Monday, January 02, 2006

UA is Cotton Bowl Victor

The University of Alabama came out of the Cotton Bowl game today against Texas Tech with a win, 13-10. It was a game that kept you on edge, for sure! Right down to the wire, Alabama kept Texas Tech down to 10-3. But, Tech wasn't through just yet. When Hodges came back to quarterback after his injury, I knew he was in to bring out a win. And, he almost did, with the touchdown. But, the clock wasn't down to the last few ticks, taking it into overtime just yet.

Right at the last few seconds of Alabama's last possession, and the last few seconds of the 4th quarter
, Kicker Jamie Christensen put the foot on the ball that went sailing through the uprights. That gave Alabama the win for the game.

This was a great ending to the season for Coach Shula and the team. But, we hate to see the seniors go.

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