Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Editor For Firefox

I just came across the neatest thing for Firefox 1.5 and above. Performancing for Firefox is a full-featured blog editor that is within Firefox. You don't have to login to your blog in order to use the editor. And, it supports categories, if you have a site that utilizes categories. I wish Blogger did, but, for the time being, they do not. There is also an option to place technorati tags within the text without having to go to Technorati. That is a great feature - now for the fonts!

There is one drawback that I see, and that is the absence of different fonts. For those of us who stick to one font throughout our blog, this may prove to be a problem. But, it really is neat to try! And, I had to come to my blog in order to change the font - a problem, since I didn't want it to look different.

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Crazy Politico said...

I may have to try that part of firefox. I know that when I try and add any attribute tags to links in Bloggers editor through Firefox 1.5 it messes them up.

Thanks for the tip!

Barbara said...

You're welcome. I really enjoyed the ease of just opening it up and typing. I just wish it had fonts. My son has a blog editor for the MAC and it doesn't have the fonts, either.