Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pictures of Nuclear Site in Iran Released By US

The US released satellite pictures of the nuclear site in Iran. A private institution took an area photograph on January 2. It shows the Natanz plant with seven new buildings going up that have appeared during this past year.

The site at Natanz, 220 kilometres southeast of Teheran in central Iran, includes Iran’s main fuel enrichment plant where Iranian technicians removed seals on Tuesday that had been installed by International Atomic Energy Agency. It also resumed research on nuclear fuel, which included small-scale enrichment.

Although Iran denies any wrong doing, or that they are again engaged in nuclear weapons production, the photo declares otherwise. Seals were removed that had been put in place to enforce suspension of activities involved in uranium enrichment.

Michelle Malkin has some great comments on her blog about Iran. She says we are on the brink!
My simple question: Do Americans understand the gravity of the situtation? I fear not. Once again, we are ill-served by a short-sighted, narcissistic, Bush-deranged news media far more interested in playing "gotcha," selling fish-wrap, and serving as Democrat Party adjuncts than keeping readers/viewers informed of the world's biggest threats.

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