Monday, January 16, 2006


Anyone who says they do not procrastinate from time to time are either lying, or do not want to admit the truth – they are not perfect. None of us are perfect, especially me. I probably procrastinate more than any one. I am computer addicted, genealogy research-addicted, church addicted, and on and on.

But, one addiction robs from another. And, the addictions cause me to procrastinate in other areas – housecleaning, for instance. I do not like to clean house. I have to be ‘in the mood’, which does not come as often as it should. When I do decide, things overwhelm me. Right now, I should be up and doing things in my house (oh, it is not a pig pen!) which I’ve neglected lately. Can you say, “her Christmas tree is still up, and the boxes are sitting there beside it to be used.”? I admit I asked my husband to get them from the attic last Saturday, but I have not taken time to take that tree down. But, writing this admission is going to cause me to go take it down today.

I need to iron. That is not one of my loves, but, when I start, everything in sight that needs ironing will be ironed. Then, I sit down and forget it for awhile. After all, having stood on my feet for so long, I’m not able to stand any longer.

But, even an addiction I love (genealogy research) has become a chore. Oh, not the actual research, but the filing away and entering process I need to catch upon has gotten so large, I hate to attack it. But, with tomorrow being my usual research day with my close friend, Kay, I am going to try and attack some of that today, also.

I read an article today on Good and Bad Procrastination. I didn’t really know there was such a thing. I thought, when you procrastinated, you just put off a job that you would eventually have to come back to. But, according to this article, putting off doing the small things to work on big things is okay. Paul Graham says there is no way to cure procrastination, but there are three things you could be doing:

  • Nothing
  • Something less important
  • Something more important
He concludes that ‘something more important’ is a good procrastination.

I am sitting here wondering which of my procrastinations could qualify for a ‘good procrastination’. I have a large web site, which I have to maintain. I have a blog (this one) which I love to work on constantly. I have ironing, housework, and other things that need to be done. All of them, to me, seem important. How do you go about deciding which is more important – put them all on a piece of paper, throw them into a hat, and draw out one? I suppose I decide my fate on procrastination each time I sit before this keyboard, like right now, and articulate my preferences. But, today, I want to do a few things to change my procrastination on a few of those fronts – housecleaning and ironing. Needless to say, my husband will be thrilled!

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Carol said...

Isn't "good procrastination" the same as "setting priorities." Like you put something off because you're doing something more important?

I tend to put things off as I'm following my current obsession. I get into something and stay so focused on that for such a long time that all else gets neglected. It sort of makes me loathe starting a project. I know everything else will be temporarily cast aside until the project is finished.

Don't you just admire people who have everything so well balanced and organized all the time? My sister calls them "boring."

YDR said...

Admire people who have everything so well balanced and organized all the time? You mean there ARE people out there like that???
NOPE I don't think there are - and it doesn't matter if you call it good procrastination or bad procrastination - you're STILL procrastinating hahaha. OH WELL - have to remain positive so sure go ahead and call it good procrastination if you want to.

Barbara said...

I thought to procrastinate was being lazy, even though you eventually have to do that which you procrastinate against.

I believe when we neglect something, it's not really procrastination, since we usually don't think about that particular thing. But, when you intentionally do something else instead of what you should be doing, that's procrastination.

I agree with your sister. But, most of those people who look like they have it all in check usually don't. :)

Barbara said...

Vonnie,I'm asking the same question - but I think they are fooling themselves, if they think they have it all balanced and organized. Usually, something falls apart. :)

You are right: procrastinating is procrastinating, no matter how you look at it.

But, I didn't procrastinate today! I did iron, and I did take down my tree!

Lyn said...

I was going to thank you earlier for linking, but I never got around to it. :-) lol Good reflection. Thanks, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

Barbara said...

Thanks, Lyn.