Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

When you have a deceased loved one in a funeral home, and go for the viewing, you expect to find the right person. Well, that's not what happened at Spry Funeral Home in Huntsville recently.

Seems this family went to view their loved one, only to find it was the wrong woman. Their Aunt had been buried days earlier, identified as the wrong woman. She had to be exhumed in order to have her funeral. The woman who was mistakenly shown as this woman was to have had a closed-casket funeral; thus, the mistake of burying the wrong woman!

My advice? Always check inside the casket before burial, if it's a closed casket. I am sure there will be problems over this costly mistake!

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Peakah said...

Oh my goodness... that is horrible!!!

Thanks for the link! ...I think!

Barbara said...

Very bad incident. I feel terrible for both families. Maybe funeral homes need to start putting ID bracelets on, like they do in the hospitals.

Carol said...

Oh my. How upsetting for everyone involved. Imagine having the wrong headstone above you. Well, if you're dead you won't really care, but it's still an awful thought.

Barbara said...

Just think, if both of those funerals had been closed-casket ones. Nobody would have ever known their relative wasn't in the correct grave. But, God would have! He never loses one of His children.