Monday, January 30, 2006

US Not Ready For A Woman President

Hillary Clinton may think that America is 'impatient for a woman Prez', but I think she believes too much in herself!

In an interview with Jane Pauley, during a chat for charity in San Francisco, she said, "There's a feeling it's time."

Then, in quotes picked up the New York Sun, the former first lady said she detected "a certain impatience" to see a female president following the election of women to similar roles in other countries.

I know we read the polls, listen to them quoted on the Internet, TV, and in the papers, but, to me, that's not a true poll of all people that will vote in elections. People are fickle; we may say one thing on a poll, and do right opposite in the voting booth. We may have a woman president one day, but I do not think we are ready for 'her' (whomever she may be), at the moment. I do not think we need another Clinton in the White House, regardless of when the day comes that we have a woman in there.

If Gallup polls are to be believed, there probably will not be a woman President for a few years. I am a woman, and I am not quite ready to vote for one for President, especially the one who may run, as of today! Below is the feelings of poll takers in October, 2005.

A recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll finds that the vast majority of Americans say they would personally vote for a qualified woman for President. Slightly less than half the public thinks that the United States will have a female President within the next 10 years, but most think there will be a female president within 25 years. In general, Americans think a female president would better handle domestic policy, while a man would better handle national security.
If First Lady Laura Bush's prediction came true, then we would soon have a woman for President, a Republican, and perhaps in the form of Condoleezza Rice.

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