Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tom Delay Steps Down Permanently As House Majority Leader

Tom Delay has adamantly denied any wrong doing, and says he has always acted in an ethical manner. He was forced to step down in September, due to his indictment. But, the Texas Republican decided to step down permanently on Saturday after two House Republicans initiated a drive to keep Delay from ever reclaiming his seat.

Delay will keep his seat on the House Appropriations Committee, and he plans to run for re-election. His stepping down might help House Republicans, but it might also make their popularity take a dive, since Delay always played a role in that.

Delay's resignation from the leadership threw the House into an unpredictable phase that will test House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. Hastert is well regarded by his colleagues, but the House Republican caucus was already stirring with demands for greater leadership changes.

"We don't just need new leaders, we need a major course correction," Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., one of the two lawmakers who prompted the effort to replace DeLay, said in an interview Saturday.

In stepping down, Delay said he could 'no longer let their adversaries divide and distract their attention.'House Speaker Dennis Hastert says that the vote for a new house majority leader will likely take place during the week of January 31.

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1 Comment:

Crazy Politico said...

He should have done it originally, and then just run for leader again if he was exhonorated on the charges.

I'm thinking Hastert is leaving with him.

They'll find a half dozen who aren't involved in Abramoff stuff and put them in charge, then start asking why Reid is in the Senate.