Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top Quarterback Recruit Aims To Stay Grounded In Christ

How refreshing to read about this young man from St. Augustine, Florida! In a world that pushes our youth too far, at times, Tim Tebow, who played football for Nease High School, has learned a great lesson in his few short years.

Tim was recruited by the top football programs in the nation, but chose to go to the University of Florida. But, when he was asked to give the stats for his years in high school, he could not. Neither does he surf the net to find who has been writing about him. He has been taught that 'honoring God is more important than athletic accomplishments.'

As he enters the adulating world of college football, his parents believe they have prepared him for this new phase in life.

“We had to start when he was very young,” Pam Tebow said, with Scripture memorization and “emphasizing humility and character.”

“We kept telling him that he could not praise himself but wait for others to do it and that he couldn’t talk about himself,” she said.

A documentary was written about Tebow's Senior year. He was homeschooled, but given a chance by the coach of Nease High School to play quarterback for the school.

The documentary begins with Tebow’s father reading Proverbs 27:2 and explaining that the 18-year-old was named for the Apostle Paul’s young friend, Timothy, a name that means “honoring God.”

Tebow's parents can be proud of the young man they have brought up to honor God. Scripture tells us to bring up our children in the way that is right and they will never depart from it. These parents have done a great job!

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Carol said...

How refreshing. Especially in the midst of the Superbowl hype, to see a young player so deeply rooted in honoring the Lord.

May God use this boy for some mighty things.

Barbara said...

Yes, this really touched my heart, especially having a grandson who plays football in high school.