Monday, January 02, 2006

Debate Over Intelligent Design VS. Evolution

One of the top stories of 2006 was the debate over evolution versus intelligent design. I can understand the want of some to get 'intelligent design' into the schools, to be taught along side evolution in the science class. But, I've had a problem with the name from the start.

Scripture says God made us in His own image. He breathed life into us.

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
If you are a Christian, then you know that evolution played no part in your being born. You didn't evolve from anything. But, also, I don't look of us as being an 'intelligent design'. God is perfection. Design seems to imply He had to make a plan, kind of like a house plan, if you will, in order to make us. But, the Word plainly says He took the 'dust' of the ground and formed man - no plan, and then breathed His own breath into our nostrils, giving us life. When you think of that, you realize GOD handled every part of your being - His hands touched every partical of dust that formed our body. And, without HIS breath, we'd have been just another 'dead body'. But, He was making us to worship Him, so He gave us the 'breath of life'.

"The biblical view is that we don't hesitate to identify who the intelligence is," he explains. "[But] the unfortunate problem with intelligent design across the board is that it's not all biblical."
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David said...

It's good to note different kinds of knowledge, and certainly Christians of all people need to stress that knowledge of God is NOT of the same type of knowledge as scientific knowedge (based on materialistic positivism), and is not in any way subordinate to or inferior to scientific knowedge.

The mistakes of many (perhaps even some well-intentioned, though the tactics used by most seem to call that construction into question) who have attempted to hijack the _entirely secular_ Intelligent Design inquiries to lay at the feet of their "creation science" idol is sad.

Scientific faith knowledge and biblical faith knowledge have their own separate, distinct methodologies and foundational precepts. The sad attempts of some Christians to "legitimize" their faith through a false apologetics dependant upon materialistic positivism is evidence more of a lack of understanding and knowledge of the proper placement of their faith than of anything else.

The sad attempts to hijack ID by vocal "creation science" (a real oxymoron) advocates in ID clothing only lends credence to the arguments of shallow neodarwinist cultists that ID=religious faith, thinly disguised.

Of course, if the courts were ever to interpret the Constitution (particularly the 1st Amendment establishment language, the 14th Amendment incorporation language, the "general welfare" clause etc.) as they were written and clearly--from the historical record--intended, then this whole discussion would be moot as a federal issue and moved to local school districts where it rightly belongs...