believe we pay a consequence for things we do - whether good of bad. But, I can't see God taking it out specifially on the blacks, as Mayor Nagin seemed to say. After all, there were whites living side by side with them.

I see he has apologized today for what he said yesterday.