Friday, January 06, 2006

Review of The Book Of Daniel

Unless you've seen the show, you cannot really know for sure what it's about, or why so many have come out against it being shown on TV. Well, I endured 2 hours of this show tonight, but not again.

There was no real plot, but a ploy to show a Christian family in a bad light. You have a pill-popping priest, who eventually gives the pills to a woman in his church; a wife with an alcohol problem, an adopted son who is making out with another Bishop's 15 year old daughter; a gay son whom they see as 'okay' (nothing to guide him to the saving knowledge of Christ - hey, son, this is wrong); a drug-pushing daughter; a father-in-law with a wife with Alzheimer's, and he commits adultery with another woman in the church. It's as thought they take pride in committing sin, and just letting it slide, rather than doing anything about it.

After watching this show, I want to say it's not a show for Prime Time TV. It's a mockery of what Christianity is all about. I know all these problems happen in real life, but I think you're going to have a hard time finding one family where all these things happen together - one or two, maybe three, but not all.

To me, this is a very sleazy show - drug users, drug pushers, lesbian lovers, gay lovers, adultery, and more. The priest hands out drugs to others, counsels a couple on marriage who decide to live together rather than marry and give HIM credit for that decision. All the while, Jesus is portrayed as being passive! This is not the way I see Jesus at all. He is not going to tell a Dad, whose son is committing sin, that 'he's just a kid'. That goes against what the Bible really teaches! Therefore, it's offensive to me, that Jesus was portrayed in this way.

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Adam Graham said...

Thanks for watching the show, it sounds even worse than the first reviews indicated. Most likely, its a half season flop, at best a 1 1/2 season flop.

Barbara said...

You are welcome, Adam. I generally don't do that, but I decided to watch in order to be able to give my true opinion on it, and not someone else's opinion. I don't think it will last; then,who knows!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching, Barbara. I had seen enough about it in the previews, but didn't really know if it was going to be as anti-Christian as some were
saying. It comes as no surprise, does it? "The heart is desperately evil. Who can know it?" God can!! And He has already warned us of what is to come.

Barbara said...

No surprise. But, it's been a surprise as to some Christian's views of the show. One radio talk show host here said her husband liked the way Jesus protrayed - probably because he was so personal with the priest. But, to me, Jesus in that movie isn't the Jesus I know. It was as though He was okaying the sin that was going around. And, he seemed to be only appearing to the priest, not the other supposed Christians in the movie.