Friday, January 13, 2006

What Makes A Good Cry?

I have never seen crying as bad for a woman or a man. Emotions are nothing of which to be ashamed. I feel sorry for people who are incapable of showing emotions in certain situations that I feel calls for it.

There are people who use emotions to get what they want. In fact, you should never 'use' crying as a way to a means. But, for people to say that Martha Ann Alito used crying as a grandstand play in the hearings the other day is sick! Anyone could tell she was very affected by the apology that Senator Lindsey Graham made for his fellow committee members - the liberal Democrats. She realized there were a few good men on that committee that cared, and were not ashamed to make the apology for those that were trying to smear her husband's good name. I, personally, would probably have cried, too, had I had to sit before the buffoons who wrongly accused my husband of some of the things they tried to pin on Judge Alito.

I remember, years ago, crying at my grandfather's funeral. He lived out the road from us all my life, and I knew I was going to miss him. He would no longer be there to talk to, or visit. Oh, he was ninety years old, so, according to a cousin, it was wrong to cry at the funeral! I was told, "You need to keep yourself in check." For years, I had a hostile feeling toward that cousin! But, as the years have gone by, I realize she was incapable of having the emotions I did. She never lived close and did not see Papa that much. Therefore, his death did not hit her as hard as it did those grandchildren who grew up with him in their lives daily.

I have to admit, certain things bring tears to my eyes, but tears are not to be ashamed of. Some are tears of loss; some are tears of sorrow; some are tears of joy. And, when those tears begin to flow, you cannot 'check them at the door'. If they are truly tears coming from the soul of a person, they will come - sometimes, unexpectedly. That's how I felt they were coming from Mrs. Alito. She was not trying to bring attention to herself, or do a grandstand play in front of the committee for her husband. She was a woman, who has been with her husband many years, and knew the things that were said were not true. She had sat there several days, with those things being thrown at him, and had held her emotions. But, the final straw came when she heard Senator Graham admit they had been wronged, and he wanted to assure them they had done no wrong.

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Carol said...

I get so frustrated with myself - I cray at the drop of a hat. I can't speak about anything dear to my hear without tears. I can't pay aloud without tears. I have a rough time in movies, at weddings and at funerals. In my purse are a driver's license, a credit card, sunglasses, keys, a check book and two travel-size packs of Kleenex.

Why do some people insist that all tears are manipulative?

Barbara said...

Oh, I keep plenty of tissues in my purse, too! I go through half a pack in church! I don't get frustrated for crying. I count it a pleasure to be emotional. (grin) I could be a cold human being, but God made me this way. I'm just a very passionate person. Sometimes, when hurt, I can hold it until I get home, and then let loose. But, I find myself crying more easily, as I get older. I'll be a big sobbing, old lady, if I keep it up. :)