Friday, December 09, 2005

TBN Bumped Hal Lindsey's Program For December

TBN has bumped Hal Lindsey's popular news show for the month of December. His show examines world events in light of the scripture. Lindsey is at a loss as to why it really was pulled.

John Casoria, general secretary for TBN, says that the programming for the month of December is given to those that focus on Christmas programming. But, Lindsey says this is the first time he's ever been pre-empted for the entire month of December.

He says his program has served as a warning about the true nature of Islam. "If you read the Quran, which I've done intensively, you'll find that it is not a religion of peace," he says. "This is why so many Muslims -- once they become really dedicated in reading the Quran and following the Quran closely -- they become radical."He says he convinced there is a desperate need for Christians to learn the true nature of Islam -- and why that religion is such a threat. "It's a threat not only to Christians but especially to Israel," he asserts, "and they're determined to destroy the nation of Israel."

Casoria says that they don't want to censor Lindsey's show. But, it seems that is what they are really doing, not allowing him to air during the entire Christmas season. The real reason seems to be this: Crouch says he doesn't want to inflame the the Arab people "against TBN". This would surely lose them listeners. I wonder how many Arab people really listen to Lindsey's program, which is meant for the Christian audience.

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