Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

For those who wonder what is allowed and what is not allowed legally, can go to Rutherford Institute, and read or copy The Twelve Rules of Christmas.

Too many Christians are put off by their employers, businesses, schools, etc, and won't fight to have the same rights as other religions. Christmas is being taken out from under us, and, it will be gone, if we don't learn the true rules and make sure others abide by them, by opening our mouths, when we see where they are mistaken in their beliefs.

John W. Whitehead has gotten these twelve rules together for those of us who desire the truth.

Are children really forbidden from learning about one of the most culturally significant events because it is religious? For that matter, are adults forbidden at work or in public places to celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas?

The truth is simply that no, they are not. In fact, there are constitutionally sound principles that, if followed, will allow the religious significance of Christmas to be celebrated and taught.

We must remember that those who founded this country and established the freedoms we still cherish were a religious people, and they passed these traditions down to us. Hopefully, we will not be too timid to continue their legacy of freedom.

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