Friday, January 13, 2006

You Thought You Had Heard It All

Today, I've been surprised twice, first by a caller on a local radio talk show. They had been talking about women, for some reason. And, this guy calls in who sounds like an older fellow. He declares that men are 'superior' to women. As he was questioned, he said he was superior to his wife, and she agreed. The radio host asked the man where he got his idea that man was superior to woman. And, he said the Bible.

Wait a minute! He quoted the scripture about man being the head of the house, the head of the church, but that doesn't make man superior to woman. But, this man kept saying man was superior in ALL ways to a woman. I thought about the scripture that says 'they shall be one flesh'. Genesis 2:24 Apparently, this man doesn't look at his wife as 'part of his flesh' - just a person he can boss around all the time. The one thing he conceded on was her right to drive. You know why? So she could run errands for him!

The second surprise came in the way of a post over at JWR Insight. It is laughable, funny, and almost true! Seems Senator Biden has emitted too much carbon monoxide this week during the Altio hearings. Scientists fear he is creating an enviromental threat.

Dr. Kyosuke and his colleagues were mulling a number of proposals for reining in the ecological threat posed by Sen. Biden, including urging the Environment Protection Agency to issue tougher emission standards for U.S. Senators.

But, Senator Biden wasn't the only one the scientists found fault with. Take Senator Kennedy, for instance.

The scientist said his peers were also "deeply concerned" about a possible environmental threat posed by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass): "There is a serious possibility that Sen. Kennedy's head will block out the sun and cause all life on Earth to wither and die."

I completely agree with these scientists! Something has to be done with these Senators! After sitting through four days of the hearings, about the best thing that came out of it was when Chairman Arlen Spector put Senator Kennedy in his place!

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